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Two Way Radio Chargers

Check out our large selection of two way radio chargers, listed below. We offer both replacement chargers as well as multi-unit chargers from both radio manufacturers as well as aftermarket providers. Use our accessory finder to narrow your choices.

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  • Midland BizTalk BADT200 AC Adapter for BR200 Radios

  • Midland AVP-10 Dual Desktop Charger with AC Adapter (18CVP8)

  • Midland AVP6 Dual Desktop Charger with Batteries

  • Midland BizTalk BDC200 Desktop Charger Base for BR200 Radios

  • Midland EP100 E-Ready Portable Charger w/ Flashlight

  • Midland BizTalk 6-Unit Multi-Charger for BR200 (BGC200)

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6 Item(s)