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New software converts MD-380 codeplug for TYT MD-2017

MD-2017 software-88.jpg

The TYT MD-2017 is one of the most eagerly awaited new radios of the year in the DMR community, and with good reason. It isn't just another digital radio. It's a dual band portable handheld DMR transceiver, the first of its kind.

Many hams using DMR who are fans of the popular single band TYT MD-380 are already planning to upgrade to the new dual band model. TYT manufactures both radios, so it's only natural to wonder if a code plug for the MD-380 will also work in the MD-2017, and if not, if there is a way to convert an existing MD-380 codeplug into one the MD-2017 can use.

We wondered about this as well. Sales Manager Anthony Roque from Buy Two Way Radios and the Two Way Radio Show Podcast, a ham who is active on DMR, has been working very hard with TYT for a long time now to design the MD-2017 programming software with the ability to allow our customers to take their codeplug from their MD-380 and use it in the MD-2017.

FINALLY, it is done. We just received the software this morning and Anthony is currently testing it with his radios. His initial assessment? According to Anthony, "So far so good ...as of right now it can be done." Of course, he will continue testing it throughout the day for bugs, but so far, it seems to be working. If all goes well, we plan to release it this afternoon at Buy Two Way Radios and update this article with a link to the download.

Update: The TYT MD-2017 software is now available!

There is one caveat. The software allows the MD-380 codeplug to work in the MD-2017. However, once the codeplug is uploaded to the MD-2017, it cannot be exported from the 2017 and loaded back into the MD-380.

TYT also released a new firmware update for the MD-2017 to accommodate the code plug conversion and fix a few bugs. The new firmware resolves the following:

  • Resolved an audio issue in repeater mode, when the same frequency is on both A and B sides and one is on time slot 1 and the other is on time slot 2
  • Under the Zone setting, the same channel can now be assigned for both A and B sides
  • The MD-2017 can open and use the data from the MD-380
  • In Digital Mode, the Monitor function can monitor the conversations in different group and single calls

TYT assured us the new firmware would be included with the radio when it arrives. We expect to receive the MD-2017 in our warehouse within the next two weeks.

Buy Two Way Radios is an authorized dealer for TYT in the USA.

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30 thoughts on “New software converts MD-380 codeplug for TYT MD-2017”

  • Mitko

    Please tell me how to solve the hideous squelch problem at TYT MD 2017?
    A repeater that is 30km away from me, as well as a repeater that is 4km away from me when broadcasting, TYT MD 2017 cannot receive normally, I have to constantly switch the trackball between two channels to stop the flashing and crackling of the radio and to loosen the squelch. This phenomenon is very common. I have a couple of radio stations and they all accept fine.
    I'm very sorry I bought a radio from TYT!
    I will definitely never make such a mistake again. If even TYT ever produces the best radio in the world, and I am convinced of its exceptional qualities, even if they give it to me as a gift, I will refuse without hesitation.

  • Adam

    I would lie to know where I can download the software that will allow mw to convert a md380 codeplug to work on my md2017??


  • Robert T

    So if I have CPS 1.22 can I still read my MD380 into MD2017. I get wrong Model error.

    Do I have to downgrade to 1.16 or is there another process?



  • Rick

    Hi Jeff, TYT currently only has a windows based version of the software.

  • Jeff

    Will the programming software and USB driver files support iOS?

  • Jae

    So I just downloaded the 1.16 version of the software, hooked up my 380 went to read it, and it said "Model wrong".

  • Jim

    I want to update comments. The new CPS and firmware are functioning fine, and some radio operators may lack the skills to program for a DMR radio. I had a friend who is more experienced do all the updating and he had zero problems once he figured out the CPS requirements. He has now bought this radio as well.

  • Eric

    I purchased a TYT MD-2017 from you and (like a previous comment) I also cannot get the software to run (V1.16). My Webroot Anti-virus software stops it from loading because a file called "W32.Infostealer.OnlineGames.Gen" is apparently embedded in the executable file. Research indicates this is a 'Trojan virus" that captures login information for potential hackers. I tried loading the programing software (V1.16) from other sites and could not find one that wasn't trying to 'infect' my computer. Malwarebytes supposedly can remove this 'spyware' if you already have it on your system. If anyone finds the programing software somewhere that is not 'infected', I'd appreciate the link.

  • James Winchester
    James Winchester July 25, 2017 at 10:03 am

    Rick, I have installed CPS 1.17 and the radio came with the latest firmware, .033. I cannot get the MD390 code plug to upload due to the radio model available for upload is only the 2017. This is a huge codeplug and uploading it is the only practical way to get my codeplug. Help.

  • Dano

    Got my MD-2017 none GPS unit up and running today. NOT impressed! Using software 1.17 latest and latest firmware found all kinds of issues!
    Most screens in software allow import / export only (SOME) of theirs work! Next save your work every 5 minutes or less!!!! the 1.17 crashes when you go to program like clock work I'm in English and I get a Chinese crash screen. Next lets talk about TEXTING yes texting the software says TEXT message settings (BUT) it really sends out TMS messages NOT text messages like the big boys. Then the support department is really slow to respond if your lucky to get any. I asked about upgrading to the GPS firmware saw a blerb saying its just a firmware update got a what model it was in the email and what country and I'm still waiting for them to get back.. That's just my two cents Ive talked to MD-390 owners I should of bought one vhf one uhf for a few dollars more P.S. not happy with battery performance either.

  • Troy B

    Yes just had the same issue: Hold orange buttom and ptt down while turning radio on. Reload firmware. I loaded the Non-GPS firware and it works fine. Try that..

  • Steve

    Hmm. Got a MD-2017 w/GPS. I tried to load the new s3.33.bin file. It completes, but the radio does not reset on its own.
    I turn it off and when I turned it back on... "chaos" as the TYT instructions describe it.
    I can read/write the radio data. It shows the "right" firmware -- I just can't read the display. :(
    Set a new record -- 12 minutes from opening the box to having an non-functioning radio. :) :)
    Anybody seen this?

  • Joe Callahan

    I downloaded and installed the SW and attempted to read from the radio before I wrote to it. About 60% of the way through the read process it stopped with a "read data fail error". Any suggestions?

  • bob

    Hi I just got my MD2017 and am having problems with the software. I have 2 md380's that work great. I loaded 1 of the codeplugs from my computer into the 2017 software from the cd I have with the radio v1.16
    and loaded it into the 2017. when I put it on a ch that is active nothing is coming in on the 2017 and it will not key up a repeater. the same codeplug is in both radios. any ideas what I am doing wrong?

  • Rick

    Hi Dan, we scanned and checked the software before uploading it to our site as a routine precaution and did not find any indication of malware. The file is a popular download and we have heard no other reports of malware. It is possible Webroot flagged it as a false positive. However, we appreciate your feedback and will continue to monitor it for possible issues.

  • Dan

    Hello: I received my MD-2017 radio this evening and proceeded to download the software with the link above. Post-install, my Webroot antivirus app flagged one of the installed files (cps-dmr.exe) with a hidden exploit "W32.Infostealer.OnlineGames.Gen"; another with W32.Downloader.Gen. Did your testing make these findings as well?

  • David G

    I have loaded the software for the MD-2017 and I get a dfu mode error when trying to connect via the cable supplied. Any ideas how to work around this???? Not good with out it.

  • Rick

    TYT has not yet released a GPS version of the MD-2017.

  • Robert Taylor
    Robert Taylor June 25, 2017 at 5:15 pm

    did you assign a button to turn scan on as with the md-390?

  • Gene D Kaiser
    Gene D Kaiser June 24, 2017 at 7:57 pm

    Does this use the same battery/ charger as the MD390GPS?


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