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Monthly Archives: April 2007

  • Buy 4 Motorola Business Radios and Get a Free Flashlight

    Our free flashlight promotion is back by popular demand! For the month of May, customers will receive a free Sarge NU-32 Xenon Flashlight with the purchase of 4 Motorola business radios. This powerful flashlight offers powerful Xenon brightness, but also has an LED mode that will allow you to conserve battery life. It has a solid, weather proof aluminum body with a non slip rubber grip - a $25 value! This promotion applies to all AX, CLS, and XTN series two way radios, and expires May 31, 2007.

  • Two Way Radio Message Board Launched!

    We have just launched a new site, dedicated to the discussion of two way radios, two way radio accessories, and related products. This new site will be formatted as a message board, or forum, and is called TwoWayRadioForum.com.

    If you have any questions at all regarding radios or accessories, we encourage you to post them to this site. We will make every attempt to answer your questions quickly. At the same time, this will hopefully result in a database of common questions and answers that will help future visitors to our site.

    Please visit our new forum, and thanks for shopping with us!

  • Motorola Business Radio Promo: Free Radio or Multi-Charger

    Motorola Free Radio/Multi-Charger PromotionWe are excited to be participating in a new promotion that is being offered by Motorola on certain Motorola business two way radios! For every 5 XTN or CLS series radios that you buy, you qualify for your choice of either a) one free radio or b) one 6 unit charger. This promotion is valid on every 5 radios purchased, up to a maximum of 40 radios. That means you can qualify for up to 8 free radios or multi-chargers!

    If you choose the free radio, the radio radio model that you will receive for free will match the model of radios that you purchased. This is a value of up to $205 when you purchased the Motorola XU2600 radio! If you choose the free charger, you will receive the model 53879 charger ($175 value) if you purchased XTN series radios and the 56531 charger ($139 value) if you purchased CLS series radios. You can view these chargers on our XTN series accessories and CLS series accessories pages.

    This is a mail-in promotion being fulfilled by Motorola, not Buy Two Way Radios. After you receive your radios, you will need to claim your free radio/charger by visiting www.MyRadioReward.com and filling out their online form. They will require that you mail them the UPC/serial number sticker from the radio boxes along with a copy of your receipt (which will be included in your package). Your free radio/charger is typically delivered within 4 to 6 weeks.

    This offer expires June 30, 2007. Click here for full details.

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