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Radio 101 - How to reset a Kenwood ProTalk two way radio

Do you need to reset your Kenwood ProTalk business radio back to its original factory configuration? It's really easy. In this episode of Radio 101, Anthony from Buy Two Way Radios will show you how to do it in two simple steps. This method works for Kenwood ProTalk 200, 300 and 400 Series business two way radios, including the TK-2200V2P, TK-2200V8P, TK-2300V4P, TK-2300V16P, TK-2400V4P, TK-2400V16P, TK-3200U2P, TK-3200LU15P, TK-3300U4P, TK-3300U16P, TK-3400U4P, and TK-3400U16P.

13 thoughts on “Radio 101 - How to reset a Kenwood ProTalk two way radio”

  • Bryce

    I have a pair of Kenwood tk-3360-k radios and i tried your resetting method, nothing.

  • John Berube

    I have two TK-3400U16P radios, both charge up and turn on. But they do not talk to each other. I tried resetting both and found the procedures to do so, by turning on the unit while holding down the two side buttons and talk button. When I do this the units LED turns blue and beeps then both turn off. The unit doesn't speak or the LED doesn't turn orange. I've tried letting go of the buttons at 1 sec, 2 sec and longer after it beeps and no difference other than it beeps with a different tone if I hold then release after 2 seconds.

    Any Ideas ?

  • Joseph

    How can i reset my KT3310 KENWOOD RADIO PLEASE

  • adinel nita

    Hi, what is the meaning of the following message on Protalk XLS display?
    Un PG - doesn't go away without factory reset.

  • Rick

    If the procedure is not listed in the manual, it may not have a user accessible reset option.

  • Roman

    I have a set of kenwood tk-3160 if there an easy way to reset them? thank you.

  • Steven Rogge

    20 Kenwood TK3160M where given me by my local recycling company
    The radios were locked, is there a master reset for the TK-3160M
    We are going to reprogram the radio to ham band if pass FCC after reprogramming
    Steven Rogge

  • Hi dears, i have kenwood TH-2140. can you tell me how reset it in factory configuration.

  • francis

    can i reset or recover the password of my kenwood tk-3000 ?

  • edwin

    i bought me a used kenwood tk-3212 radio, but i want to reset it to its original factory configuration. i dont know if thats possible?and if yes.how can i do it?? i need it for my job since i lost the one they gave me and if i dont replace it they are going to charge.i would aprecciate any tip,thanks..

  • Roberto

    How do you reset a kenwood tk-2140 radio

  • Buck

    I have 4 tk-3400u4p radios. Three work fine. The fourth we can listen but when the Ptt button is depressed the led turns red. Kenwood told me that someone needs to hook it up to a computer and make it back into a pro talk radio. Is this true


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