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Monthly Archives: March 2009

  • The New Motorola MJ270R Two Way Radio Has Arrived!

    Just letting all of you know, we now have the new Motorola MJ270R Two Way Radios in stock.

    The Motorola MJ270R is compatible with all FRS/GMRS radios. It supports 22 channels and 121 privacy codes per channel with up to 27 miles of range in ideal conditions (up to 1.8 miles in urban conditions). Support for NOAA weather channels and iVOX hands-free use are also included.

    Go check it out, it is loaded with features and we are selling it for $59.99!

  • A Radio for my Boat, Part 3

    What kind of marine radio should I get? Let's face it, there are a lot of choices available. We hope you at least now know that just one radio may not cover every situation, but should you just have two hand held marine radios?

    For many of you, hand held marine radios are the perfect solution. You do not go far from shore, or stay out very long. You may even want a set of GMRS radios as well for shore use. However, for many of you a more powerful radio is the way to go.

    Not only can you mount one of our marine transceivers so it is easy to find, and well, not sliding all around, they also have some great features. With selectable output (1-25 watts) they give greater flexibility and range than most handheld sets. You also connect them to an external antenna which gives you a lot more range than any hand held radio can provide (dependent on the quality of the antenna of course).

    Add to this the features now available in modern VHF marine radios such as NOAA alerts, channel scan, and dual channel watch, all combined in a rugged, compact design that meets JIS7 waterproof standards. So go and give a look at our Cobra Marine MR-F55, or Cobra Marine MR-F80B radios and contact us with any questions you may have.

  • A Radio for my Boat, Part 2

    In our last post we talked about some options for boaters who enjoy small rivers and lakes, well this time it is for those that are out in the open water. We have a nice selection of marine radios here on our site, but how many radios do you need on a boat?

    Most of you think that all you need is perhaps a nice hand held VHF two way radio or fixed transceiver. Often this is all you need to basic communication, especially when you are not going far from shore.

    However, have you thought about a radio for your ditch bag? You do have a ditch bag correct? If the answer is "no" or "what is that?" you really may want to learn more about one. Essentially a ditch bag, or overboard bag, is an emergency kit you take with you in a worse case situations such as abandoning ship. It should contain some basic survival equipment and should be a waterproof bag or container. (For more information on what you should have in your ditch bag, there are a lot of online resources that can help.)

    One of the most important items you can have is a VHF hand held two way radio. Most marine radios are water resistant, but you should also have the radio in its own waterproof bag or container. Being able to send out a radio message to recue searchers in an overboard situation is lifesaving. In an emergency you may not have time to search for a radio (or you have one that is installed), much less gather all the survival gear you may need. A well prepared emergency ditch bag, that is easy to get to, should be one of the most important safety items on your boat.

  • Vertex Intrinsically Safe Radios

    While working on an upcoming post about Vertex Standard radios, we thought a look at our current line of Vertex products was also needed. The first radio I want to talk about is the Intrinsically Safe Vertex VX-427 model.

    There are few radios that are rated as Intrinsically Safe for use in potentially hazardous environments. The VX-427 meets the requirement set forth in ANSI/UL 913 6th Edition for Class 1, Division 1, Groups A-D; Class II, Groups E-G; and Class III for hazardous locations. Ok, what does that mean?

    Some two way radios can create electrical and thermal energy that can potentially ignite flammable gasses or pose a risk in a combustible environment. The VX-427 is meticulous built to ensure that the electrical and thermal energy of the radio is low enough that ignition in a hazardous atmosphere cannot occur. It even has a special Intrinsically Safe 7.2 V 1100mAh Nickel-Cadmium battery.

    In addition to being rated Intrinsically Safe, the VX-427 is also loaded with great features. The radio has 5 watts of transmit power, support for 16 channels, 6 programmable function keys, and an 8 character LCD screen. Combine these features with Vertex's rugged and reliable designs, and you have one great commercial radio.

  • A Radio for my Boat, Part 1

    Now that spring is here, it is time to talk about radios for your boats. Our current line of VHF Marine Radios is great for the majority of boaters, and we are planning a few articles about them right now.

    Today though, we are going to look at a slightly different segment of boaters. The ones that may not realize they could utilize two way radios, thought they had to use VHF radios only, or have special equipment.

    There are a lot of avid boaters out there with houseboats, pontoon boats, fishing boats, and personal watercraft. Most of these are used in small lakes and rivers and seldom taken far from a base camp or boat landing. Well then, why not use an FRS or GMRS radio? That way you can use them on shore at the camp site, boat landing, etc... where you cannot legally use a marine radio. Also, anyone can use an FRS radio, and family members are included in the GMRS license.

    For a houseboat, two way radios are a great addition. When family and friends want to use some of the personal watercraft you brought along, two way radios will enable them to stay in contact with the houseboat and each other. This would also be great for those on overnight campouts on shore to stay in contact with those on the boat.

    Do you like to take your fishing boat with you when you go camping? Two GMRS radios will provide extra convenience and a lot more security when you are able to communicate with others back at the camp.

    With the NOAA weather alert ability of some radios, you can also be warned of any sudden changes in the weather.

    Are you in a small marina, or a houseboat community? A repeater and a few GMRS radios may be a perfect addition. This would give you extended communication range, and provide a simple safety feature for everyone that cell phones may not provide.

    In no way should you substitute a couple of FRS or GMRS radios for a true marine radio for most uses. They do not have the range or features needed. However, for a weekend boater on a small lake, they may be a good option. A two way radio that can also be legally used on shore is an attractive addition.

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