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Looking for the Best Place to Buy Walkie Talkies?

Shopping for a set of two way radios can be a bit overwhelming. There are a lot of walkie talkies out there! We have a very straight forward walkie talkie buyer's guide that may help you narrow down the perfect radios for you. Often though you will find there are two models that are very similar. Our walkie talkie comparison tool allows you to compare the features of two models to easily see what each one offers.

Our best tip: If you have a question, you can call us! Unlike a lot of websites that hide their phone number or have some massive call center staffed by people who are contracted workers, here at Buy Two Way Radios, our sales staff is small and is here locally. We are able to provide personal customer service that we are very proud of. When you speak to someone here, there is a very good chance you will speak with the same person a year from now who will remember you and your order.

So give us a call at 1-800-584-1445 or send us an email. You can also use our Live Help service and chat directly with us! We also have a thriving community of consumer and business two way radio users on our walkie talkie forums.

4 thoughts on “Looking for the Best Place to Buy Walkie Talkies?”

  • Bukola

    Hi, My name is Bukola I needed an hand held radios in my community, in Ogun State directly opposite Redemption camp, what branded will you recommend for me, for a starting?

  • Rick

    Handheld two way radios or walkie talkies are designed for short range communications. They are often used for two way communications in and around the house as you describe, and are particularly useful when caring for disabled or elderly family members due to their instant connectivity, simplicity and low cost.
    However, the likelihood of getting a range of 20, 10 or even 5 miles in such a scenario using a handheld walkie talkie is very remote. A best case scenario would 1 or 2 miles, and probably less. While radios exist with greater range, they are considerably more expensive and require licensing and additional equipment such as a repeater system to extend coverage across town.
    For home use, any of the small FRS/GMRS radios such as the Motorola Talkabout MD200R or Olympia R100 with just the basic features would do. The MD200 is also available in a three pack for about $50. If you want coverage within your local subdivision or neighborhood, one of the higher wattage radios such as the Midland GXT1000 should work. For full disclosure it should be noted that the lower wattage FRS channels do not require a license to operate, but the higher wattage GMRS channels do, however one GMRS license will cover your entire family, including your mother.

  • Kathryn

    I am looking for 2 possibly 3 walkie talkies. I am looking for a simple to use set. My mother needs to be able to contact me whether I'm in the next room or in town running errands 20 miles away. Also reasonably priced. My mother is ill, and cell phones confuse her. We need a simpler way to communicate. What do you recommend?

  • Shar Frettinger
    Shar Frettinger May 2, 2014 at 2:52 am

    I am looking for 4 sets of radios that can be used by 8 people.
    We could all talk to each other. Head set and boom mic. 6 acres of property. Do they make such a creature?


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