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NASCAR / Police Scanners

Police scanners are convenient and versatile devices that provide you with a way to be more aware of what is going on around you. Listen to radio transmissions from local agencies or businesses, or follow your favorite driver at the track!

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  1. Uniden BC125AT 500 Channel Portable Event Scanner

    The Uniden Bearcat BC125AT is a 500 channel handheld event scanner that is compact and easy to operate. The BC125AT is the perfect companion for use at auto races, boat races, air shows and other venues where two way radios are in use.
  2. Uniden BCT15X Beartracker Scanner

    The Uniden BCT15X Beartracker Scanner is a full-featured GPS enabled scanner. The BCT15X can be used as a base scanner or as a mobile unit. This is a professional grade scanner that is designed to be user friendly, and have fast scanning with expert level control.
  3. Uniden BearTracker 885 Hybrid CB Radio / Digital Scanner

    Uniden BearTracker 885 Hybrid CB Radio / Digital Scanner

    It's a CB radio. It's a digital scanner. It's both! The Uniden Bearcat 885 is a hybrid CB/Scanner that does what no other CB can! With the 885, you can communicate on 40 CB channels while you stay tuned in to public safety activity across the US and Canada!
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3 Item(s)