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Wouxun KG-UV8D Dual Band Radio Specifications

UPDATE (3/11/2014): The Wouxun KG-UV8D is now available for pre-order.

We've received quite a few questions since announcing the Wouxun KG-UV8D earlier this week. It seems that this upcoming radio is generating quite a buzz!

A couple of more details came in earlier today and I thought I would share:

  • I can confirm that the KG-UV8D will sell for $139.99 at launch. We will begin accepting pre-orders sometime next week.
  • While a 220 MHz version of this radio will eventually be available, it will not be available at launch. The 2m/70cm version is the only one that will be available at launch.
  • We also have the following flyer and spec sheet to share (click the image for a larger version):

    KG-UV8D Flyer

    KG-UV8D Specifications


Interesting to know about the features of this Walkie Walkie. How would you rate this when compared to the Motorolla Walkie Talkie Pro 5350?

Does it compare in terms of durability, keeping in mind the the tough conditions the construction workers work on.

The Motorola 5350 and KG-UV8D are two completely different types of radios. The KG-UV8D operates on 2m and 70cm bands while the 5350 is single band and operates on 800MHz As for durability, we will find out how rugged they are when the radios arrive.

Is there a estimated shipping time frame?

Also another question. Is is transmit/receive locked to the amatuer bands or is this a unlocked version to work on public service bands? 2nd question is this radio going to have part 90 certifications? I have not located any data or FCC I.D. on this radio on the FCC database.

Some of your spec sheets show the Wouxun has 999 memory channels, yet your typed text shows 199. Which is correct?

Todd, the estimated ship date is mid-April 2014.

Wouxun offers unlocked versions of their other models and we do carry them, so I am confident an unlocked version of the KG-UV8D will be available as well. If so, we plan to carry it. As stated in our original announcement, the KG-UV8D is Part 90 type accepted.

Craig, the KG-UV8D is an update of the KG-UV6D, which has 199 channels, so our understanding at this time is that the new radio also has 199 channels. These spec sheets were prepared by Wouxun and were posted verbatim. We are aware of the discrepancy, however, when we receive our demo units we will be able to confirm which specifications are correct. On a more humorous note, I noticed the word "memory" is also misspelled on the spec sheet.


Thanks for the heads up. At least Wouxun is not as bad as TYT, their mobile radios have 200 "momery" channels listed right on the box. I guess it was designed for a truly multi-tasking woman.

Any information on scan? Will the user be able to enable or disable a channel out of the scan on the radio itself? Hopefully Wouxun doesn't follow suite of their past radios of only software scan editing and better scan speed.

Um...down to +/- 10 days to "ship" date and we don't even have an actual photo of the real deal? Still no FCC ID's issued? Even a packing slip from Ghongzou would werk =-

I was reading the pre order page, and it said $139 and I was going to pre order, then I refreshed the page and it jumped up to $159 ? Whats up with the price change?

Hi Nicholas,

Unfortunately, Wouxun required that we raise the price on the KG-UV8D this weekend. As an authorized Wouxun dealer, we complied. To be clear, this was all Wouxun, not us.

If you have any concerns or need assistance with the pricing, please give us a call at 1-800-584-1445 and we will do our best to help.

Will the Wouxun transmit on Wideband like my UV3D...
I can transmit and receive on both bands on Wide Band...That is my main concern if that the Radio will operate, Transmit and receive in Wide Band mode???

If you are going to use this as a "wide-band" radio, DO NOT transmit on it, unless you are on an amateur radio frequency.
FCC has been levying heavy fines for using wide band radios on commercial frequencies.
Just a warning for those who don't know any better.

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