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How to update the TYT MD-2017 to store 100,000 contacts

TYT-MD-2017-firmware-update.jpgAs many of you may know, I work tirelessly with TYT directly to provide feedback to them (both my own and that of the end user) to enhance their products. I can honestly say it is an around-the-clock job. I spend many hours outside of normal day working with TYT to make their products the best in the Chinese market. I was the one who had them re-work the programming software for the MD-2017 and MD-9600 so they could be used with your pre-existing code plugs. This has been a game changer as far as I am concerned. So, let me jump off my soap box now...

When the MD-2017 was released, my biggest concern was the lack of storage in the radio for contacts. For most folks, 10,000 contacts is more than enough; however, I am a firm believer in the old saying that bigger is better.

From my feedback, TYT recently released a firmware upgrade for the MD-2017 to allow up to 100,000 contacts! However, in order to accomplish this, the recorder option had to go away. I was not a fan of the recorder anyhow. It was a neat concept on paper, but a useless function on the radio- kind of like a flashlight or a wrist strap.

Want to add up to 100,000 contacts into your TYT MD-2017 dual band DMR digital radio? Here's how to do it.

What you need:

Note: Microsoft Excel is currently required to be installed on the PC for the import of contacts to work.

Step 1: Save the correct firmware version to your desktop. In the case of the early release radios, it is V3.33 bin (non GPS)

Step 2: Double click on the "FirmwareDownloadV3.04_EN.exe" link

Step 3: Under the "User Program" section, click on "Open file upgrade". This is where you will find the file you saved to your desktop.

Step 4: Plug the programming cable in to your radio and the USB in to your computer. With the radio powered off, hold down the PTT and orange button and power the radio on. The screen will remain black but the LED light on top will flash red and green. You are now in firmware update mode.

Step 5: Write the firmware to the radio. To do this, click on the "Download file of upgrade" button. Your radio will now begin to receive the updated firmware. Once the download is complete, power the radio off and unplug the cable from the radio.

Step 6: Open the V1.17 software and plug the cable back into the radio. If you have a current code plug, the contacts that are in that will remain. This is important for your talkgroups.

Step 7: Click on the "Program" dropdown and select "Write contacts". A box will open with available buttons "Read, Write, Export, Import, and Cancel".

Step 8: If you already have a list, you will want to click the "Import" button. After you do this, select the list and import it to the software. The only notification you will get is if it was successful or not. You will not see these in your regular contact list.

Step 9: Once you get the notification that the import was successful, you will now want to power the radio on and hit the "Write button". The process will now begin. Upload times depend on the number of contacts. With the 64,000+ contacts I uploaded, it took about 5 minutes. Be patient and do not power the radio off!

Step 10: Once the download is complete, power the radio off and then back on again. Next is the most important step: You will need to go into your menu for the radio, click > utilities > radio settings > ContactsCSV, and turn it on.

Now your radio should be good to go! I think there are a few little things I would like for TYT to fix, but for the most part this is pretty awesome!! I like the display on it. It has the look of a pretty well-known firmware hack from the MD-380 days.

I installed this on my MD-2017 a few weeks ago and have been using it ever since. I also released my csv file containing over 64,000 contacts.

As always, my sales staff and I appreciate each and every one of our customers. We will continue to support you and the products we sell!

Anthony R.
Sales Manager

57 thoughts on “How to update the TYT MD-2017 to store 100,000 contacts”

    CHRISTIAN CASTRE January 4, 2019 at 3:35 am

    After connecting the TYT MD 2017 to the PC, and loading the CSP 2017 1.22 program,and the Firmware 3.04 the screen is white.
    I could not update the firmware 3.04 only available on the OPEN-DMR website. after several attempts the screen is always white.
    I do not know if the problem is software or hardware.
    Is there a software solution? or should the TX be returned to the manufacturer for a firmware update?
    thank you

    • Rick

      This sort of thing typically occurs if the radio is not first put into firmware update mode. You may need to try the update again, follow the instructions in step 4 and be sure the radio is in firmware update mode.

      TYT does not usually accept returns for a firmware update, as it can be performed by the user and is not a warranty issue.

  • Tom

    Good afternoon,

    So I recently bought a MD-UV390 and had issues with it communication with my computer for programming, was receiving the "wrong model" error, I'm new to this radio thing, I went on the TYT website and upgraded the firmware, that totally screwed my radio up, all the text and icons are not readable. Can I factory reset it? if so how? any ideas? My radio had a firmware of D016.006 and CPS v01.07. I appreciate the help.


    • Dave

      Is there a way to run the 'tools' like the MD380/390 have that lets us adjust the backlight intensity, plus also leaves the display on so you have a chance of reading the display ?
      I've spoken to some local radio enthusiasts, but they only know about the 380/390 stuff and I don't fancy bricking my units.

      Thanks for the article :)

  • Serge - KK6ABQ

    As I can see from hexdump, the contacts database is stored at address 0x00204003, and each record takes 120 bytes. I've modified md380tools to read the MD-UV380 memory beyond the traditional configuration space. It looks like this:

    00204003 92 17 00 ff 47 4a 37 4c 4a 4a 00 ff ff ff ff ff |....GJ7LJJ......|
    00204013 ff ff ff ff 4e 69 67 65 6c 20 2c 2c 2c 2c 55 6e |....Nigel ,,,,Un|
    00204023 69 74 65 64 20 4b 69 6e 67 64 6f 6d 00 ff ff ff |ited Kingdom....|
    00204033 ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff |................|
    00204073 ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff 0c ad 00 ff 47 57 31 53 |............GW1S|
    00204083 59 47 00 ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff 41 6e 64 79 |YG..........Andy|
    00204093 20 2c 2c 44 65 65 73 69 64 65 2c 2c 55 6e 69 74 | ,,Deeside,,Unit|
    002040a3 65 64 20 4b 69 6e 67 64 6f 6d 00 ff ff ff ff ff |ed Kingdom......|
    002040b3 ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff |................|
    002040f3 51 e0 10 ff 4b 4b 36 59 4c 57 00 ff ff ff ff ff |Q...KK6YLW......|
    00204103 ff ff ff ff 52 6f 62 65 72 74 20 4c 20 47 61 72 |....Robert L Gar|
    00204113 76 69 6e 2c 2c 43 68 75 6c 61 20 56 69 73 74 61 |vin,,Chula Vista|
    00204123 2c 43 61 6c 69 66 6f 72 6e 69 61 2c 55 6e 69 74 |,California,Unit|
    00204133 65 64 20 53 74 61 74 65 73 00 ff ff ff ff ff ff |ed States.......|
    00204143 ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff |................|

    I'm working on my own utility to configure MD-UV380 and other models. Seems like it's possible to update the contacts table without the need for official CPS (and have Microsoft Office installed).

    Your file 65000newcontacts.csv contains 64996 records. Is it coincidental, or there is a limit of 65535 records or something?

  • Jason Gerry

    Actually Figured it out .... Make sure you put in firmware update mode....

    Step 4: Plug the programming cable in to your radio and the USB in to your computer. With the radio powered off, hold down the PTT and orange button and power the radio on. The screen will remain black but the LED light on top will flash red and green. You are now in firmware update mode.

  • Jason Gerry

    The same thing happened to me ? Have you been able to fix. The radio runs but you I cannot see text. Logos etc ok but not screen text.

    I am wondering if loading too many contacts hits memory where bitmapped characters reside?


  • Vince L

    Dennis Bieber I don't understand a work of what you are explaining in your post.

    Please learn to write if your language is english...

  • Mike c

    Just purchased a tyt md2017 at hamvention.
    Software does not work on 64 bit Windows 10 home ...
    So pulled out the old 32bit Windows XP laptop
    Software works fine. Was able to upgrade firmware however, when attempting ti upload contact list I get the Imfamous "Excel fail" error.
    Laptop has office 2002 which includes Excel.
    Csv file had all the proper columns, downloaded your csv as well.
    Only issue is Excel 2002 has a limit as to how many rows.
    So why does the software not detect Excel? I'm I missing a step?

  • Dennis Bieber

    The "ID unknown" (or is it "unknown ID") on Tx appears to be tied to the use of the Contacts CSV.

    It seems that if I use the menu turn off the CSV list, then Tx displays my information from basic settings -- but of course, then just displays ID numbers for Rx since I only have 7 "contacts" in the regular list (the Mi5 talk groups and a "Simplex" group).

    Turn on the CSV list, and now Rx displays information, but fails on Tx (even though I can confirm that I'm in the CSV when looking up by number).

    It took me a while to figure out the sequence since I'd only received the MD2017 a few days ago and have been going back and forth on contacts and code plug and depending upon what I write affected which Tx display I received.

  • David

    As you're in touch with the TYT manufacturing site, here are some requests from the field:
    1) Ability to change the displayed DATE format on the screen.
    2) Ability to disable the display of the TIME and/or DATE on the screen, either in the CPS or the Utilities menu.
    3) Ability to disable the second bank (otherwise shown as DISABLED), either in the CPS or the Utilities menu.
    4) Change the screen font size to allow display of more characters without having to wait for the screen scroll.

  • Michael Grossman

    Just upgraded the firmware and the radio is locked on the welcome screen....

  • Rick

    Hi Sal, TYT does not have an official user manual for the software. However, user created video tutorials are available on the Internet.

  • Sal

    Does anyone know if there is a manual for the MD-2017 software that explains all the software options and what they do?

  • Mike

    completed my first upload of channels and updated to CPS software to V1,17, hardware V1.00; MCU Version T011.011
    I could then download from radio and see my channels and zones, etc .Then I went and downloaded current code plug/channels and nothing shows in the program but are in the radio?? I was going to add more frequencies. So why can't I see whats in the radio to add further info?
    I'm lost...Could you help? Tnx es 73

  • Moose

    Ok just like Ernie. I've screwed it up. Not sure which step I did wrong, but my TYT MD-2017 is now in chaos mode, with scrambled words on the screen. Is there a way to restoring this to normal? I tried writing the last codeplug, and it appears the data is there, but still in unreadable chaos

  • Dale Miller

    I really wish the Excel requirement would be removed from the CPS. I really don't understand why the CPS has to have this to upload a CSV file.
    Is there any way that TYT could please remove this requirement?

  • Mike W. - W6MEW

    Rick, can you suggest to TYT that they write into the next version of the MD-2017 firmware a solution to the problem of the set scan mode changing in a band when you move to the other band and back to the original band? The sub band (Which is a different zone from the main band) will not scan until I set “Scan On” in the Utilities menu. Once the sub band is set to scan I can switch to the main band and the sub band will continue to scan. If I then switch back to the sub band the scan setting is lost and it reverts to “Scan Off”. This also happens in the other direction: main set to scan, change to sub and back to main, scan is also lost. I would like the “Scan On” setting to “STICK” until I change it to “Scan Off” in the Utilities Menu. Is this possible. BTW, I am using the latest firmware (v004.002) and codeplug (CP v01.21) Thanks in advance,
    Mike Warren

  • Mike W. - W6MEW

    Kenneth, if you go into the "Utilities" Menu and then the "Radio Info" Menu and then "Versions" Menu it will give you the current firmware (newest is v004.002) and Code Plug (newest is v01.21) They will allow you to once again use a CVS file with up to 100,000 contacts. The "Contacts" Menu in the radio will only show the 9999 contacts stored in memory. You will have to turn on "ContactsCVS" in the "Utilities"/"Radio Settings" menu. You will then see them listed in the "Contacts"/"ViewContactsCVS" Menu. Hope this helps.

  • Kenneth F

    Any updates to the contacts import. I cant get contact manager to download beyone 9999. Also I just flashed the new firmware but not sure it took. anyway to tell? it is supposted to be the 100,000 contact version.

  • Mike W. - W6MEW
    Mike W. - W6MEW December 9, 2017 at 7:57 pm

    Don't know what happened to my post yesterday confirming Tom's results with the latest (Dec. 5th) firmware and CPS update but it's now a mute point as TYT has posted on their download page an updated firmware v004.002 for the 100000 Contact CVS file. IT'S ONCE AGAIN WORKING!! With proper ID's and call signs. It's right a the top of the download page and dated 12-9-17. Thanks again for the quick response!
    Mike W. - W6MEW

  • Mike W. - W6MEW
    Mike W. - W6MEW December 8, 2017 at 2:25 pm

    I can confirm the MAJOR PROBLEM Tom has had with the Dec 5th release of the new 4.002 firmware and v1.21 CPS. No longer can access over 9999 contacts and no longer has the callsign and QTH info show on screen. Are you all working with TYT on this issue as you did to get the v3.33 firmware to accept 100,000 contacts and display the call and QTH info on screen? You have a large group of MD-2017 owners depending on your input! Thanks in advance,
    Mike - W6MEW 73


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