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Monthly Archives: October 2009

  • Your Turn With the FCC!

    Everyone involved with two way radios has their own unique relationship with the FCC. Very simple rulings can have a cascading impact on the radios that are designed and sold, and how people use them. There is a lot of debate out there about licensing, GMRS, and even the future of digital radio communications.

    There are a lot of areas that have different effects on all of us. To keep this straight, the FCC not so long ago, promised to be more open and transparent. Well, it would seem for now they are keeping this promise. As detailed in this article, the FCC has a new search engine for researching filings and also for sending them your own comments about a proceeding. You can even set up an RSS feed.

    This is a very small step though. The FCC has a lot of things to address in the world of two way radios. Making their website into a more useful tool is a move in the right direction.

  • New Icom Two Way Radios, the F3011 and F4011!

    We have two new radios now in stock at Buy Two Way Radios. The Icom F3011 and F4011 are brand new radios with some great features and a great price! Icom has made an affordable, very easy to use, 16 channel radio. These are perfect for a wide variety of businesses: warehouses, restaurants, hotels, construction, amusement parks, grounds keeping, schools. Ok, anywhere that could use reliable, tough radios that are also simple to operate.

    The Icom IC-F3011-41-RC two way radio is a 5 watt 136-174 MHz VHF radio that is milspec and has 16 channels. The Icom IC-F4011-41-RC two way radio is a 4 watt 400-470 MHz UHF radio and is also milspec with 16 channels. They are also repeater capable, and come with everything you need in one box, including a long-lasting Li-ion battery and charger.

    You noticed the 16 channel feature, right? Most radios in this price range tend to have 2 or 4 channels. While this is plenty of channels for many businesses, often construction teams, event staff, and other location independent workers, have to be a bit more flexible in case they need to work where a lot of frequencies are in use. Easy to operate, they require little training, and they are designed to take a lot of abuse.

    By keeping all of the quality and toughness found in the rest of the Icom radios, adding 16 channels, and keeping them easy to use for a very low price, Icom is offering one of the best budget commercial quality radios available.

    We have them here on our shelves waiting to ship out. Both radios are $169.95 each, and we might even have a few Icom radio accessories available as well.

  • A Basic CB Radio

    Sometimes you just do need the top of the line item, you just need a reliable tool for a simple job. The Cobra 19DX IV CB Radio is a good, basic CB radio that is just that. It does not have all of the features of the Cobra 148 GTL SSB CB Radio, but is a very affordable, quality CB.

    If you drive a lot, or have always been interested in CB radios, you may want to check the 19DX out.

    The 19DX IV CB is great for use as an entry-level CB, or for a second CB for emergencies. It is also compact, and very easy to use. We have them in stock and ready to ship for $44.95. Compact size, compact price!

    Also, with the holidays rapidly headed our way, these are great gifts! Check back soon for more holiday gift ideas here at Buy Two Way Radios.

  • Kenwood ProTalk TK3300 and TK2300 Business Radios are Here!

    We just received some new business walkie talkies here at Buy Two Way Radios. The new Kenwood TK3300 and TK2300 ProTalk radios. These are great, versatile, and reliable business radios. Based off of previous two way radios in Kenwood's popular ProTalk series. These radios are a further refinement to what are already some very affordable and tough radios.

    The TK3300 are UHF radios with 2 watts of power. The radio relatively light and compact, while still being water and dust resistant and mil spec tough. It features wireless cloning, channel scan, key lock, and call alerts. The TK3300 is ideal for everything from restaurants, to a construction site. We now have the 4 channel Kenwood TK3300U4P ($179.95) and the 16 channel Kenwood TK3300U16P ($189.95) ready to ship!

    The TK2300 are VHF radios with 2 watts of power. Like the 3300 it is also relatively light and compact, while still being water and dust resistant and mil spec tough. It features wireless cloning, channel scan, key lock, and call alerts. The 2300 is great for use outdoors at large construction sites, for event staff, or grounds keepers / maintenance personel. We now have the 4 channel Kenwood TK2300V4P ($169.95) and the 16 channel Kenwood TK2300V16P ($179.95) ready to ship!

    To learn more about these radios just give us a call or leave a message on our walkie talkie forums.

  • GPS Tracking Using Icom SimpleTrack AVL

    We really like Icom here at Buy Two Way Radios. Their radios are tough, reliable, and they have models for every type of business. They also have a lot of accessories, and several products and features that are not offered by a lot of other brands. One of the new products Icom has is the SimpleTrack AVL using Icom's EMDC signaling system.

    SimpleTrack AVL uses a card that plugs into a F121/F121S/F521/F621 radio. Attached to the plug is a GPS antenna. Once connected, you can then set up a system with a base station to "poll" all of the radios that have the card and receive their coordinates. You can then track them on a PC (connected to a base station) using many of the popular third party mapping applications available (OziFleet, RASTRAC).

    This means you will be able to track the location of any radio that is connected in real time. The SimpleTrack AVL system is great for companies with fleets of radio equipped vehicles, such as law enforcement, emergency services, construction teams, HVAC repair companies, city workers, utility crews, etc...

    If you would like to know more about SimpleTrack, just give us a call. We can get you everything you will need, and help set it up for you, including installing the cards in the radios. At Buy Two Way Radios, we carry a lot more items than you see available on our website, and we have yet to encounter something a customer needs that we can not get! From repeaters, to digital systems, to all-purpose walkie talkies, we are here to help you solve your personal and business communication problems.

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