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This is a list of news and topical articles related to two way radios and radio communications.
  • President CB and 10 Meter radios are here!

    President Electronics USA LogoWe've long been recognized as an authorized dealer of quality, name brand CB radios. Our product line includes models from such established and respected manufacturers such as Cobra, Galaxy, Midland, and Uniden. Now there's one more. We are excited to announce that we're now a President dealer!

    President offers a very popular line of CB and 10 meter ham radios, and now all of them are available from Buy Two Way Radios. From the low priced President ANDY through the full featured President LINCOLN II Plus, you can find them all right here.

    President CB Radios

    President ANDY USA CB RadioANDY USA
    The ANDY is the entry level model in the President CB line. It's also the lowest priced of the series. But don't let this budget friendly bargain fool you. This CB radio has the full capability to deliver maximum power and high performance using 21st century technology. It operates on all 40 CB channels, receives NOAA weather channels, weather alerts, and has a large LCD display that can be customized to illuminate with one of 7 colors. It features a public address system, noise blanker, built-in Automatic Noise Limiter filter, talkback, a function key, and digital S-meter. The package includes a 4 pin electret handheld speaker microphone with a coil cord and a mounting kit. Price- $74.95.

    President BILL FCC CB RadioBILL FCC
    The President BILL is the next model up the line, and is very different in the look and feel. This is an ultra compact mobile, very similar in design to the Midland MXT115 GMRS Micromobile two way radio, but at a much lower price. Like the ANDY, the BILL supports all 40 CB channels at 4 watts, the maximum allowed for CB in the US. It also has 7 NOAA weather channels, weather alerts, public address capability, and a 7 color LCD display. Many of the other features of the base model are included as well, but the BILL has a few more. In addition to the noise blanker and ANL (Automatic Noise Limiter) filter, the Bill also adds a HI-CUT filter. It can also display the actual frequency of an active channel and has a USB charging port on the front of the radio. If you're short on space in your vehicle or want a CB with lots of features but a very small footprint, this is the radio for you. Price- $89.00.

    The JOHNNY III is similar in design to the ANDY, and with most of the same basic features, but with more buttons. This means more features and functionality over all. In addition to the 7 NOAA weather channels, weather alert, PA support, and noise filters, this radio has built-in hands-free VOX capability. This can be a useful feature while on the road. Now, the display is scaled back somewhat, with only 3 colors instead of the 7 color choices offered in the previous models. But it has 6 buttons on the front panel instead of 2, including one for emergency channel 9/19, Memory Channel Store/Recall and an F Function key. There is also one important difference with the mics. The Andy uses a 4-pin hand microphone, the Johnny III uses a 6 pin connector. It's no biggie, just something to be aware of when choosing between these models. Price- $109.00.

    The President TAYLOR is a mid-range model, and switches to a more retro design. This looks and feels like a "traditional" CB radio, with the chrome plated front panel, toggle switches and analog style meter reminiscent of a classic CB. Yet, the addition of a 7 color LCD display also gives in a contemporary feel. Like the other models, the TAYLOR has the NOAA weather channels, weather alerts, PA capability, and the noise filters. Like the JOHNNY III, it also has VOX. It adds the S/RF VU-Meter, Up/Down Channel Selector and USB charging port. If you like the look of a retro CB radio but want the functionality of a 21st century model, This is a CB to consider. Price- $119.00.

    The JOHNSON II is the same basic design and functionality as the ANDY and JOHNNY III, but adds something new, a built-in front speaker! Okay, it also has one more button than the JOHNNY III, but includes most of the standard functions and the 3 color LCD display of its counterpart. It also features 3 memories, channel and memories scan, and Dual Watch. It also has a local DX key. What's not to like about that? Like the JOHNNY III, the JOHNSON II uses a 6 pin connector. Good to know when shopping around. Price- $129.00.

    The WALKER II is a premium model. It combines the retro look of the President TAYLOR with a modern flair for a rather distinctive front panel that really stands out. It has the chrome plated front, 7 color LCD display, dials, switches, analog multi-function meter and USB charging port and adds several lighted buttons to the mix. The WALKER also has most all the features of its mid-range cousin and throws in a frequency display and an AM / WX mode switch for good measure. It's a classic President CB at a great value. Price- $139.00.

    The MC KINLEY is the top of the line in the President CB radio series. Like the JOHNSON II, it has an internal speaker built right in, but has a larger 3 color LCD display. It has the primary features and functions of its lower tier look-alike, including 3 memories, channel and memories scan, Dual Watch and local DX key. Then it adds a clarifier and dimmer. The icing on the cake? Single Sideband! Yes, the MC KINLEY operates on AM and SSB, giving you greater access to the local CB airwaves. The MC KINLEY uses a 6 pin connector and has rear jacks for an external speaker, PA speaker, and optional VOX microphone. It's the ultimate President CB radio at reasonable cost. Price- $179.00.

    President Ham Radios

    President RONALD Ham RadioRONALD
    The RONALD is the base model in the President Ham Radio line. It looks nearly identical to the ANDY USA CB radio, except it operates on the 10 meter and 12 meter amateur radio bands. It may be low end, but it's certainly not low power. This compact dual band mobile radio can transmit at up to 35 watts of power and is capable of operating in both AM and FM modes. It has the same large 7 color LCD display as the ANDY, same front panel layout. It also has a noise blanker, built-in Automatic Noise Limiter filter, talkback, a function key, digital S-meter, and that's about where the similarities end. The RONALD adds an AM/FM mode switch, Dual Watch, span and adjustable time out timer. This package includes a 6 pin speaker microphone with a coil cord and a mounting kit. Price- $129.00.

    President RICHARD Ham RadioRICHARD
    The RICHARD is a dedicated 10 meter ham radio and the mid-range model. It operates at up to 13 watts AM and up to 40 watts FM. It has a 7 color LCD display that is smaller than the RONALD to make room for the analog bargraph meter and all the added controls on the front panel. The meter indicates reception and emitted power levels. It has ANL, NB and HI-CUT filters. It has an AM/FM mode switch, rotary channel selector switch, F function key, MENU function key, Dual Watch, Echo, VFO Mode, and a front panel USB charging port. And a lot of other stuff. The RONALD has big features at low cost. Price- $169.00.

    President LINCOLN II Plus Ham RadioLINCOLN II+
    The LINCOLN II+ is the top tier President Ham Radio. It's similar to the RICHARD in form and function, only it has even more power, more modes and more stuff. it operates on both the 10 meter and 12 meter amateur radio bands and supports AM, FM, LSB, USB and CW modes at up to 35 watts on FM and a whopping 50 watts on AM. In addition to most of the standard features of the RONALD, it has 6 Memories, 38 CTCSS tones, 104 DCS codes, clarifier, and AM/FM/LSB/USB/CW Mode Switch. The LCD display only has 3 colors, but the other features more than make up for it. Plus, it's software programmable! Price- $249.00.

    All of these President radios come with a two year manufacturer warranty!

  • COVID-19 Updates: Shipping / Staffing Changes

    Courtesy CDC

    With the country battling the outbreak of the Coronavirus, businesses everywhere are dealing with its impact and we're no different. We're creating this post to keep you up to date with any changes to our operations that might impact your shipment, or the customer service that you might receive from us.

    We do understand that two way radios are useful in many ways during emergency situations like this one, which can lead to an increase in demand. It is our intention to remain open and continue to ship product for the duration of the crisis.

    We plan to keep this post updated as things change, and the latest update will be at the top.

    Friday, April 10, 2020

    It's been a while since the last update so I just wanted to drop a quick note to let everyone know that we are still open and providing same day shipping of orders.

    Also, there were several products that we source directly from China that had been out of stock for a while. Most of these items are back in stock now as our Chinese vendors are starting to get back to normal.

    Monday, March 23, 2020

    We are still fully staffed and will ship all in-stock orders without delay.

    Today we will be operating with all staff working remotely, except for those needed for warehouse and radio programming. We did our best to test and work out the kinks last week, but we do expect the occasional hiccup - especially over the first few days. The following are a few challenges that we are expecting:

    • Our sales staff won't readily have access to co-workers. In the office, our sales reps sit in pretty close proximity to one another. That has a few advantages. It is easier to ask co-workers questions, and we can often learn a lot just by being present for other conversations. Our sales team will still be able to get in touch with one another by phone, e-mail and chat, but we expect that on average it will take a little longer to handle customer requests.
    • Our sales staff won't readily have access to product. Occasionally a customer asks a question or have a request that is most easily handled by grabbing a sample product or pulling one off the shelf in the warehouse. Now these types of things will take longer and probably require a callback, as our reps will have to get in touch with in-office personnel (who are probably very busy).
    • We'll be less "professional." Don't be surprised if you call in and hear an occasional dog bark or have your sales rep distracted by a kid that needs their attention.

    Your continued business is very much appreciated at this time, but we may need a little of your patience as well.

    Thursday, March 19, 2020

    First and most importantly we're still fully staffed and able to ship almost all orders the same day, as you've come to expect from us. We understand that many people consider two way radios to be critical products for their preparedness plans, and we are committed to meeting these needs.

    So far this week we've spent a considerable amount of effort preparing our computer and phone systems to work remotely. Some staff members are testing our at-home systems today, and sometime during the next week we hope to have our in-office staff reduced to only those employees that are absolutely essential to have on-site.

    Once we have transitioned our sales and customer service team to working from home there may be some changes or delays to our normal process, particularly during the initial stages of the transition. We will keep you up to date on this as the transition approaches.

    Product Change

    There are several software CDs that we produce ourselves, in-house. Examples are the Wouxun and TYT software CDs. We sell these individually and include them for free with certain programming cables. With our staff out of the office, we've decided that we will no longer be able to produce these CDs.

    For now, we have plenty of CDs in stock, but we are working now to make sure that all radios have links to their software on the Downloads tab from the product page.

    Monday, March 16, 2020

    As of today there are no changes to our operations. We are almost fully staffed and expect that customer service and warehouse operations will proceed as normal.

    The state has closed schools, which does make things more difficult for some of our employees. We are exploring options for allowing some staff members to work from home.

  • Expect Backorders With Chinese Radios

    As you've probably heard, China is battling an outbreak of a coronavirus variant. In order to help contain the outbreak, the Chinese government has extended their Chinese New Year holiday. This will impact our Chinese two way radio and accessory suppliers, and will cause delays with shipments, which will lead to backorders.

    We have already heard directly from two of our suppliers that shipment delays are expected, and that at this time there is not a date for when they expect to be back to work. Fortunately we did stock up on radios from most Chinese brands prior to the beginning of Chinese New Year, but we do expect our stock to dry up for many popular items before we are able to receive a new shipment.

    This will most directly affect products from Chinese based manufacturers. It is unlikely to cause an issue for US based manufacturers that source products from China (Cobra and Midland, for example) unless the holiday extension becomes very lengthy.

    While this will cause some short term pain for us and our customers, we do appreciate the aggressive steps that are being taken by China to prevent the spread of this virus and we hope that their efforts are successful.

  • Icom instant rebate plus Trade-in offer on IP501H and IP501M radios!

    Icom $40 Rebate Plus Trade-In Offer!
    Icom is currently offering a two-tiered promotion at Buy Two Way Radios that can save you some serious cash. Get a $40 instant rebate when you buy an IP501H or IP501M Mobile LTE radio, plus trade-in your old non-Icom branded radio, and get up to $260 more!

    There's no limit to the number of radios you can buy for the rebate and trade-in offer. Buy one, or one hundred, or as many as you need. As long as they qualify, the offer applies. This is a great deal from Icom exclusively for our customers, but only for a limited time!

    No promo code is needed to take advantage of the instant rebate. Simply add an Icom IP501H handheld or IP501M mobile LTE two way radio to your cart, you get a $40 instant rebate per radio at checkout!

    To take participate in the trade-in offer, call our Sales Department at Buy Two Way Radios at 1-800-584-1445 from 9 AM to 6 PM weekdays to verify your trade-in(s). The trade-in discount will be applied to your order once the trade-ins are verified, shipped to us and received by our Sales Department.

    Icom Instant Rebate Plus Trade-in Offer

    IP501H $457.50 $40 $260 $300 $157.50
    IP501M $562.50 $40 $60 $100 $462.50

    Only working, FCC typed-accepted, non-Icom radios apply for the trade-in discount. Trade-ins must be verified by our Sales department at Buy Two Way Radios before sending them in to qualify. Trade-in offer is valid during the promotion period only. IP501H and IP501M radios require activation of a two year service plan to receive the trade-in allowance. Any non-working, non FCC approved radios will not qualify. Note: This offer valid in the US only and only for commercial or business end users.

  • Kenwood Factory Authorized Refurbished Radios are back!

    In Autumn 2018, Kenwood began to offer reconditioned models of its ProTalk line for sale. This was a phenomenal buy, but these refurbs were in limited supply, and all these models eventually sold out. Now, the Kenwood Factory Authorized Refurbished Radios are back, and with four additional models!

    As we outlined in our original announcement in 2018, each factory refurbished radio includes all the same components that are packaged with the new models, in particular the battery, charger antenna and owner's manual, so you are getting the complete radio. Not only that, they are tested and verified to work and even come with the full Kenwood two year manufacturer warranty!

    Plus, when you buy the refurbished versions of current models that qualify for the Kenwood rebate promotions, the refurbs qualify for those promotions as well! So, you not only save money buying the the reconditioned radios, you get all the benefits of purchasing new! This is a phenomenal deal from Kenwood and is only available at Buy Two Way Radios.

    Refurbished models include the PKT-23, TK-3230DX, TK-2400V4P, TK-3400U4P, TK-2400V16P, TK-3400U16P, TK-3402U16P, NX-240V16P and NX-340V16P.

    In addition to the Refurbished models originally available in 2018, Kenwood has added four more models to the mix: TK-2402-V16P, NX-P500, TK-D240V DMR Digital VHF Two Way Radio, and TK-D340U DMR Digital UHF Two Way Radio.

    These factory authorized refurbished radios are only available from Buy Two Way Radios, and only in very small quantities. When they're gone, they're gone, so take advantage of this amazing deal while you can.

    Of course, if you want the new models, you can browse our complete line of brand new Kenwood ProTalk business radios. The choice is yours.

    Want to know more about the Kenwood factory refurbished two way radios? Watch our video or listen to episode 129 of our award nominated podcast, The Two Way Radio Show for an in-depth discussion on these radios!

  • Holiday Deals on Two Way Radios for Everyone!

    Super Holiday Deals!

    Still trying to find that perfect gift? Wrap up your holiday shopping at Buy Two Way Radios! This week, we have discounts, deals and freebies on two way radios and accessories that make great holiday gifts for anyone on your list. We've also brought back a couple of our more popular Cyber Monday deals. Check out some of our specials below!

    This Holiday Sale ends Midnight, December 24, 2019 while supply lasts. No rain checks.If you want to get in on these deals, act now!

  • Introducing the Wouxun KG-805 Professional GMRS and MURS Radios

    Retailing consumer FRS and GMRS radios is how we got our start in this business. Over the years, we've heard more than our share of gripes from customers who are looking for something better than the typical "bubble pack" FRS/GMRS radios. Those radios get the job done for most people, but they often don't cut it for advanced users. Anyone that uses a GMRS radio frequently, or needs advanced features (like repeater support) is left frustrated: none of the major manufacturers offer a product that meets their needs, and the few import radios that have been modded for GMRS have considerable drawbacks. Well, after years of asking the major manufacturers to address this need, we've decided to take matters into our own hands.

    We've been working directly with Wouxun to design a radio that considers all of the needs of advanced users. It's been a long process, but we're really proud of the result. We hope you like it.

    Introducing the Wouxun KG-805G

    Today, we're introducing the Wouxun KG-805G Professional GMRS Radio. The following is a list of goals that we had for our GMRS radio when we started this process, and thanks to Wouxun we were able to achieve all of this with the KG-805G.

    • Legal for GMRS. GMRS users looking for the best often resort to buying a business radio and reprogramming it for GMRS. This is pretty common, but it isn't legal. We needed a radio that was approved for GMRS use by the FCC (Part 95 type accepted).
    • Business Quality. The radio had to have a high level of durability and "feel" like a professional radio.
    • Repeater support. The GMRS allows for repeaters. If you're buying a professional GMRS radio, you should be able to use them. You should also be able to configure the radio to use a repeater without connecting it to a computer.
    • Ability to change common functions from the keypad. In particular, CTCSS/DCS codes should be adjustable via the menu.
    • High power. Almost all radios using FRS/GMRS frequencies are well under 2 watts. We wanted at least 4.
    • Single Band. There are a couple of dual band import radios that have been retrofitted for GMRS, and we felt like this was a compromise we didn't want to make. GMRS frequencies are all between 462 and 468 MHz. We felt like quality would be better if the radio and antenna were built specifically for this frequency range.
    • "Classic" Radio Circuitry. One of the big reasons that there are so many low priced radios available is that there single microchips available that control almost all radio features. This is great if you're looking to keep costs down, but there's a reason that popular business radio brands don't use them: they compromise quality for price. If we were going to call our radio "Business Quality" it needed to be built like a business radio - inside and out.
    • Good Accessory Selection. We didn't want anything proprietary or unusual when it came to accessories.
    • Optional PC Programming. PC programming should be available for advanced users, but absolutely not be a requirement to use the radio.
    • Priced below $100. We felt like the product needed to retail for less than $100, and we beat it by $10. Regular price for the KG-805 will be $89.99.

    The KG-805G has 30 channels: 22 standard simplex channels and 8 repeater channels. It is compatible with any other 22 channel FRS or GMRS radio right out of the box. If you need to add a PL tone, you can do it directly from the keypad using the menu.

    The KG-805G is built using the same "chassis" as the popular KG-UVD1P and KG-UV6D, which have been around for a long time. Replacement batteries for those models work with the KG-805G. The radio uses a standard "K1" style audio accessory connector, so two-pin audio accessories that work with a Kenwood, Wouxun, or Baofeng radio will work with this one.

    The display supports three colors, and you can choose a different color for transmit, receive and standby. Channel scan is available by holding the A/B button for 2 seconds. An FM radio is built-in.

    Optional programming software is available as a free download. The software allows you to add or remove channels and configure channel settings in an easier way than using the menu. You also have more options than the menu provides, as you can configure options like channel power and bandwidth. You can also add receive-only channels for frequencies outside of the GMRS band. Using the software requires a programming cable.

    Why not build a MURS radio too?

    While our focus was primarily on the GMRS product, we knew that there were customers also looking for a similar radio that operated on MURS. The Multi-Use Radio Service is a license-free service that allows for operation on 5 VHF frequencies at up to 2 watts of power. MURS is great for consumers that often use radios outdoors and don't want to get a license. It is also popular with businesses (even Walmart uses MURS frequencies).

    MURS has a similar situation to GMRS, but with an even more limited selection of available products: current radios are either great quality and quite expensive, or they're cheap retrofitted Baofengs. We thought a high quality but reasonably priced radio was needed, so we helped design the Wouxun KG-805M Professional MURS Radio.

    The KG-805M is essentially the same radio as the KG-805G, except it is designed to operate on VHF frequencies and we have customized the programming to the MURS service. The KG-805M also retails for $89.99.

    Only need the basics?

    Because things can't ever be simple, we also have a version of each radio with a simpler feature set for a few bucks less.

    The Wouxun KG-805G Basic and Wouxun KG-805M Basic are available at a retail price of $69.99. The difference? These models don't support adjusting CTCSS/DCS codes via the keypad, so they're more appropriate for use in non-congested areas or when you're commonly using radios with the same group of people.

    The CTCSS/DCS tones can be adjusted in the optional programming software, so if you're OK with using a PC for programming these Basic versions are a good way to save money!

    Your feedback is important!

    This is the most involved we've ever been in bringing a product to market and we definitely want this to be a success. We are very interested in hearing your thoughts on what we got right, or what we got wrong with the KG-805 series. Comment below, or send us a message!

  • Cyber Monday 2019 deals are now live!

    Cyber Monday Deals

    UPDATE: Thanks for helping make our Black Friday and Cyber Monday successful!  We've decided to extend our promotions through Thursday, 12/5!

    The holiday season is upon us once again, and with it comes the holiday shopping season. This year we have a plethora of bundles, discounts, freebies, rebates and other offers on items that make great holiday gifts. Now, the wait is over. Our Cyber Monday deals are now live!

    Here is our complete list of Cyber Monday Specials at Buy Two Way Radios for 2019!

    Digital Deals

    • TYT Digital Ham Shack Mega BundleTYT Digital Ham Shack Mega Bundle
      The ultimate digital mega gift for hams is back for Cyber Monday, and at a great holiday price! This complete DMR bundle includes one TYT MD-9600 Dual Band UHF/VHF Base/Mobile Digital DMR Amateur Radio, one TYT MD-UV380 Dual Band DMR Digital Portable Handheld Two Way Radio, a TYT-TH1380 30A Switching Power Supply, a Tram 1185 Dual Band Magnet Antenna, programming cables, and software. Cyber Monday Price: $379.99! Save $70!
    • Digital DMR Ham Radio Base Station Kit
      The Digital DMR Ham Radio Base Station Kit is back once again! This is an awesome DMR startup package for hams who want to build a digital ham shack on a budget. It's the perfect gift for any ham who wants to go DMR and stay in the analog at the same time. The bundle includes: a TYT MD-9600 Dual Band UHF/VHF Base/Mobile Digital DMR Amateur Radio, a TYT-TH1380 30A Switching Power Supply, a Tram 1185 Dual Band Magnet Antenna, programming cable, and software. Cyber Monday Price: $299.99! Save $40!
    • Wouxun KG-UVN1 Dual Band DMR Digital Two Way Radio$20 OFF a Wouxun KG-UVN1 Dual Band DMR Digital Two Way Radio plus DMR bonus pack
      The KG-UVN1 gives you more dual band DMR excitement with 3072 channels, 250 zones, and up to 160,000 contacts! It features Private Call, Group Call, All Call ARTS function and digital encryption. It has a full color display, a DTMF keypad and programmable multi-function keys. The KG-UVN1 is also quite rugged. It comes with the programming cable and software. The free DMR Bonus Pack includes some nice extras. Cyber Monday Price: $139.99!
    • TYT MD-380$30 OFF a TYT MD-UV380 Dual Band DMR Digital Two Way Radio
      The MD-UV380 operates in analog and digital modes on VHF and UHF amateur and business radios frequencies with 3000 channels, a large LCD display, a DTMF keypad and up to 5 watts of power. Cyber Monday Price: $79.99!

    Amateur Radio Deals

    • Wouxun KG-UV8D10% off a Wouxun KG-UV8D Dual Band Two Way Radio plus a FREE Quick Reference Card
      The KG-UV8D is one of the most popular Wouxun dual banders around, With its bright, full color LCD display, DTMF keypad and 999 memory channels, the 8D can transmit on one band and receive on the other simulaneously! Plus, we're throwing in a KG-UV8D Quick Reference Card FREE! Cyber Monday Price: $89.99!
    • Wouxun KG-UV8EFREE KG-UV8E Quick Reference Card with KG-UV8E or KG-UV8E Limited Edition Radios!
      The KG-UV8E is an amazing amazing Tri-band two way radio that operates on 144MHz, 222MHz and 420Mhz amateur radio frequencies with up to 5 watts of power on VHF and full cross-band repeat capability. The Wouxun KG-UV LE is special holiday version of the 8E with full complement of 16 accessories and add-ons, and puts it all into one big festive package at a super special price> When you purchase either model on Cyber Monday, you get a FREE KG-UV8E Quick Reference Card! No limit!
    • Nagoya NA-701 AntennaFREE Nagoya NA-701 antenna when you buy a Baofeng UV-5R Dual Band UHF/VHF Radio
      The Baofeng UV-5R is already one of the most inexpensive dual band radios on the market. Not it's an even better deal! When you buy a Baofeng UV-5R, you also get a FREE Nagoya NA-701 antenna, valued at $10! Need we say more?
    • Amateur Radio Quick Reference CardFREE Amateur Radio Quick Reference Card with any amateur radio purchase!
      Buy any amateur radio and get a FREE Amateur Radio Quick Reference Card! This laminated card is a handy guide for ham operators. It includes charts on amateur radio bands, frequency ranges, wavelength/frequency conversion formulas, the phonetic alphabet and more! No promo code is needed. Valid on any amateur radio currently in stock. Limit one Amateur Radio Quick Reference Card per order. Card is already included with KG-UVN1 DMR Bonus Pack.
    • FREE Ham Study Bonus Pack with purchase of any ARRL or Gordon West Amateur Radio License Study Guide!

    CB Cyber Monday Deals

    • FREE CB Bonus Pack with purchase of any CB Radio!
      Buy any Cobra, Midland, Galaxy or Uniden CB and we'll throw in a BTWR CB Bonus Pack, FREE! The CB Bonus Pack includes a Two Way Radio Frequency T-Shirt, CB Radio Quick Reference Card, Pen, String Backsack and a CB Radio audio CD. No purchase limit while supply lasts.

    FRS and GMRS Radio Deals

    Airband Radio Rebates

    Marine Radio Rebate

    • Get a $40 rebate on an Icom IC-M36 VHF Marine Radio!
      This is a manufacturer mail-in rebate offer fulfilled by Icom directly. Read the IC-M36 product page for details.

    Business Radio Promotions

    Weather Watcher Special

    • Midland ER310 Emergency Weather RadioFREE T-Shirt with purchase of any emergency weather radio!
      Buy any Emergency/Weather Radio and get a FREE T-shirt! No promo code needed. Simply choose your weather radio, and your FREE T-sirt will be automatically added to your order. No purchase limit! Valid through our Cyber Monday promotion period or until we run out of T-shirts.

    Accessory Specials

    Note: These Cyber Monday deals are valid until December 5, 2019 while supplies last. Some promo items are only available in limited quantity. No rain checks. Offers void where prohibited, taxed or restricted by law.

    Questions, comments or feedback? contact us. Leave us a comment below. You can also Give us a call, send us an e-mail or enter our live chat online. We'll be open from 8 AM to 6 PM ET during our Cyber Monday 2019 Promotion Event!

  • Sneak Preview of Cyber Monday Deals for 2019

    Cyber Monday Deals Sneak PreviewCyber Monday 2019 is almost here at Buy Two Way Radios! As always, there are real deals on great gifts for every type of radio operator. Our Cyber Monday specials go live Wednesday evening, November 27, 2019 and run through December 5. Here's a sneak preview of our Cyber Monday deals on two way radios for 2019!

    Digital Deals

    Amateur Radio Deals

    CB Cyber Monday Deals

    • FREE CB Bonus Pack with purchase of any CB Radio

    FRS and GMRS Radio Deals

    Airband Radio Rebates

    Marine Radio Rebate

    Business Radio Promotions

    • $20 Off a Olympia P324 radio Plus FREE Extra Battery, Extra Antenna and Shipping!
      Only $69.99!
    • Kenwood Gift Card Rebate offer - Buy 6 Kenwood PKT-23, NX-P500, NX-240V16P or NX-340U16P Radios, Get up to $200 back!
    • Motorola More With Digital Offer! - Buy 6 Motorola CLS, CLP, RM or RD Series analog business radios, get a free radio! Buy 6 DLR series or DTR600 radios and get a free radio plus a free earpiece!
    • Midland Biztalk® Business Radio Buy 6, Get 2 FREE Offer!

    Weather Watcher Special

    Accessory Specials

    If you have any comments or questions about our Cyber Monday deals, leave us a comment below or contact us by email, phone or live chat 8 AM to 6 PM weekdays!

  • The Two Way Radio Show is nominated for a podcast award!

    The Two Way Radio Show Podcast Album ArtWe have some exciting news! Our podcast, The Two Way Radio Show is nominated for the 2019 People's Choice Podcast Awards!

    Hosted by our company President Danny Feemster, Chief Operations Officer Anthony Roque and Product Manager Rick Savoia, The Two Way Radio Show educates and entertains listeners with news, information, reviews and lively discussion about two way radios and radio related technology.

    The Two Way Radio Show first premiered on February 21, 2011, and was warmly received with positive reviews from the start. When we first launched the podcast, we had no idea how far it would go, or if it would go anywhere at all. Eight years later, we still have plenty to talk about, and the show continues to grow. The Two Way Radio Show has subscribers and dedicated listeners from the US, Canada, Australia, the UK and many other countries around the world.

    This year, The Two Way Radio Show was nominated for The 14th annual People's Choice Podcast Awards in the Technology category. Founded in 2005 by RawVoice CEO Todd Cochrane, The People's Choice Podcast Awards is the oldest and most respected awards event in podcasting. This is a worldwide event, and The Two Way Radio Show is competing with nine of the most prestigious tech podcasts in the world for an award in this category.

    International Podcast DayThe winners of The Podcast Awards will be announced during the Podcast Awards Ceremony, which will be streamed live around the world on September 29th, 2019 at 8 PM Eastern time. The ceremony will be held in conjuction with International Podcast Day. Founded in 2014, International Podcast Day is a 24 hour event celebrated annually worldwide on September 30th.

    Buy Two Way Radios as well as the producers and hosts of The Two Way Radio Show would like to thank all of our listeners for being a part of the show, with a special thank you to those who nominated our podcast for this award. Whether we win the award or not, the fact that our listeners consider us worthy to be considered for nomination is greatly appreciated. We are truly humbled by this honor. Thank you!

    If you haven't yet heard The Two Way Radio Show, give it a listen. It's also a great opportunity to catch up and binge listen to all our past episodes! It's available from Apple Podcasts, Blubrry, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher Radio, TuneIn, and other venues. You can download and listen to all episodes of The Two Way Radio Show on demand at www.twowayradioshow.com. You can also subscribe to the podcast to hear the latest episodes on demand on your mobile device anytime, anywhere.

    The Two Way Radio Show is produced by Cricket Ventures, LLC, the parent company of Buy Two Way Radios.

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