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BlackBox Two Way Radios


BlackBox two way radios are designed for the professional. With their all-metal chassis and military-ready specs, these radios are built to last. They are a great choice for businesses who find themselves frequently replacing radios, or for those jobs where a tough radio is a requirement. Since Blackbox radios are dealer programmable, you can be sure they will be compatible with your current radio fleet or currently owned frequencies.

We are proud to be an Authorized Blackbox Dealer. When you purchase your BlackBox two way radio from Buy Two Way Radios, you can be confident that you will receive full support and full warranty from the manufacturer!

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  • BlackBox UHF Two Way Radio

  • Blackbox Base Station Dual Band UHF/ VHF Desktop Radio

    Regular Price: $189.99

    Special Price $164.99

  • BlackBox Plus Two Way Radio (UHF)

    $188.00 Click for price
  • BlackBox Plus Two Way Radio (VHF)

    $188.00 Click for price
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4 Item(s)