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Rental Two Way Radios FAQ

The following is a list of our most frequently asked questions regarding two way radio rentals. If your question isn't answered here, contact us with your question!

Our Rental Process

How far ahead of time should I reserve my rental?
As soon as you are certain that you will need the products, go ahead and reserve them. This will help ensure that the products are available when you need them. At a minimum, you should reserve your rental while there is still time for your products to arrive from our warehouse by UPS ground. Refer to this map for transit times. If you need to reserve a rental and there is not enough time for it to arrive by UPS ground, we are often still able to accommodate your requests but there will be an additional charge for rush shipping.

Last minute rentals are subject to product availability.
What should I select for my Return Date?
The return date is the date that the radios will begin travelling back to our warehouse. Select the date that you will be able to have the radios to a UPS Store or drop box before their shipping cut-off time (usually around 5:00PM). For example, if you are going to need the radios until 9:00PM on Thursday, your return date should be Friday because that is the earliest that UPS could process the package.
Can I cancel a rental once it has been reserved?
Of course. If your rental hasn't shipped you can cancel it with no penalty.
Do you charge me for days in transit?
No! Most other companies offering radio rentals will charge you a daily rate from the day the radios are shipped until they are received back. Not us! You are only charged for the days that you actually have the products.
What is your minimum length of time for a rental?
We require a minimum 3 day rental.
I need to keep the radios longer than I thought! Is this a problem?
Usually not. Please contact us as soon as you know that you will need to extend your rental. There is no extra charge to extend your rental period, other than the daily rate.
What happens if I return the radios late?
You will be charged for any additional days at the daily rate shown on your rental quote and/or invoice.
Should I purchase the insurance?
Insurance is entirely optional. It is often preferred because it provides a way to help ensure your costs are fixed.
What does the insurance cover?
Insurance protects you from responsibility for incidental damages to rental items resulting from typical use. For example, damage and scratches from a drop are covered.

Insurance doesn't cover damage resulting from abuse or from using a product in a way it wasn't intended to be used. For example, if you go swimming with a non-waterproof radio the damage would not be covered.

Insurance is optional and can be declined from the rental radio product page.
$25 seems like a lot for shipping...?
A complicated returns process is the biggest complaint when renting two way radios online. We thought it was important to make this as simple as possible.

Our shipping charge includes both-way shipping. You'll get a UPS return label that makes it simple to return the products to us. We ship in a reusable container with reusable packing materials. We even include packing tape, to make sure sealing the box is as easy as possible!

We also encourage you to shop around! We're confident you'll love our prices and appreciate how simple we make the rental process!
How do I return the rental?
It was important to us to keep our returns process as simple as possible. Your rental includes a pre-paid return shipping label (UPS), reusable shipping container, packing materials, and packaging tape.

When you are ready to return the products, simply pack them securely into the original box using the original packaging materials. Seal the box using the provided tape and stick the return shipping label on the box on top of the original shipping label. Drop the package off at your nearest UPS Store, UPS drop box, or hand it personally to any UPS driver.

Be sure to ship the package back to us before the UPS shipping cut-off time on your Return Date to avoid being charged for an extra day!
Do I have to use your return shipping label?
No, but we strongly recommend that you do. If you choose to return the equipment through a different shipper then you are fully responsible for the product's safe arrival to our warehouse. If the products do not arrive or are damaged during transit then you will be charged. By using your own shipper, you may also be charged for extra days if the shipment doesn't arrive when we expect it.

By using our provided (and pre-paid) shipping label, you are not responsible for a UPS delay or any damage incurred during transit. We insure all of our return shipments and we will work with UPS if a claim is necessary.
Will you refund me if I return the radios early?
No. You will be charged for the rental period that you selected when you reserved the equipment.
Do you offer Rent-To-Own?
Sort of, but not exactly. When you rent from us, we offer you the option of purchasing the equipment at a reduced price.
I love the radios and don't want to send them back! Can I purchase them?
Yes! You have the option to purchase rented equipment at below-retail prices.


When will I be charged for the rental?
Using our online rental system, your credit card will be charged in full at the time the reservation is made. Please contact us if you need to make other arrangements.
Can you bill me monthly for a long term rental?
Yes! We offer monthly billing for long term rentals. We require payment for the first month in advance.
Can you bill me for a rental instead of charging my credit card in advance?
No, we require payment in advance for rentals.
I'm paying in advance by check or money order, why do you need my credit card?
We keep a credit card on file in case of product damage or a late return. We will contact you before charging your card for any additional costs, and provide you with the option of paying any extra costs using other methods of payment.


Which radio should I rent?
It really depends upon what you are using them for. If you don't require a lot of range, a small, lightweight (and less powerful) radio will be a good choice. If you need power and durability, a high powered 4 or 5 watt model would be a better choice. Our web site and radio buyer's guide is loaded with information that will help you make the right choice. You can always call, chat, or email us for help!
Are batteries and chargers included when I rent radios?
Yes! When you rent a radio the battery and charger are included in the price and will be shipped unless you specify otherwise.
Do you offer accessories for your radios?
Of course! Compatible accessories are shown on the radio rental product page, as well as on our radio rentals page.
Can you program the radios to my custom frequencies?
Absolutely! If you need to communicate with existing radios we are happy to program our radios to your frequencies so they will work right out of the box! There is no extra charge for this service.
How much do you charge to program the radios to my custom frequencies?
Custom programming is free. Just contact us with the frequencies that you need.
Is it sanitary to use an earpiece that has been used by other people?
After we receive a rental back from a customer, as part of our standard check-in procedure we wipe every surface down with a disinfectant wipe.

Surveillance earpieces - those with clear tubes that go inside the ear canal - are always shipped without a clear tube. You must purchase a clear tube separately, and one will be added to your cart during checkout automatically when you rent an earpiece that needs it. It is not necessary to return this clear tube with your rental. If you already have clear tubes from a previous rental, you can remove this item from the cart.
Are you licensed by the FCC to rent radios?
Can you program the radios to use a repeater?
Yes, as long as you are renting a repeater capable radio and provide us with your repeater frequencies.

Didn't see your question? Contact us and we'll get you an answer!