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How to program the Wouxun KG-UV920P mobile radio from a PC

The Wouxon KG-UV920P-A is a very versitile mobile radio with powerful features at a very low cost. With the optional Wouxun 30A Switching Power Supply (SPS30III), it becomes an economical amateur radio base station, making it a very attractive option for old and new radio operators alike. With all of its pluses, it is no wonder why the KG-UV920P-A is quickly becoming a very popular choice for hams.

Programming the KG-UV920P-A from the front panel or directly from the keypad on the hand microphone isn't very difficult, with a little help from the manual. However, in spite of the bells, whistles and its bargain base station price, programming the KG-UV920P-A through a PC can be a bit of a challenge, even for the technically inclined. Actually, programming it through a PC is easy. It's getting the two devices to connect that can become a hassle. But it shouldn't be a problem at all. The truth is, connecting this mobile/base radio to a PC is only difficult if you don't know how.

Fortunately, we're here and we're going to tell you how you can easily connect your KG-UV920P-A to your PC like a pro.

To begin, you will need the following items:

As mentioned earlier, this is really a very simple procedure; however, there are three important rules that must be followed. First, you will need everything on the list above before you begin. Second, follow the instructions in order. Failure to do so will yield much frustration and unnecessarily wasted time when the attempt to connect fails. Third, do not plug the USB programming cable into the PC until instructed to do so.

1. To start, the computer should be on and radio should be off. if you have other Wouxon radio products, it is highly recommended to remove all other Wouxun drivers to avoid conflict.

2. Locate the USB programming driver. If you purchased the red Wouxon Mobile Radio USB Programming Cable, the driver will be on the mini-CD included with the cable, along with a several folders and a couple dozen other files that may only create confusion. Insert the mini-CD and go to CP210x_VCP_Windows > CP210x_VCP_Windows > CP210xVCPInstaller_x64.exe. This is the correct driver.

3. Install the USB programming cable driver. Do NOT connect the USB cable at this time.

4. Download the KG-UV920P-A programming software from Wouxun. This is called KG-UV920P Commander. Install the program but do not run it yet.

5. Plug the USB programming cable into the transceiver and turn on the KG-UV920P-A. After the transceiver powers up, plug the cable into the USB port on your PC. There may or may not be a notification after connection. To verify the connection, check the Windows Device Manager. Access to the Device Manager will depend on your version of Windows. Once in Device Manager, click on Ports (COM and LPT). It should be listed as Silicon Labs CP210x USB to UART Bridge (COMX). X denotes the COM port number. Note the number and write it down if necessary, as you will need to know it when configuring the programming software.

6. Run KG-UV920P Commander. Click the Port button or click Memories > Port on the menu bar. A window with a list of COM ports should appear. Active ports will be highlighted in bold with radio buttons. If you receive a port connection error, choose the assigned COM port number noted earlier in the Device Manager. Your transciever should be connected to the PC and you should now be able to communicate with the KG-UV920P-A.

To verify the connection, Click Memories > Read From Radio. The program should download the frequencies from the radio. When it completes the data transfer, ReadOK! will appear on the screen. The Wouxun KG-UV920P-A is now ready to program through your PC.

If these instructions are followed correctly, you should not have any difficulty connecting the GK-UV920P-A to your PC. After the initial setup, future connection to the computer should be a matter of simply plugging in the USB programming cable and running KG-UV920P Commander.

11 thoughts on “How to program the Wouxun KG-UV920P mobile radio from a PC”

  • Parker Carter

    Could not get to work on Windows 10 Pro installed 4 weeks ago. Went to Windows 8.1 and after a little struggle it worked. Could not see CH-Name on Commander list (frequency list) and could not figure out how to enter a channel name.

  • M. Allen

    Rick's solution didn't work in my case, but eventually I got my cable working by doing the following. First of all, I'm running Windows 10 on my pc. It automatically installed a version of the Silicon Labs CP210x driver that was about a year newer than the version that came on my CD. Neither version would connect, even though Windows Device Manager could see the cable on COM17. I de-installed the driver and told Windows to find an install the latest driver from Silicon Labs. That version was even newer than the previous 2. Still no luck.

    I had noticed the KG-UV920P Commander program always had COM1 selected but greyed out. So, I decided to go into the driver's advanced settings and change the com port from 17 to 1. Everything immediately worked!

    I have noticed over the years some programs will just not work on higher com ports. Apparently, that's the case with KG-UV920P Commander.

    For what it's worth, a new pc will generally only show low numbered com ports. But as you plug in more and more different usb devices, each new one keeps choosing a higher and higher com port. Pretty soon you are up in high numbers like my com port 17. When you try to change it to a low port number, it might complain and say it's already assigned. Not to worry unless you are actually using something on that lower port, which you most likely are not.

  • John Boczek

    I, too, have trouble re-programming a KG-UV920P-A. The radio worked fine, until the battery in my vehicle went dead while the radio was on. Then it started speaking in Chinese and all memory channels were gone. I couldn't find my original programming cable so I've bought a new one from you but can't get the program to read the radio - just says communication error. I've tried on a XP computer, a Windows 7 and a Windows 10 machine, all with the same results. Any ideas?
    The cable says it's working properly in Device Manager on all the computers, too.

  • Rob Jarvis

    I have Wouxun KG-UV9200P-A which I programmed sometime back with the Wouxun (Red) USB cable and Wouxun program.
    But today I plugged in cable only to see the radio display flitting around doing odd things. Flipping channels bringing up different locations etc etc. And though COM4 was said to have latest driver I re-installed to no avail.
    Any ideas?

  • Rick

    If the programmings software worked in Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1, it should run in Windows 10. If it does not work in native mode, it should work in Compatibility Mode.

  • Joey Malecki

    So I can no longer program my KG-UV920P if I upgraded to Windows 10?

  • Ramon Ojeda

    One thing that I would like to had the program software that don't have, are program a memory channel with only RX to avoid someone transmit on specific frequency.

  • Rick

    Hi Cliff, the error message "Mode need be 2.5K type" means that the version of the Wouxun programming software is mismatched with the version of the radio. The Wouxun KG-UV920P -A was originally released with a minimum 5K frequency step. A few months after its initial launch, Wouxun updated the KG-UV920P-A and the programming software with a minimum 2.5K step. If you are getting this error, it means that either you are using the 5K version of the programming software with a 2.5K version of the radio, or the 2.5K version of the software with the older 5K radio. The two versions of the programming software and radios are not cross-compatible.
    We currently only carry the 2.5k version of the KG-UV920P-A and the programming software, so if you have the older 5K radio, you will need to install the older 5K version of the software to program your radio.

  • Cliff Manasco

    I bought the software package and cable and successfully downloaded the data from the radio to see what was loaded. BUT when I loaded all my local data and tried to load it I get a message window saying
    "Mode need be 2.5K type"
    I have no idea what that means nor what to do.
    Please help answer this problem

  • Elvin Warwick

    Try this a few times will start to pull programmed ch off of radio and then stops......Gave up and bought new cable and Disc from rtsystems and works like a charm....the cable and disc `s that came with the radio Didn`t work????love the radio just was a pain until I bought the other Hardwear from Rtsystems.....73`s KG5DWS

  • Charles Kerby

    looking for some information about resetting the Alpha Tag name, as in changing it via the microphone..


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