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Radio 101 - Removing the Accessory Cap from a Kenwood 400 Series Radio

Older Kenwood ProTalk business radios used a port cover or accessory cap that attached to the radio with a single tiny screw. The ProTalk 400 Series radios introduced a snap-on cap. While snapping the cap on may be quick and convenient, removing it is another story. The accessory cap can be quite difficult to remove without damaging the radio, the cap or both. If you aren't careful, you could even hurt yourself.

In this episode of Radio 101, Anthony from Buy Two Way Radios will show you how to quickly and safely remove and replace a Kenwood 400 Series accessory cap in seconds. This method works for Kenwood ProTalk 400 Series business two way radios, including the TK-2400V4P, TK-2400V16P, TK-3400U4P, TK-3400U16P, TK-2402V16P, and TK-3402U16P.

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