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Baofeng UV-5R Amateur Radio Unboxing

Want a first hand look at the Baofeng UV-5R dual band ham radio right out of the box? Here it is! Danny Feemster of Buy Two Way Radios takes you through a complete unboxing experience, complete with a feature overview of this very affordable and amazingly versatile handheld amateur transceiver that has become extremely popular with old and new ham radio operators alike.

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2 thoughts on “Baofeng UV-5R Amateur Radio Unboxing”

  • Rick

    Why go to all that trouble when you can purchase it online and have it delivered? Even with the costs of shipping to Brazil, it should still be a lot cheaper than the cost of a plane ticket to New York.

  • gustavo

    where can I buy one of these in New York City? my friend is going there, and I asked him to buy one of those for me. But he has no idea where to buy! thank you


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