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  • Why the Motorola CLS1110 and CLS1410 are popular radios for retail

    Motorola CLS1110 and CLS1410 radios for retailEnter the door of a local retailer these days and you are likely to see the staff using two way radios. From small mom-and-pop shops to big box stores, from the front register to the back storeroom, two way radios are used by merchants every working day, and it's easy to understand why. Communication is vital to any business operation, and radios provide instant communications between management and staff for lower cost of ownership and increased ROI. The faster response time improves efficiency, productivity, security and the overall customer experience. A two way radio system is a much more efficient way to communicate than using cell phones, and at a fraction of the cost. When it comes down to the bottom line, choosing two way radios for a retail operation simply makes good business sense.

    Motorola CLS1410Radios are a perfect fit for a retail store, and work very well in such an environment, but there is one model series that overshadows the others and is particularly popular with merchants.

    The next time you visit your favorite retailer, take a close look at the radios worn around the store. It is quite likely the radios they are using were made by Motorola. But they may not be just any Motorola. Chances are, you will find that the clerk behind the counter will be using a Motorola CLS1110 or CLS1410 on-site business radio.

    Motorola CLS Series radios are the de facto favorites among retail merchants and their staff. The CLS1110 and CLS1410 seem to be a sort of standard among both small and large retailers, and for a number of very good reasons.

    They have great range indoors.
    Although quite small, the CLS1110 and CLS1410 provide considerable coverage in retail environments. The CLS radios operate on licensed UHF frequencies, which are good for indoor applications, especially in small retail stores with multiple aisles of obstructions such as shelving and inventory. They are good indoor radios, and are specifically designed for that environment.

    They are small and discreet.
    These are two of the most compact and ergonomic business radios on the market, which makes the Motorola CLS Series perfect for retail use. Employees tend to move around a lot within the confines of a store and such mobility requires them to carry a radio that is extremely compact, light weight and unobtrusive to the customer. Since many shops don't need a lot of range, it makes sense to go with the smallest radio possible. The CLS1110 and CLS1410 fit the bill perfectly.

    They are comfortable to wear.
    Motorola CLS radios are designed for efficiency and comfort. A typical retail operation requires staff to carry or wear their radios for the duration of their shifts. A full-sized handheld business two way radio can be heavy, bulky and cumbersome to carry around for long periods. Not so with the CLS series. Motorola designed these radios for retailers with ergonomic portability in mind. According to reviews, Motorola hit the mark, as merchants and their employees find them comfortable to carry, hold and wear.

    They are easy to configure.
    The CLS1110 and CLS1410 operate on 56 business frequencies. These are preset in the radios, which makes programming a breeze. The radios are front panel programmable, and features can be configured or customized in a few simple steps. The CLS radios can also be easily cloned using the optional multi-unit charger, making the process of configuring a whole fleet of them easier and very fast.

    They are easy to use.
    The CLS1110 and CLS1410 are designed for simplicity, so an employee can instinctively operate them with little to no training. The Large PTT (Push-To-Talk) button is located on the front face of the radio at the top, allowing the operator to quickly and easily find and press it by feel, without having to look. The front panel has only four other buttons and a simple LCD display with icons that are easy to recognize and understand, even for the layperson. The CLS radios are much simpler to use than a cell phone and provide instant communications at the push of one button. The CLS radio also comes with a holster, and is designed to slip in and out of it quickly, securely and with ease.

    They are built for daily use.
    Motorola CLS radios are made to withstand the rigors of daily operation in a typical retail environment. While not impervious to abuse, these units can take a modicum of wear and tear during a long shift under normal working conditions. They meet Military Standards C,D,E,F, and G for shock, dust and vibration. They are also rated IP5X to handle up to a 5 foot drop onto concrete. The CLS1110 and CLS1410 are made to last awhile, and come with a two year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

    There is a huge selection of accessories available for them.
    Although these radios can be used with the built-in microphone and speaker, many retailers prefer to use them with earpieces or headsets for greater privacy and more discreet communications between employees, especially when used on the floor around customers. Fortunately, there is a plethora of OEM and after market accessories available for the CLS1110 and CLS140. Such a wide selection gives the merchant and their employees greater flexibility to communicate, increasing efficiency and productivity in their entire retail operation.

    The Motorola CLS Series radio fits any retail workplace and integrating naturally into the workflow to provide instant continuous communications for on-site retailers, with no monthly fees, no service charges, and no contracts. After all, the faster the better the communications, the more cost-effective, efficient and profitable the operation. Considering all this, it's no wonder the Motorola CLS1110 and CLS1410 are a such popular choice for retailers. It's not trendy, it's just good business.

  • The Motorola Talkabout T800 radio video

    A new era of portable radio communication is upon us, and Motorola is leading the way with the new Motorola Talkabout T800 FRS Two Way Radio with app support. This license-free radio features messaging, location sharing and a unique, futuristic style display. Plus, it connects to its own app, available for iPhone and Android smartphones!

    How does it pair with a smartphone? How do you change settings through the app? In this video, Danny introduces the new T800 and shows off some of its impressive features. The Motorola Talkabout T800 is available now from Buy Two Way Radios.

    Want more videos? Browse our video blog and subscribe to our YouTube channel!

  • Introducing the Motorola Talkabout T800 FRS two way radio!

    Motorola Talkabout T800 FrontIf you watch our videos or listen to our podcast, you probably hear us comment from time to time on the lack of innovation when it comes to FRS or GMRS radios. If you rewind the clock 10 years, you would find the radios that were for sale then were really similar to the radios that are for sale now. With the introduction of the new Motorola Talkabout T800, there is finally some new and original functionality with FRS radios for us to talk about.

    The T800 is a very different FRS radio. Although it is similar in function to the Motorola TalkAbout T460, it adds bluetooth app support and a visually impressive design that is a completely new look for the Talkabout line. However, the most notable aesthetic feature is the display.

    The T800 display is uniquely different. Motorola calls it a hidden display, and with good reason. This is the same display concept used for the Motorola SL300 commercial radio, but with more graphics. Simply put, it's just plain cool. This new display is invisible when the T800 is off, undetectable behind the one piece T800 faceplate. Turn the radio on, and the blue LCD display appears, viewable through the now translucent faceplate!

    Sure, the T800 display looks great and is easy to read when the radio is on, but that's not the only new upgrade to the design of this radio. The front panel buttons are now raised icons, which should be easier to find and identify when the radio is out of site, such as when it’s clipped to your belt. Towards the bottom, the radio narrows and turns into a loop. This appears to be intended for a carabiner clip, and is quite different from the traditional loops found on other Motorola Talkabout series radios. While this larger loop can be useful for connecting a clip or lanyard, it also makes the radio a little harder to balance on a flat surface.

    Motorola Talkabout T800 RightThe rest of the buttons are lined on one side of the radio for easy, instant access. These controls include a button to active the built-in flashlight, high and low power push-to-talk (PTT) buttons, a bluetooth pairing button, and an emergency alert. On the other side of the radio is a micro USB charging port.

    The T800 connects to a smartphone via bluetooth and will integrate with Motorola's new TalkAbout app, which is available as a free download for iphone and android mobile devices. The app basically uses the radio as a modem, to enable and manage features such as message and location sharing. These features even work when you're off the grid, as long as the radios are connected and in range.

    Motorola Talkabout AppWhen you launch the app for the first time, you'll be asked to pair it with the radio. This is very simple and doesn't even require you to press the Bluetooth® button on the radio. Just make sure the only radio that is on is the one that you want to pair. The final step of the setup process is the creation of an account that is linked to your phone number. You can skip this, but it does make a few of the features on the app work better if you are linked.

    Most of the Motorola Talkabout App is centered around maps and location sharing. You can download maps offline and share your location, or view the location of your group members even if you don't have cell phone service. The app allows you to add members to your group using their username or phone number, if they created an account during setup. Once you have your group, an easy pairing option is available which sets all radios to match the channel and sub code of the leader radio.

    The radio settings option is a nice feature of the app. The screens are kind of limited on most FRS radios, so navigating the menu is usually a guessing game of which icon matches what setting. Having all options laid out in a way that is easy to navigate is fantastic. When you change a setting or activate a feature in the app, it immediately updates the radio!

    The T800 is definitely a step forward for FRS radios and its a positive direction for Motorola. There is nothing specific to the T800 model in the Motorola Talkabout App, so it would come as no surprise if app support is added to other Talkabout models in the future. The Motorola Talkabout T800 is now available for purchase from our web site at buytwowayradios.com.

    UPDATE: Watch our video and see the Motorola Talkabout T800 in action!

  • Motorola Radio Rebate Offer for Schools!

    Motorola Radio Rebate Offer for K-12 Schools!

    For a limited time, K-12 education institutions can get a cash rebate with purchase of Motorola EVX-261, SL300 and CP200d two way radios! Enhance safety and security at your school campus with these special savings!

    The following Motorola radios are eligible for this rebate offer:

    This offer is fulfilled by the manufacturer, so your rebate will be sent to you after Motorola receives your online redemption claim. Offer valid from July 1 to September 30, 2018. Purchaser must redeem the rebate online at www.MyRadioRebate.com within 30 days of receiving invoice. Rebate is sent in the form of a pre-paid card. Other rules and restrictions apply.Read the promotional flyer for details.

    NOTE: Only K-12 schools in the U.S. and Canada are eligible for this offer. It is void where prohibited by law.

  • Midland, Motorola and Kenwood business radio channel compatibility


    The Midland BizTalk BR200 is a very capable, yet underrated business radio. It's also unbelievably affordable. At only $90, the BR200 is priced well below other onsite business radios such as the Motorola CLS1110, CLS1410, the Kenwood PKT-23 and the 6-channel Kenwood ProTalk TK-3230DX. If that weren't enough, the BR200 can communicate with all four of those models and, at 2 watts, it has twice the wattage of the Motorolas!

    If you have a fleet of Motorola or Kenwood radios and want to add a BizTalk BR200 into the mix, chances are you probably can.

    However, you need to do a little research first to be sure your radios are compatible before you buy. How? It's easier than you think.

    First, check the list of assigned and supported frequencies for the radios you currently use. If you are using channels with the default assigned frequencies, check the default frequency table in your radio's manual. If you are using another frequency supported by the radio, cross reference the frequency code number assigned to the channel(s) in your radio with the list of those codes and frequencies printed in the owner's manual for each make and model.

    Once you know the frequency and privacy code (if any) assigned to each channel in your radio, search for the same frequency or frequency and privacy code combination listed on the Midland BizTalk BR200 Default Frequencies Chart. If you find a match, your radio should be compatible for use with the Midland BizTalk BR200.

    If you are using the default frequencies pre-assigned to the first one or two channels on your Motorola or Kenwood radio out of the box, it's even easier, since the BR200 may already have same frequency and privacy code configuration on the same channel. The chart below matches the default frequency and channel assignments of the Midland BizTalk BR200 with the channels of the Motorola and Kenwood radios.

    Business Radio Default Frequencies Channel Compatibility

    Default Frequency Channel
  • Motorola Talkabout T100 and T107 Holiday Sale

    Note: This promotion expired December 9, 2017 and is no longer available.


    Save $5 when you buy a pair of Motorola Talkabout T100 or T107 FRS radios from Buy Two Way Radios!

    The T100 and T107 are regularly priced at $29, but for two weeks only, you can get them for only $24 a pair when you buy them from us!

    *This offer is valid from November 25 through December 9, 2017 on a minimum purchase of one pair of Motorola Talkabout T100 or T107 radios. Read the official Motorola flyer for details. No rain checks. Buy Two Way Radios is an authorized Motorola dealer.

  • Save $10 now on Motorola Talkabout T460 radios!


    This week only, save $10 on the purchase of Motorola Talkabout T460 two way radios!

    The T460 is regularly priced at $79, but for one week only, Motorola has reduced the price to only $69 a pair!

    *Offer valid November 18-25, 2017 on a minimum purchase of one pair of T460 radios. Read the official Motorola flyer for details. No rain checks. Buy Two Way Radios is an authorized Motorola dealer.

  • Vertex Standard Radios Are Being Re-branded As Motorola

    Big changes are coming soon to the Vertex Standard line of two way radios. It's common knowledge that Vertex Standard is owned by Motorola, but has always been operated as a stand-alone brand. Early in 2018, this will no longer be the case. Motorola is creating a new line of radios, informally known as their "Commercial Tier" products, which will include a combination of several existing Motorola radios as well as several Vertex Standard models that will be re-branded as Motorola.

    What's Changing With Vertex Standard
    A few small exceptions aside, it looks like Vertex Standard will cease to exist as a brand. Most popular Vertex Standard models will join the Motorola Solutions Commercial tier, and some radios will be discontinued.

    The following Vertex Standard products will be rebranded as Motorola Solutions:

    The following models will be discontinued:

    What's NOT Changing With Vertex Standard
    It's important to point out that customers are not being left out in the cold with this change. Of course, if you are a user of Vertex Standard radios, the warranty is still valid and will continue to be honored. Vertex Standard has been a Motorola Solutions brand for years now, so we don't expect much to change regarding warranties and support.

    It's also important to point out that the physical radios that are being rebranded will not be changing either. For example, a Motorola VX-261 will be exactly the same product as the current Vertex Standard VX-261.

    Motorola Commercial Tier Radios
    In addition to the Vertex Standard models listed above, the following current Motorola Solutions models will also be a part of the Commerical tier:

    • Portable Radios: CP200d, SL300, CP185, BPR40, DTR650, VL50
    • Mobiles: CM200d, CM300d
    • Repeaters: SLR5000

    Dealers selling the new Commercial tier products will be known as "Commercial Radio Value-Added Resellers". It is expected that most Vertex Standard dealers will become dealers for the new Commercial products.

    Stay Tuned
    There are still some details that are being worked out, so stay tuned for updates. At the moment, we expect to start seeing the new Motorola Commercial Tier radios sometime in January, 2018. However, the Vertex Standard branded models won't disappear overnight. I expect most Vertex Standard radios will still be readily available for at least the first half of 2018. Check back here for updates!

  • Motorola Buy 6 Get a Free Multi-Charger Plus Prepaid Card Promo


    It's that time of year again. A new Motorola promotion just started, and we thought you might like to hear about it!

    For every six Motorola on-site business radios that you buy, you qualify for a FREE multi-unit charger PLUS a credit card preloaded with cash. The cash amount varies based on the series of radio that you purchased, but it ranges from $55 (CLS series) to $175 (DTR series). Keep in mind, that cash amount is for every six radios purchased. The free multi-charger is a great value as well - the chargers sell separately for between $139 (CLS series) and $349 (DLR series)! They also are very convenient to have and help you keep your radio fleet organized. This is a fantastic offer, and it is available on purchases made from Buy Two Way Radios from now through the end of 2017.

    The promo is valid on Motorola CLS, CLP, DLR, DTR, MU and RD Series on-site business two way radios. Every six radios purchased earns a FREE multi-charger and prepaid card for a maximum of 10 multi-chargers and 10 prepaid cards on a maximum purchase of 60 radios.

    This is a Motorola promotion, so to qualify you will need to register a claim on their promo web site. As usual there are some terms and conditions that apply, so please check the promotion flyer and the product pages on our web site for more details. Of course, if you have any questions we're here to help.

  • Motorola extends the warranty on business two way radios

    Motorola-CLS1410.jpgMotorola announced an extension of their warranty on all Motorola business two way radios. All business radio series previously covered for one year will now be covered for by a two year replacement warranty. According to the company, the new warranty also applies to all models already sold and currently in use.

    Radios affected by the new two year warranty include all CLS, CLP, DLR, DTR, RDX (also known as RD), and RM series. All manufacturer branded Motorola business two way radio accessories are still covered by the standard one year replacement warranty.

    The new two year warranty is now in effect.

    Questions? contact us at 1-800-584-1445 from 8 AM to 6 PM weekdays, send us an e-mail or enter our live chat at www.buytwowyradios.com.

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