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The FCC Wants to Change GMRS Licensing, GMRS Repeater Usage, and More!

I am sure many of you by now have heard or read that the FCC wants to change current rules in regards to GRMS radios, GMRS repeaters, CB Radios, and several other consumer oriented communication products. Here at Buy Two Way Radios we are currently going over the proposed changes (in detail), and next week we will have a lot to talk about here on our two way radio website and our two way radio forum.

Some of the changes include limiting hand held GMRS radios to two watts, perhaps disallowing GMRS repeater usage, and additional power limits on base station and mobile units. There is a lot more than just this, so we will be going into more specifics next week.

Many of the proposed modifications could have very important ramifications for some GMRS users. If you own or use a GMRS repeater, you need to read the changes. The FCC is open to comments on the subject, so we highly recommend that all of you do some reading and let them know what you think.

Until then, feel free to discuss the proposed FCC GMRS radio and GMRS repeater changes on our forum.

One thought on “The FCC Wants to Change GMRS Licensing, GMRS Repeater Usage, and More!”

  • Matt Armold

    I have been a licensed GMRS Operator since 2005. I have heard no negative and have had no issues with the way GMRS has operated. I switched to GMRS from the CB band, because my children were being exposed to sex, violence, and horrible language. Let's clean up a frequency band that needs it, instead of one that isn't broken.


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