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Want a CB Radio Loaded with Features?

If you are looking for a CB radio loaded with features, you might want to give the Galaxy DX 959 SSB CB Radio a look. The DX 959 is designed for professional use and is popular with truckers for having high quality and great features while retaining a classic CB design.

The Galaxy DX 959 has an easy to read signal/power/SWR meter, 1.0 KHz receive clarifier, talkback control, volume/squelch control, noise blanker and automatic noise limiter, mic gain control and roger beep switch, PA or noise filter switch, SWR alert indicator, roger beep indicator, green / red receive and transmit indicator, power output control and dimmer control.

The radio is also rugged and has heavy duty knobs and switches. The signal/power/SWR meter, the LED channel indicator and frequency display are easy to read.

We have the Galaxy DX 959 SSB CB Radio in stock and ready to ship for $174.95. If you have any questions give us a call at 1-800-584-1445 or send us an email.

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