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  • TYT Radio FCC ID and Type Acceptance Chart

    TYT MD-380 DMR Digital Two Way RadioAs a result of the recent FCC enforcement advisory on import radios and the subsequent discussions on the topic in episodes TWRS-128 and TWRS-129 of The Two Way Radio Show Podcast, we checked the FCC IDs on all affected products in our warehouse to ensure full compliance. As a result, we posted our Wouxun Radio FCC ID and Type Acceptance Reference Chart to assure our Wouxun customers the products we sell meet FCC requirements. Since we are also an authorized US dealer for TYT, we decided to create one for TYT radios as well.

    The following chart lists the TYT radios on our web site with FCC IDs and FCC type acceptance.

    TYT Radio FCC ID and Type Acceptance Chart
    ModelRadio TypeFCC IDFCC StandardApproved Frequency Range
    MD-380 (UHF)CommercialPODMD-380Part 90400-480MHz RX/TX
    MD-380 (VHF)CommercialPODMD-380​VPart 90136-174MHz RX/TX
    MD-390 (UHF)CommercialPODMD-38Part 90400-480MHz RX/TX
    MD-390 (VHF)CommercialPODMD-380​VPart 90136-174MHz RX/TX
    MD-UV380CommercialPOD-MDUV380Part 90/22136-174/406.1-480MHz RX/TX
    MD-2017CommercialPOD-DMR2Part 90/22136-174/406.1-480MHz RX/TX
    MD-9600CommercialPOD-DMR3Part 90136-174/400-480MHz RX/TX
    TH-7800Amateur136-174/400-480MHz TX/RX
    TH-9800AmateurPODTH-9800Part 15B28-29.7/50-54/144-148/420-450MHz RX/TX

    Of course, if you have any questions, please contact us or leave a comment below.

  • Introducing TYT DMR digital radio bundles!

    Not long ago, amateur radio hobbyists traditionally operated in analog mode. Then the digital age arrived, and it opened up a whole new mode of operation for hams. Initially, few amateurs experimented with digital technology. Of course, there was a learning curve, but it was primarily due to cost. Going digital was expensive.

    Then, everything changed. The growing popularity of the DMR standard and the introduction of low priced import DMR radios lowered the barrier to entry. Digital radio on the amateur bands began to thrive. Now, more amateur enthusiasts are going digital, either on the side or all the way.

    Yet for many hams, the world of DMR is still unfamiliar territory, and for some, the migration from analog to digital operation can be a challenge. There are questions. How do I get started in digital radio? What equipment do I need? How much does a basic setup cost? How can I get into DMR at minimal cost?

    Well, just in case you were wondering, we're glad you asked, because we now have the answer:

    DMR Digital Radio Bundles!

    Buy Two Way Radios just created digital radio starter kits exclusively for hams, and at very affordable prices. These bundle kits are made for the ham who wants to go digital but either doesn't know where to begin or simply wants to avoid the hassle of shopping around and just Get On The Air. Two bundles are currently available.

    TYT-MD-9600 Base Station KitTYT MD-9600 DMR Digital Ham Radio Base Station Kit
    The Digital DMR Ham Radio Base Station Kit takes the popular TYT MD-9600 dual bander and turns it into a bona fide digital base station. The complete bundle contains everything needed for desktop operation in your ham shack, including the TYT MD-9600 Dual Band Base/Mobile DMR Radio, a TH-1380 30A Switching Power Supply, a Tram 1185 dual band UHF/VHF mag mount antenna, an MD-9600 programming cable, and software. This bundle was briefly offered as part of a promotion in 2017 and was incredibly popular. Due to popular demand, we decided to make it a permanent bundle and offer it at a substantial discount. Price: $339.99.

    TYT Digital Ham Shack Mega BundleTYT Digital Ham Shack Mega Bundle
    The TYT Digital Ham Shack Mega Bundle is exactly what the name implies. Many hams would like to go all digital, but some have questions about which products to pair. this is the same bundle as the base station kit, but with the addition of an MD-UV380 dual band DMR portable handheld. Simply put, it's basically an instant DMR ham shack kit. The complete Mega bundle includes a TYT MD-9600 Dual Band Base/Mobile DMR Radio, a TYT MD-UV380 Dual Band DMR Digital Handheld Radio, a TYT-TH-1380 30A Switching Power Supply, a Tram 1185 Dual Band Magnet Antenna, programming cables for both radios, and software for each model. As the product description says, "Why settle for half a ham shack when you can go digital all the way? With the TYT Digital Ham Shack Mega Bundle, you can!" it's also a great deal. Price: $449.99

    No doubt both of these kits offer popular ham radios at very good buys. But it's not just about saving money. These are great kits for a new ham who just wants to get started in DMR and for an old ham who wants to upgrade from analog to digital radio and experiment with something new. They are also good, economical way for an amateur radio club to offer DMR training and events to its members, such as digital operations on field days.

    Want to know more about these DMR bundles? Give us a call or leave us a comment below!

  • Get a FREE antenna when you buy a TYT MD-9600!

    Note: This promotion expired July 31, 2018 and is no longer available.

    Free Tram 1185 Antenna With Purchase of a TYT MD-9600 Radio!We're still celebrating our all new Buy Two Way Radios website with another freebie offer, and this one is a real DMR deal. From now until July 31, 2018, Get a FREE antenna when you buy a TYT-MD-9600 Dual Band DMR Digital Mobile Radio!

    The TYT MD-9600 is one of the hottest new DMR radios around, and the firstdual band digital mobile radio on the market. Now it's also a great buy, because For a limited time, you can get a FREE mobile magnet mount antenna with the purchase of a TYT MD-9600!

    The Tram 1185 Amateur Dual-Band Magnet Antenna is our best selling antennas and pairs well with most dual band amateur radios, including the MD-9600. It is tuned for 144-148 and 440-450MHz amateur radio frequencies with 2.5 dBd gain on UHF and Unity gain VHF. It comes with a 3 1/4" magnet mount and a 12 ft premium 95% tinned copper shield RG58 A/U cable with a UHF male (PL-259) connector.

    Tram 1185 Amateur Dual-Band Magnet Antenna sells for $19.99, but for a limited time, this item is included FREE with the purchase of an TYT MD-9600!

    No promo code is necessary. Your free antenna with mag mount will automatically be added to your order at the time of purchase. Remember, this is a limited time offer, and it's only available until July 31, 2018 or until we run out of antennas and/or radios. No rain checks.

  • Baofeng and TYT BOGO Battery offers!

    Note: This promotion expired July 31, 2018 and is no longer available.

    Buy 1 Baofeng battery, get 1 FREE!
    Our Web Site Redesign Promotion Event is not yet over. Here are a couple of Baofeng and TYT BOGO battery offers (Buy One, Get One Free), and you'll only find them at Buy Two Way Radios!

    These BOGO offers are valid through July 31, 2018 or until we run out of batteries, whichever comes first. We only have a limited supply of each, so if you want to stock up on spare battery packs for your radio, the time to do it is now.

  • FREE Baofeng UV-5R with purchase of a TYT MD-2017!

    Note: This promotion expired December 10, 2017 and is no longer available.

    md-2017 and uv-5r.jpg

    For ONE WEEK ONLY, get a FREE Baofeng UV-5R Dual Band UHF/VHF Radio when you buy a TYT MD-2017!

    You read that correctly. For every TYT MD-2017 Dual Band DMR Digital Two Way Radio you purchase during the week of December 4-10, 2017, we'll give you a Baofeng UV-5R radio, FREE!

    The Baofeng UV-5R is one of the most popular dual band analog two way radios on the market, and it's no wonder. The UV-5R is extremely compact, loaded with features and is readily available at a very low cost. It's one of the most universally recognizable radios in the world, used actively by small businesses and ham radio operators who want maximum capabilities at minimal cost.

    This offer is good on a TYT MD-2017 or a TYT MD-2017 with GPS purchased from Buy Two Way Radios. Every MD-2017 you buy gets you a free Baofeng UV-5R. Buy one, get one. Buy ten, get ten. The only limit is the number of radios we have in stock, and we stocked up for this one.

    You don't need to input a promo code, either. It's all automatic. Order your MD-2017 radios and at checkout, you'll get your free UV-5R radios to match, one to one. It's really that simple, and it's a really great deal. Don't miss out on it!

    Note: although we prepared for this promo, supplies of the MD-2017 and Baofeng UV-5R radios are limited. Also, this thing is timed. This free radio offer is valid from December 4 through December 10, 2017 only or while supplies last. When it's done, it's done. No rain checks. If you want in on this deal, you may want to do it now.

  • FREE antenna and power supply with purchase of a TYT MD-9600!

    Note: This promotion expired December 3, 2017 and is no longer available.

    tyt-md-9600-bundle-2017-4.jpgThe TYT MD-9600 is one of the most anticipated and exciting new mobile radios of the year. Now, just for the holidays, it's one of the best digital radio buys of 2017! For a limited time, get a FREE mobile magnet mount antenna and power supply with the purchase of a TYT MD-9600 dual band digital radio!

    We just reduced the price of the MD-9600 for the holidays. Then we added an antenna and a power supply to the package, without raising the price! This is no phony baloney "sale". This is the real deal, and its available from Cyber Monday until December 3, 2017 exclusively from Buy Two Way Radios! .

    This special bundle includes all the important essentials you need to turn your MD-9600 into a fully functional digital DMR base station:

    • The Tram 1185 Amateur Dual-Band Magnet Antenna ($19.99 value)
      The Tram 1185 is one of our most popular antennas and works very well with many different makes and models of dual band amateur radios. It works on 144-148 and 440-450MHz amateur radio frequencies with 2.5 dBd gain on UHF and Unity gain VHF. The 1185 includes a 3 1/4" magnet mount and a 12 ft premium 95% tinned copper shield RG58 A/U cable with a UHF male (PL-259) connector.
    • The TYT TH-1380 30A Switching Power Supply ($79.99 value)
      This TYT brand power supply complements your MD-9600 or any other TYT mobile radio with 13.8V DC output voltage. It offers automatic current limiting within 30A for protection from short-circuits and and includes a built-in backlit single volt/current meter to keep you informed of current power levels. It is adjustable between 9V and 15V.

    Tram 1185 Amateur Dual-Band Magnet Antenna sells for $19.99 and the TYT TH-1380 30A Switching Power Supply is valued at $79.99 The total value of this free bundle is nearly $100!

    No promo code is necessary. Your free antenna with mag mount and power supply will automatically be added to your order at the time of purchase. Remember, this is a limited time offer, and it's only available until December 3, 2017 or until we run out, whichever comes first. No rain checks.

  • TYT MD-9600 Firmware Update Available

    12/5/2017 Update - Updated to link to firmware v4.03.

    8/31/2017 Update - Firmware version 3.29 has been released and the download link was added below. Please download the 3.29 firmware and refer to it anywhere 3.28 is mentioned below. The new version fixes a bug where the display would remain lit after the radio was powered off.

    Some of the TYT MD-9600 owners reported an issue loading channels into their radio using the programming software. The software was reporting that the data was being written successfully, but some or all channels were not accessible on the radio.

    To address this issue, TYT released an updated firmware version (3.28) and an updated version of the programming software (1.18). You can download these updates, along with the firmware loader, at the links below:

    If you need help upgrading your software firmware, save the three files above to a location on your PC and read below for detailed instructions.

    Upgrading the Programming Software
    Upgrading the software is very straightforward. It's the same process as installing most other applications on your PC.

    1. Find the file CPS MD9600 Setup v1.18.exe that you downloaded above.
    2. Double-click (open) the file.
    3. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the updated programming software (v1.18).

    Upgrading the Firmware
    Upgrading the firmware is not quite as straightforward. You will need to power up the radio near a PC, place it in Firmware Upgrade mode, and then run the Firmware Loader application to install the updated firmware on the radio.

    First, let's install the Firmware Loader application:
    1. Find the file FirmwareDownloadV3.04_EN.exe that you downloaded above.
    2. Double-click (open) the file.
    3. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the firmware loader application.
    4. Depending on your Windows version and configuration, you may need to run this installer as an Administrator.

    Now, let's place the MD-9600 in Firmware Upgrade mode and connect it to the PC.
    1. Be sure the radio powers up automatically (without having to press the green power button) when external power is applied to the radio. You can get to this mode by removing external power without first turning off the radio (using the green power button).

    2. With the external power source OFF, hold down both the P1 button AND the round, orange button to the left of P1 at the same time. With both buttons held down, turn the external power source ON. When the display starts flashing, you can release the buttons. This indicates you are in Firmware Upgrade mode.

    3. Connect your MD-9600 to your PC using the programming cable.

    Launch the Firmware Loader application and upgrade the firmware.
    1. Open the Firmware Loader application. The installer should have left an icon on your desktop called UpgradeDownload.

    2. In the window that opens, click the Open file upgrade button in the User program section. In the file selection screen that opens, find the MD9600-REC-D03.28.bin file that you previously downloaded and then click Open.

    3. Confirm the correct file appears in the blank, and then click the Download file of upgrade button to begin the firmware upgrade.

    4. A progress bar will appear across the top of the application as the firmware is installed. Do not disconnect the programming cable until this is finished! Once complete you'll see the message "Download upgrade file successful!"

    5. Once you see the success message, you can click OK and remove external power from the radio. When you power the radio back up it should function as normal. To confirm the firmware version, you can open the following screen on the radio: Menu -> Utilities -> Radio Info -> Versions.

  • TYT MD-9600 Dual Band DMR Digital Mobile Radio unboxing video

    TYT created quite a stir when it introduced the first dual band handheld DMR digital two way radio, the MD-2017. Now the company has taken it up a notch with the first mobile DMR radio with multiple bands. Introducing the TYT MD-9600 Dual Band mobile DMR digital two way radio!

    What does it look like? How is it different? Most notably, how does it sound? In this video, Rick Savoia from Buy Two Way Radios and The Two Way Radio Show Podcast opens the box, turns it on and gives you a first look and listen. Now available for pre-order!

    Want more videos? Browse our video blog and subscribe to our YouTube channel!

  • How to update the TYT MD-2017 to store 100,000 contacts

    TYT-MD-2017-firmware-update.jpgAs many of you may know, I work tirelessly with TYT directly to provide feedback to them (both my own and that of the end user) to enhance their products. I can honestly say it is an around-the-clock job. I spend many hours outside of normal day working with TYT to make their products the best in the Chinese market. I was the one who had them re-work the programming software for the MD-2017 and MD-9600 so they could be used with your pre-existing code plugs. This has been a game changer as far as I am concerned. So, let me jump off my soap box now...

    When the MD-2017 was released, my biggest concern was the lack of storage in the radio for contacts. For most folks, 10,000 contacts is more than enough; however, I am a firm believer in the old saying that bigger is better.

    From my feedback, TYT recently released a firmware upgrade for the MD-2017 to allow up to 100,000 contacts! However, in order to accomplish this, the recorder option had to go away. I was not a fan of the recorder anyhow. It was a neat concept on paper, but a useless function on the radio- kind of like a flashlight or a wrist strap.

    Want to add up to 100,000 contacts into your TYT MD-2017 dual band DMR digital radio? Here's how to do it.

    What you need:

    Note: Microsoft Excel is currently required to be installed on the PC for the import of contacts to work.

    Step 1: Save the correct firmware version to your desktop. In the case of the early release radios, it is V3.33 bin (non GPS)

    Step 2: Double click on the "FirmwareDownloadV3.04_EN.exe" link

    Step 3: Under the "User Program" section, click on "Open file upgrade". This is where you will find the file you saved to your desktop.

    Step 4: Plug the programming cable in to your radio and the USB in to your computer. With the radio powered off, hold down the PTT and orange button and power the radio on. The screen will remain black but the LED light on top will flash red and green. You are now in firmware update mode.

    Step 5: Write the firmware to the radio. To do this, click on the "Download file of upgrade" button. Your radio will now begin to receive the updated firmware. Once the download is complete, power the radio off and unplug the cable from the radio.

    Step 6: Open the V1.17 software and plug the cable back into the radio. If you have a current code plug, the contacts that are in that will remain. This is important for your talkgroups.

    Step 7: Click on the "Program" dropdown and select "Write contacts". A box will open with available buttons "Read, Write, Export, Import, and Cancel".

    Step 8: If you already have a list, you will want to click the "Import" button. After you do this, select the list and import it to the software. The only notification you will get is if it was successful or not. You will not see these in your regular contact list.

    Step 9: Once you get the notification that the import was successful, you will now want to power the radio on and hit the "Write button". The process will now begin. Upload times depend on the number of contacts. With the 64,000+ contacts I uploaded, it took about 5 minutes. Be patient and do not power the radio off!

    Step 10: Once the download is complete, power the radio off and then back on again. Next is the most important step: You will need to go into your menu for the radio, click > utilities > radio settings > ContactsCSV, and turn it on.

    Now your radio should be good to go! I think there are a few little things I would like for TYT to fix, but for the most part this is pretty awesome!! I like the display on it. It has the look of a pretty well-known firmware hack from the MD-380 days.

    I installed this on my MD-2017 a few weeks ago and have been using it ever since. I also released my csv file containing over 64,000 contacts.

    As always, my sales staff and I appreciate each and every one of our customers. We will continue to support you and the products we sell!

    Anthony R.
    Sales Manager

  • TYT Correcting Production Problems with MD-2017 Programming Cable

    With our first batch of TYT MD-2017 radios, we had a few customers call complaining of issues programming the radio. After some back and forth, we identified the issue as being a poor solder within the radio connector on the programming cable. Customers with this issue were not able read their radios from the programming software.

    TYT has confirmed the issue, and are immediately working to correct the problem. We are told that all of our future shipments will have the updated cable, so if you order a radio or a cable from this point forward you won't have to worry about this issue.

    This issue affected a very small number of customers (less than 3%), so we appreciate TYT's willingness to make the fix a priority.

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