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  • The Wouxun KG-UV8E Tri band amateur radio is here!

    KG-UV8E-9.pngWhat is better than a dual band handheld two way radio? Why, a tri-bander, of course. Now, it's here. Say hello to the Wouxun KG-UV8E tri-band transceiver.

    The KG-UV8E is based on the very popular Wouxun KG-UV8D, the dual band portable handheld radio best known for its large color display, cross band repeat capability and true simultaneous two band reception, all at a very low price point. At the moment of its introduction in 2014, the KG-UV8D was an instant hit, and it is still the handheld of choice among many hams today.

    However, the 2 meter and 70cm bands are becoming crowded, and many hams are moving to the 1.25 meter band for some breathing room. The problem? There aren't a lot of 1.25 meter radios out there, and the ones that are available tend to swap the beloved 2 meter band for it. This means amateurs had to choose between a dual bander with either 1.25m VHF and UHF, or 2m VHF and UHF. If you used a handheld for both, you either had to carry two dual band radios, or give up a VHF band altogether.

    The solution? Wouxun created a portable handheld that includes all three. It's the KG-UV8E, and it's available now from Buy Two Way Radios!

    The Wouxun KG-UV8E has all the same features of the KG-UV8D along with the feature upgrades of the KG-UV8D Plus. In fact, for all intents and purposes, it is a UV8D Plus, with the addition of one extra band for full transmit and receive on 1.25 meters from 222Mhz to 225Mhz.

    The Wouxun KG-UV8E supports the following bands and frequency ranges:

    RX Only RX and TX
    Band Frequencies Band Frequencies
    VHF 136-174MHz VHF 144-148MHz
    VHF 220-260MHz VHF 222-225MHz
    UHF 400-520MHz UHF 420-450MHz

    With an apparent over saturation of dual band amateur radios covering the 2 meter and 70cm bands already on the market globally, coupled with an increase in activity on the limited frequencies within those two bands, more and more amateurs are searching for some other space on the radio spectrum they are licensed to use, but isn't quite as crowded. The obvious choice? It's the 1.25 meter band, or as more commonly, if not inaccurately called, the 220MHz band (the frequencies licensed for ham use are actually between 222Mhz and 225MHz). Underused for years and all but forgotten, 220MHz is coming back to life, and in a big way.

    The advantages of the 1.25 meter band are obvious and easy to list:

    • Accessible to all licensed amateur radio operators
    • Still considered VHF, just below UHF
    • Between 1.25m, 2m and 70cm, 1.25m is considered the band with the best propagation
    • repeaters are available, but are not as crowded
    • Not as active, so it is quieter, with less interference

    There's just one disadvantage. Access to the band has been a challenge, simply because there aren't many 1.25 meter radios on the market. That is, it was a challenge, until now.

    Wouxun intends to change all that and give amateurs what they want and need, one handheld radio to access the three higher frequency bands all technician, general and extra class amateurs are licensed to use, and to maximize the entire experience with a range of capabilities and features one would only expect from a handheld transceiver costing much more. They may just do it with the KG-UV8E.

    But don't just take our word for it. Take a look at the Wouxun KG-UV8E and tell us what you think.

    Take a look at the Wouxun KG-UV8E product sheet for full specs.

  • TriSquare is going out of business

    We just received word that TriSquare is going out of business and its products will no longer be available. The entire TriSquare TSX Series has been discontinued.

    We know a lot of our customers are fans of TriSquare radios. It's no big secret why. First, the TSX Series radios use Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) technology, allowing operators to choose from up to ten billion channels for greater privacy and more secure communications than typical business or consumer two way radios. Second, the radios often include advanced functionality typically found on cell phones, such as direct call, text messaging, contact lists and great displays.

    Most importantly, TriSquare radios can be used by anyone or any business without a license, unlike GMRS. They operate in the 900 Mhz range, so no FCC license is required, yet coverage and performance is roughly equivalent to a conventional GMRS two way radio.

    However, there is one caveat to TriSquare TSX Series radios - these models only communicate with each other and are not compatible with other makes and models of two way radios. This is important to consider when buying TriSquare radios, especially now.

    We have sold out our last inventory of radios and TriSquare accessories at Buy Two Way Radios. Since these models are no longer manufactured, they will not be restocked. If you are shopping around for radios and considered purchasing TriSquare, we recommend that you choose among our other business or consumer two way radios instead.

    For those who are die-hard fans of TriSquare (and there are quite a few out there), your long term options are to either continue using the TSX Radios available to you or replace them with conventional radios. if you do decide to stay with the TriSquare radios, The TSX100, TSX100-2VP, TSX100R-2VP, TSX300-2VP, and TSX300R-2VP are no longer available. All Accessories such as the TriSquare Replacement Battery (TSX-BP) and the TriSquare TSX10A Accessory Pack are now sold out.

    If you recently purchased TriSquare radios from us and are concerned about warranty and support issues, not to worry. TriSquare informed us that your warranty is valid and they will continue product warranty and support for the radios "for as long as needed". If a warranty or support issue arises, the company recommends customers contact the service or sales email addresses on their web site for assistance or call Buy Two Way Radios at 1-800-584-1445.

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