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Business Itinerant Frequency License

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Quick Overview

Licensing itinerant frequencies is less expensive and often quicker than getting licensed for exclusive business frequencies, allowing you to use your radios "right out of the box" without special programming. Choose from 1-2 Watt or 4-5 Watt UHF or VHF itinerant frequency licenses.

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Many business radios are programmed right out of the box to itinerant frequencies. These frequencies are common and are not guaranteed to be exclusive to your business, but a license is technically required to use them. Licensing itinerant frequencies is less expensive and often quicker than getting licensed for exclusive business frequencies, allowing you to use your radios "right out of the box" without special programming.

Because radios are preset to different frequencies based on the frequency bands that they support and their output power, we have set up 4 preset Itinerant Licensing Packages. For UHF and VHF radios, we have a package for lower power (1-2 watts) and high power radios (4-5 watts).

When you select one of these packages, we will license you for 4 frequencies - the 4 commonly assigned to channels 1-4 of the radio class you select. If you would prefer different frequencies or need a larger number of frequencies, we can accommodate your special requests.

An itinerant license covers the use of radios throughout an entire state of your choice. Itinerant frequencies are intended to be used by companies who use radios at various locations, rather than exclusively at a single fixed location.

Business Radio Licensing
If you are using a two way radio for your business, licensing a frequency with the FCC ensures that you are using a frequency that is reserved specifically for your business. This prevents interference that commonly occurs on the frequencies that many radios use as defaults. This interference is a nuisance that is distracting and reduces productivity. A business radio license (FCC Part 90) is good for 10 years. After 10 years you have the option to renew, or let the license expire (and stop using the frequencies).

Is Licensing Complicated?
When you choose us to facilitate your licensing, we make the process simple! No long or complicated forms to complete. Once you purchase our licensing services, we will contact you to complete a simple questionnaire so that we know where you will be using radios and the type of radios that you are using. Typically 1-2 weeks later we will have the frequency that you will be assigned, and 6-8 weeks later the FCC will mail your official license. After we receive your frequency, if you have ordered radios from us at the same time as the license, we can program the radios and release your order. We also can assist in programming any existing equipment to match the newly licensed frequency.

Licensing Terms
Our prices for licensing related products are all inclusive. The price above includes all FCC and coordination fees, which we will pay on your behalf. Because of this, once your questionnaire has been completed we will not provide a refund under any circumstances.

Additional Information

  1. Great customer service review by Steve on 6/11/2018

    Esy to work with and will give solutions every time

  2. FCC Business Radio License Made Easy review by Tom C and Company on 6/30/2017

    My company does contract work in many different states and many different locations like schools, army bases, city hall buildings, police stations, warehouses, etc. We decided that business radios would be helpful, but since we do work in these type of sensitive areas it was essential that we had the correct FCC License. Which turned out not be so easy. I talked to a local business radio company and several internet outlets over a few months and all of them agreed that they could get me a license but were either not sure what type or how much it would cost. It was all getting too confusing. I happend to call Buy Two Way Radios and talked to Chris Edwards and once again explained what we did and where we did it. Chris told me instantly that we needed an Itinerant FCC License, which was the first I had heard of an Itinerant License. He explained it all, sent me the forms, helped me fill them out, I faxed the forms to Chris and he sent them off. In three weeks I had my License. I guess that no other radio sales and licensing companies knew that to be licensed in many states you needed an Itinerant FCC License, which is strange because it says it right on the License. Good Job Chris Edwards.

  3. Will definitely buy from them again! review by Mauricio on 4/20/2017

    We needed a business band license for our business, and I found this website. What I expected was to pay a substantial chunk of change. What I found was that I actually got MORE than what I bargained for, at a cheaper price. We couldn't be happier with our FCC itinerant business license.

  4. Highly Satisfied review by Christie on 5/6/2015

    Our entire staff has been very impressed with these radios. Not only are they sturdy and easy to use but the sound quality is crystal clear. The battery lasts extremely long thus reducing frustration with dead radios. The staff at Buy Two Way Radios was very helpful in determining which radio would be best for our needs. I highly recommend this company and these radios.

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