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TYT MD-9600 Dual Band DMR Digital Mobile Radio (UHF/VHF)

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Quick Overview

Now you can take your digital on the road with the TYT MD-9600 DMR Digital Mobile Two Way Radio! The MD-9600 gives you the crystal clear, noise-free audio of over-the-air digital communications in your vehicle, full analog transceiver capabilities, and bundles it all together at a price you can afford! It provides dual band support, operating on 400-480MHz frequencies (UHF) and 136-174MHz VHF at up to 50 watts VHF and 45 watts UHF, using Time-Division Multiple-Access (TDMA) digital technology. This digital mobile radio is also compatible with Motorola TRBO and DMR Tier II.
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This radio has been approved by the FCC. Type accepted for Part 90, FCC ID POD-DMR3

Now you can go digital on the road with the TYT MD-9600 DMR Digital Mobile Two Way Radio! The MD-9600 gives you the crystal clear, noise-free audio of over-the-air digital communications in your vehicle, full analog transceiver capabilities, and bundles it all together at a price you can afford!

The MD-9600 supports analog and digital modes so you can enjoy the best of both. It provides dual band support, operating on both 400-480MHz UHF frequencies and 136-174MHz VHF at up to 50 watts VHF and 45 watts UHF, using Time-Division Multiple-Access (TDMA) digital technology. This digital mobile radio is also compatible with Motorola TRBO and DMR Tier II.

The MD 9600 offers 250 zones with 16 channels for each zone. It has built-in CTCSS/DCS, channel scan, priority scan, short text message features, draft message edit, contacts check and edit, and encryption. It also has remote stun/kill and activate.

As for calling features, the MD-9600 has them, including Private Call, Group Call and All Call. It also includes Lone worker mode, power save mode, low power alarm, an emergency alarm and VOX capability. Plus, it's PC programmable and firmware upgradeable to boot, providing the maximum flexibility and versatility to rival any other digital mobile radio on the market!

The TYT MD-9600 gives you a color LCD display with clear, sharp text for an easy read from your dash or console. It also gives you programmable function keys on the console and a hand mic with programmable keys, two built-in LEDs and a DTMF keypad and for full access to its menu of powerful digital and analog features. No doubt about it, the MD-9600 gives you all the value of a premium digital mobile radio at an amazingly low analog price!

About Tytera DMR Digital Radios
The Tytera MD-9600 digital radio uses Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) Tier 2 Standard protocol. It is compatible with the popular MOTOTRBO series Tier I and II using standard encryption, as well as other makes and models of DMR supported radios. It is also compatible with any existing analog two-way radio operating on the supported UHF or VHF frequencies for easy migration to digital technology.


Disassembly, hardware or software hacks may damage your radio or render it inoperable and will void the manufacturer warranty. Customers who attempt to modify, hack, reverse engineer or otherwise attempt to alter the Tytera MD-9600 radio from its original specifications with the use of hardware or software hacks do so at their own risk.

Programming Cable Included

TYT Mobile Programming Cable

When you purchase the Tytera MD-9600 DMR Digital Mobile Radio, you also receive the Programming Cable at no extra charge! No promo code is necessary. Your Tytera MD-9600 free programming bundle will be automatically add to your cart at time of purchase! Note: This bundle offer is available for a limited time while supplies last.


Tytera MD-9600 Features

  • 1000 Channels
  • 136-174MHz VHF Frequencies
  • 400-480MHz UHF Frequencies
  • Repeater Capable
  • AMBE+2™ Digital Vocoder
  • Encryption (Digital Mode Only)
  • Private Call/Group Call/All Call
  • 45W/25W Output Power
  • Hi/Low Power Selectable
  • Emergency Alarm
  • Channel Scan
  • Priority Scan
  • Talk Around
  • Color LED Display
  • Lighted LED Keypad
  • Text Messaging
  • LED Status Light On Hand Mic
  • Low Battery Alert
  • Battery Saver
  • Timeout Timer
  • VOX
  • Audible Button Beeps
  • Voice Prompts
  • Cloning Capable
  • PC Programmable (Optional Software and Cable Required)
  • Programmable Multifunction Key
  • MIL-STD-810 C/D/E
  • Digital/Analog Combined
  • DMR
  • Lone Worker Mode
  • Stun/Kill/Revive
  • One Year Manufacturer Warranty

Included with the Tytera MD-9600

  • Tytera TYT MD-9600 DMR Digital Mobile Radio
  • Hand Microphone
  • Mounting Bracket
  • Mounting Hardware
  • DC Power Cable
  • Owners Manual

Tytera MD-9600 Specifications

  • Dimensions: 5.62 x 1.96.4 x 6.88 inches (143 x 50 x 175 mm)
  • Antenna connector type: SO-239 (UHF Female)

Additional Information

Warranty 1 Year
Channels 1000
Radio Type Mobile
Services Amateur
Digital Standard DMR
Integration Repeater Capable
Frequency Bands 2 Meter (VHF), 70 cm (UHF)
  1. One of the first radios that programmed up the first time I tried review by w0alo on 9/16/2020

    So far works great

  2. Great Radio, Great Price! review by DAVID on 2/2/2019

    Awesome radio, I love it. The only thing negative I can think of about this radio is the programming is a steep learning curve, I think the manufacturer should do more to include a guide to programming with examples, and an explanation of all the program settings in the software. With that said, I was able to get the information I needed to program it from the web, so it's not impossible if you do your homework. The radio is able to cover all my 2 meter and 70 cm UHF ham channels and it also is unique in that it can cover my GMRS frequencies too! I had to add an antenna feed line switch to do this and run 2 antennas, but no biggie. I strongly recommend this radio if you are familiar with programming radios, or if you have someone to help you. If you are a beginner, you will have to get some help.

  3. Not yet ready for prime time. review by Mr. RF on 8/17/2018

    Nobody yet offers a dual band DMR mobile radio that's ready for the world of ham radio. Only a couple of HT's have well enough designed firmware and features to qualify. If their manufacturers would offer full size mobiles with the same features they'd have winners.

  4. SAR & Amateur radio review by N4SAR on 7/3/2018

    Command, Control, & Communications for Search and Rescue unit. Emergency communications for disaster response. General HAM Radio communication.

  5. I would buy this again from them.... review by Skip on 5/30/2018



    This is my second review. I just want everyone to know that the TYT 9600 / VERSION 3 with the FIRMWARE V006.003 ALREADY HAS CAPABILITIES of 100 K Contact's. You must use Microsoft excel to do this with the csv. If you go to a site== Amateur Radio Digital Management, sign up , you can not only download to a csv file on Microsoft excel but check in later to update more contact's. Right now there are over 97K contact's. I CAN NOT SAY ENOUGH GOOD THINGS ABOUT THIS RADIO NOR HOW WELL I LIKE IT. ALL I CAN SAY IS ONCE YOU LEARN HOW TO OPERATE AND PROGRAM IT YOU WILL LIKE IT THE MORE YOU USE IT. By the way TYT does give good service. I have been in contact with them and they have been great to help and to answer questions.

  7. I would buy this product again. review by Gene on 5/28/2018

    Reliable DMR comms, Version 3 solves a lot of the initial problems the version 1 had. OTH, upgrading firmware can be done, but is a bit complicated, and can be a PITA.

  8. I would buy the TYT 9600 again review by DAVE on 5/16/2018

    I am very well pleased with the TYT 9600. I own three MD 380 dmr radio's as well and after I had found the 380 to be dependable well built I just had to have a mobile the TYT 9600. The only thing I wish is that it had more than 10,000 contact limits. I own also a dual band FT 7900 ham radio and I believe that the TYT 9600 is as well built. If you can program the MD 380 You can program the TYT 9600. In fact to make it quicker to program I had used the NOGSG DMR CONTACT MANAGER To combine my MD 380 DMR codeplug to the TYT 9600. Saved a bunch of time. So with no complaints I give this radio a two thumb's up and a 5 out of 5 star's . I hope to buy a few more later.

  9. Solid radio review by Steve on 5/14/2018

    Ham use. Radio performs very well. UHF codeplug which was used in a 380 HT easily programmed into 9600. Instructions are poorly translated and have very little programming info so it has been difficult to move beyond the codeplug which I already had. It does work VHF very well which I was able to program (one repeater) from the front panel easily, but really need more programming info to do it right using the CPS provided by TYT.

  10. I liked it enough to buy another review by Bender on 4/24/2018

    I liked the first one enough to buy a second one for my vehicle. The receiver is very good compared to even my Yaesu dual-band mobile. It works very well with DMR and has very good receive and transmit audio. My biggest complaint is the lack of display brightness and contrast control. It is very hard to read in the vehicle on bright days. I see there is a modification to change the display from the default white to either green or orange. Both look better to me and likely easier to read, but surface mount soldering may not be my best skill. I wish it could be changed with the software.

  11. Excellent DMR Radio No Regrets, Best Value Thank You China! review by Rich on 4/23/2018

    MD-9600 Excellent design and my hats off on upgrade capability. Well done China. For many hams this is a new introduction like going from AM to SSB in the old days. Lots of learning and more computer savvy needed. This means you have to cater to real knowledge on software layout. I looked and presentation was a bit amateur and details where needed. *** Please layout the manual better. Have an overview on this is the info needed in right part of software to make a contact. or what if radio does not function, this may be the cause. Suggest the layout of typical software selections recommended. There must be a hundred questions that can be covered in a back up PDF manual of suggestions showing software screens, selections and layout, so we can see how it flows and what is needed, which memory banks need to be populated etc. It would save days of floundering and experimenting. How to set up channel ID etc. I run across many hams that are using analog but not DMR part of radio of different brands because they do not have some guide focused on layout of info. There are some U Tube videos on MD9600 that do not get to the meat of the programming, just here it is, radio check with ham. One good comment is great having power self contained in 9600. Also narrow band simplex can easily be done locally and 100+ miles due to narrow band power concentration on 440 or 2 meters, like SSB allowing excellent audio 4 distance/ local emergency communications when the FM repeaters during power failure, quake may be out or like low power narrow band PSK effective range. Developing local simplex networks may be beneficial with excellent clarity of audio and power available when needed long distance or local. Display did not detail certain other indicators, shapes etc. Show them and label them. Busy working people do not have days to screw around with a fragmented manual, but need a fast manual for the few minutes they have to set it up and make software work.

  12. Good, Solid Radio review by John on 4/12/2018

    A solid radio with good audio and easy to use controls.

  13. radio not worth it review by rick on 4/1/2018

    radio has a poping noise when people stop talking

  14. Very good radio, easy to program with supplied software. review by Roger on 3/11/2018

    Ordering process was easy and the customer service person was a great help.

  15. N4DDYs TYT MD9600 Review review by GA Butterbean on 2/27/2018

    Great radio only thing is the codeplugs with ALL DMR radios are hard to work thru due to not only input & output Freqs, but color codes, timeslot, talkgroups, contacts, and other required info. Great and awesome radios though.

  16. TYT MD-9600 review by Rick - N5GI on 2/22/2018

    Overall a solid radio that performs well as a base station. Volume control is very touchy, slightest change causes a dramatic increase in volume.

  17. i would buy this product again review by J on 2/21/2018


  18. I will buy another one. Great radio, great customer service. review by WX5DEL on 2/18/2018

    I've had nothing but great performance. Easy to use, Everything one could ask for. There may have been issues with previous versions but this one is great.

  19. I would recommend this product to other people. review by wa1yzn on 2/18/2018

    Overall I like the radio so far. The main thing I don't like is the volume control. it's either to load or not loud enough.

  20. YES review by Jim on 2/17/2018

    firmware still not permitting 100,000 contacts actually if firmware was like that of the MD-2017, things would be just fine.

  21. Its à good radio review by Daniel on 2/16/2018

    Volume hard top contrôle clics ech recive

  22. Reasonably priced dual mode/dual band DMR tranceiver review by John on 2/16/2018

    Originally purchased for mobile installation; however, without a detachable control head, it took up enough room in the vehicle that I opted to make it a base station unit and it turns out that I prefer that utilization of this transceiver. Once the software updates were published by the mfr, the radio performed as advertised and I have been very happy with it.

  23. TYT MD-9600 review by Rosco on 2/16/2018

    Even with software update it suffers from pops & clicks, squelch seems to be unadjustable, FM mode not all that sensitive, Volume control too sensitive

  24. NEVER buy this review by Angry on 2/12/2018

    Hard to use a product that doesn't perform and has many issues

  25. This was worth the wait... review by K7EK on 9/13/2017

    I had purchased two MD-9600's by pre-order. This product was worth waiting for. Originally I purchased two each, one VHF and one UHF. I got a pleasant surprise in that the manufacturer made the radios dual-band. I ended up with two dual-banders at the introductory/pre-order price. This was clearly a win-win outcome for me. I can put one MD-9600 in the house and the other in my vehicle. There are some idiosyncrosies in the way this radio functions out of the box. TYT was quick to provide a new firmware to fix them and other issues. I am confident that the MD-960] will continue to get better and better with future firmware updates.

  26. Nice solid radio with great programing options review by Steve on 9/8/2017

    Nice dual band DMR and analog FM radio. Great software to set it up to your liking.

  27. Good radio review by FIREDOG on 9/7/2017

    I like this radio. Still has a few bugs with the radio. Should be fixed with firmware updates.But over all works for my need.

  28. The radio becomes a BRICK n you update the firmware!!! review by Leeboo007 on 9/3/2017

    I can not use the radio. The display is unreadable!!!

  29. Works OK review by Ed on 8/27/2017

    Radio works now that TYT updated the firmware and software

  30. Very good product and I would buy again. review by Paul on 7/27/2016

    I use it with ham radio and very easy to use, gets me into another mode in amateur radio.

  31. Can't wait review by reno on 6/25/2016

    Can't wait till I get it

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