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The FCC narrowband deadline is near

Are you narrowband compliant? If not, the FCC deadline for narrowbanding is almost upon us and you are almost out of time.

What is the narrowband requirement? The FCC mandated that all manufacturers of business two way radios must cease the manufacture and import of radios that include a 25 kHz mode and all VHF/UHF industrial, business and Public Safety Radio Pool licensees must operate on 12.5 kHz (11.25 kHz occupied bandwidth) or narrower channels By January 1, 2013. At that time, all business land mobile radios and licensees operating in the 150-174 MHz VHF and 421-512 MHz UHF bands must be at 12.5 KHz or narrower.

The good news is that most business class radios sold in the United States within the last eight to ten years are already narrowband capable or compliant. If you are currently operating on wideband, you may simply need to re-program your radios for narrowband. However, if your radios are older, they may need to be upgraded. Fortunately, Kenwood and Motorola are both offering special rebate offers on new UHF and VHF business radios that are narrowband ready. Motorola is currently offering a trade-in promotion as well, in which you can trade in your old wideband radios for newer narroband-compliant models. These promotions end December 31, 2012, so if you need to upgrade, now is the time.

In addition to the radios themselves, business operators must also be licensed for narrowband frequencies. If you are already licensed for narrowband, you're all set. If your license covers wideband only you will need to update your license by December 31, 2012. If you need assistance, give us a call. We can help.

For more information about the new FCC narrowband requirements there are several resources available at Buy Two Way Radios.

The final countdown to narrowband compliance has begun - are you ready?
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Existing License Narrowband Update
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