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The Vertex Standard EVX-261 is now available

EVX-261-1.jpgIf your business or organization is waiting for the right moment to migrate from analog to digital, your moment may have arrived. Vertex Standard just launched the new EVX-261 DMR digital portable two way radio, and it is certainly one handheld to consider.

Touted by the manufacturer as the "perfect entry radio", the EVX-261 is the latest offering in Vertex Standard's eVerge Series, a line of digital radios designed to make the digital/analog mix more affordable without sacrificing basic features or quality.

The EVX-261 seems to meet those parameters. Of course, the audio quality is great, which is something of a given, since this is primarily a digital radio, and crystal clear voice reception is a natural part of the digital experience to begin with. Other functions such as All Call, Group Call and Individual Call have also become a standard on digital two way radios, as are basic privacy and security features.

Even its analog capabilities are somewhat expected. Most DMR radios on the market today are capable of both digital and analog operation, and many can operate in a mixed mode. The EVX-261 is no exception. It includes analog features supported by many other business radios in its class, including 2-tone and 5-tone encode/decode, DTMF, MDC1200® ANI encode, and CTCSS/DCS capability, so if you have a mixed fleet of digital and analog radios in your operation, the EVX-261 will fit right in.

In addition, the EVX-261 features a Transmit Interrupt, allowing the user to circumvent or interrupt a transmission in progress to receive a message of a higher priority. It also operates in Direct Mode, allowing you to double call capacity by using a single frequency for two paths of communication.

These are all good features, to be sure, and as digital radios go, the EVX-261 does meet general expectations. Yet there is something about this radio that makes it worth serious consideration, and it's not just the price.

What sets this radio apart from other entry level business digital DMR radios on the market is the battery system. That's right, the battery system.

The Vertex Standard Universal Battery System, also known as the UNI battery, is a standardized battery and charger system for Vertex Standard radios. Introduced in 2014, the UNI system allows the same battery and charger to be used with any series and model of Vertex Standard business radio, providing cross-compatibility with power options across the entire line.

In other words, if you have an existing fleet of analog Vertex Standard two way radios equipped with UNI batteries and chargers, and you add an EVX-261 to the mix, you won't need to add a different set of power accessories to accommodate it. The EVX-261 will fit right in. How many other two way radios, digital or analog, can do the same thing?

Considering this, the EVX-261 may be a good deal after all. Compatibility with DMR, MOTOTRBO, and other analog business radios aside, as well as the features and functionality of many other business radios in its tier, The EVX-261 holds its own as expected. When factoring in cross-compatibility with accessories, especially power options, the Vertex Standard EVX-261 may very well have the edge.

It's certainly something to consider.

For full specifications, download the Vertex Standard EVX-261 product sheet.

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