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Announcing the Tytera MD-9600 DMR Digital Mobile Radio!


Tytera-MD-9600.jpgTytera shook the world of digital radio in 2015 with the introduction of the MD-380, a portable handheld capable of both DMR and analog operation at an analog radio price.

Digital radios were outrageously expensive, and were priced out of the hands of many.
Then the MD-380 came along. It changed everything. For the first time, DMR was truly available to the masses, so to speak. Amateur radio operators on a Baofeng budget could experiment within the digital realm without spending hundreds of dollars on digital equipment, and because the UHF version was Part 90 type accepted for commercial use, small businesses could afford to keep up with their competitors and migrate to digital without the exhorbitant cost. The MD-380 was a game changer, and turned Tytera into a respected brand in the DMR marketplace almost overnight.

Now they are about to do it again. Get ready for the Tytera TYT MD-9600 Digital Mobile Radio!

Yes, that's right, the long-awaited announcement is here. Tytera has introduced a new mobile two way radio capable of operation in both digital and analog modes.

According to Tytera, the MD-9600 operates on 400-480MHz frequencies at up to 45 watts (UHF model) or 136-174MHz VHF at up to 50 watts (VHF model). As a DMR radio, It uses Time Division Multiple Access(TDMA) technology and is compatible with MotoTRBO Tier I and II.

The TYT MD 9600 boasts 1000 channels and 250 zones with 16 channels for each zone. Features include Private Call, Group Call, All Call, a lone worker mode, ANI function, encryption, short text messages, CTCSS/DCS encode and decode, power save mode, low power alarm, an emergency alarm and VOX capability. The console features a color LCD display and four programmable function keys. The hand mic also has four programmable keys, in addition to the two built-in LEDs and full DTMF keypad.

The MD-9600 is also quite versatile. it's not only PC programmable, it's firmware upgradeable as well, a flexibility most other portable and mobile transceivers lack.

The expected release date is sometime in 2016. No price point has yet been set or announced, but as soon as we have pricing, the MD-9600 will be available for pre-order at Buy Two Way Radios. For more specs, download the Tytera MD-9600 product sheet.


Here comes the Bao Bashers!

It says same day shipping but doesn't give a price.

needs to have 32ch. per zone!!!!

Does it have a removable head and seperation kit?

It clearly says same day shipping at the top of the page!

Interesting the spec sheet says Monitor function, I wonder if that is a monitor function as in it will monitor all talkgroups etc?


Looks pretty awesome. Looks sort of similar to some Motorola units I used in my last ambulance job though. Over all I like the look and hope to see more on it.

Any updated delivery date for this product?

Buy yourself a Motorola 5550, then you can put all your channels in one zone, and not sound awful at the same time!

I'm excited and looking forward to the release of the MD9600. I currently own two MD-380's and they have worked fairly well. If anything the MD380 is one of the best handhelds I've ever used for cross-band repeat operations. However, I hope with the MD9600 it will be possible to experiment with new firmware and maybe allow more digital modes to be used.

I hope that microphone isn't as poor of quality as it looks.

It would be nice if you set up some kind of mailing list to let us know when it actually becomes available. Thanks

Do you know how many contacts it holds, the MD-380 is a great radio but it is limited to 1000 contacts,
I hope they have added more to this one.

Do you have a release date as yet??

What would you expect? They (china) pawn this crap off on the U.S. with no legit warranty and suck our dollars for junk that fails in 1 or 2 years!! I'll stick with the big M and not waste my money. ;)

At the MD-380 price range, I consider it as a "consumable", hence disposable after a year or two. My Hytera PD782 is higher priced, higher quality and better supported and so are the Motorola products.

The good thing about these "cheap radios" is that it has introduced many new hams to the DMR world.

The The down side is that it has brought a lot of new users who struggle to understand the CPS. Add to this questionable quality (your MD-380 will be great or lousy... no in-between)

After all and at least up to now, the CPS packages are designed to be used by trained distributors. Not very convivial for non-techies... and we see the results on the air. Most discussions are "Do you have a code plug for me" LOL

The spec sheet lists frequency ranges for both the VHF & UHF bands, but it doesn't specifically say dual band anywhere. Will this radio have both VHF & UHF in one radio, or will it be a radio that comes in a VHF UHF version?

Microphone is the same as the TYT9800. It is a not heavy microphone but works fine. Had good radioreports with the two 9800 I use. Nice that TYT is working on DMR!

Does this radio have TX audio AGC? Why is this not mentioned? This is by far, the most important feature in digital audio. No one wants to hear a distorted, hot, digital audio codec splattering all over the place. If it does not have AGC (firmware feature) then this radio, like it's portable counterparts, is junk.

when will md9600 be available?

Any word when the 9600 will be available

i just order a mdr9600 and i would like to add the following to my order
1 12 volts power cord and 1 only mag mount nmo and 1 mobile uhf antenna 1 service manual thank you ronald piche

It's a single band

anyone who is bashing the md-380 is just jealous because we can talk to the same people that the high end Motorola users can--Ive heard so many md-380s on the air and they all sound just as good as ANYTHING else out there and they have taken over the DMR world!!!!

Does it have a removable head? If not I will not be getting one. I will get another CS800.

Will the encryption in this unit be compatible with the TYT MD380?

This radio available yet its October

Has a new release date been announced. Are we waiting for the FCC Type Certification?

Any word on the availability date, and is there any chance this will be a dual band DMR rig? Check the linked photo, UHF and VHF both on the display, plus there's a 'Band' button on the front panel.

I am using a $130 TYT MD-380 now, I also have a $700 Motorola, on the air nobody can tell the diffence.

Any word on this mobile radio being available yet?

Still not available...what a let down! Love my md-390, and those Motorola guys can't tell the difference! Don't hate!

It would be nice if the dealer would tell us IF this radio is ever going to be available, and if it is, what is holding it up. Is it waiting on FCC approval? Is it waiting on programming software, or is there some other problem with it? At this rate, the radio will be obsolete, before we get our hands on it.

Thanks for the information Rick. We at least now know a little of what is going on with this radio.

Like many others, I'm anxiously awaiting the release of this radio. Setting a target release date for a radio that's still in the design phase is tricky business. I work in radio design and I fully understand the frustration of doing your best to iron out all known bugs rather than prematurely pushing the product out the door and having to deal with the fallout later. Rest assured, just as you would like to get your hands on a TYT-9600, the company would like to start selling the product ASAP. Good things come to those who wait !

Almost June 2017 and still not out!

It would be great if TYT commented on its release of the TYT DM9600, or is this going to be a white elephant of a radio, quite annoying that it has been so long from its initial advertised release

From another dealer, I understand that there will be three models of this radio. There will be a UHF and a VHF single band, dual mode (Analog/DMR). There will also be a dual band (2 meter/70 cm) dual mode (Analog/DMR) available.

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