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Motorola Two Way Radios

Motorola is the best known and most popular manufacturer of business two way radios in the world. You don't earn that title without producing top quality products. Motorola provides an excellent selection of radios, with products in all price ranges. Their lineup includes 2 way radios for practically any use with many power/feature options. We stock the Motorola Business Radio Series, as well as the Motorola Commercial Tier Radio Series! Read more below to find out which series is right for you!

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Motorola Business Series Radios

Business Radio Series
The Motorola Business Radio series is very popular for fixed, short range applications such as restaurants, retail stores, medical offices, manufacturing facilities, warehouses and many many more. Includes radios from CLP, CLS, DLR, DTR, RM, and RDX series.

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Top Business Radios
Motorola CLS1410 Two Way Radio
Motorola CLS1410
Small and lightweight radio with a low price and good feature set. Adequate for most short range applications.
Motorola DLR1020 Digital Business Two Way Radio
Motorola DLR1020
Small 900 MHz digital radio with great range and advanced features, such as one to one calling. License free.
Motorola DTR550 Digital Two Way Radio
Motorola DTR550
Full featured 900 MHz digital radio. Phonebook, text messages, PC program-mable with custom groups and calling. License free.
Motorola RDX RDU4160d Two Way Radio
Motorola RDU4160d
High powered and repeater capable UHF radio. Produces very loud audio with good clarity and durable design.
Motorola Business Series Radios

Commercial Tier Radios
The Motorola Commercial Tier Radio series contains models that generally require more setup by a dealer. This series includes many former Vertex Standard radio models, as well as MOTOTRBO CP series and SL300, Mag One (BPR40), and DTR650.

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Top Commercial Radios
Motorola MOTOTRBO CP200d Portable Two Way Radio
Motorola CP200d
Motorola's most popular radio. High quality digital sound and loaded with features. Great versatility and unmatched durability.
Motorola VX-261 Portable Two Way Radio
Motorola VX-261
Formerly the popular Vertex Standard VX-261. A great high powered radio at a value price. Includes a 3 year warranty.
Motorola MOTOTRBO SL300 Portable Two Way Radio
Motorola SL300
Slim, sleek and lightweight radio with advanced digital sound and features. Innovative display option available.
Mag One by Motorola BPR40 Portable Two Way Radio
Motorola BPR40
The Mag One BPR40 is a classic radio with a large user base. Nice proven radio at a value price.