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Radio 101 - How To activate repeater channels on a Motorola Talkabout radio

One way to increase the range of GMRS two way radios is with the use of a GMRS repeater. While all GMRS radios are not repeater capable, a few of them are. In this episode of Radio 101, Anthony from Buy Two Way Radios shows you how to enable the repeater channels on a Motorola Talkabout radio that is repeater capable. This procedure works for the Motorola Talkabout MS350R, MS355R and MR355R radios.

12 thoughts on “Radio 101 - How To activate repeater channels on a Motorola Talkabout radio”

  • Eric

    How do you contact the owner of a repeater?

  • Rick

    Cliff, you need to know what repeater channel/frequency the repeater is on and what tones (if any) are used. Once you have that information, set your radio to the same repeater channel and tone. There are only 8 repeater channels to choose from, so setting it should be fairly easy.

  • Cliff Licko

    I now have a Motorola repeater GMRS handheld I have turned on the reaper capable channels. ad also requested permission from a repeater listed near me. How do I use the repeater? Is it automatic or?

  • Teresa

    I’m looking for some advice about our Motorola talk about it has repeater channel we use them hunting up north we don’t have cell service. Would the repeater channels help us to reach each other. Right now we can get maybe a mile if no mountains are between us. I need to find a way to communicate with him as it is only us. And nothing elese but woods where we go. If you get lost you probably won’t come out. Thousands of inhabitanted woods. Any advice is greatly appreciated

  • richard

    Frequencies are defined in the fcc part95a rules and cannot be changed. OTOH, "tones" (pl, etc.) are not covered by the regulations and are used as locally desired, or not at all. Check with the repeater operator to see what tone(s) are accepted (and to ask for permission to use the repeater).

  • Ralph

    Is frequency and tone pre-set on the GMRS channels for repeaters?

  • wqvs951 You typed the wrong frequencies, it should say 462.550 to 467.700.

  • wqvs951

    Yes you need a license to broadcast on any gmrs frequencies. The channels range from the 362.5500mhz to 367.7000mhz. (these are the exact gmrs channel frequencies, not the exact gmrs spectrum) google FCC gmrs license. I just recently purchased my license for 90usd. Which covers my family(family specifics covered on the fcc site as well). none of my family that use the radios or my relays are required to have their own license, they are covered under my license. It is however my responsibility to educate them in the etiquette required while using the frequencies.
    Without a centralized repeater between hand held transceivers (ht) you will not be able to broadcast several miles in hilly terrain. with the right radio and antenna and great vantage points, we are able to make 3-5 miles between ht radios. With a repeater we are able to make about 25 miles between each ht one way, 10 miles distance both ways. we don't have a really sensitive receiver on the repeater thus the short distance except for one way.
    I wish the FCC would strait out allow part 90 equipment on these frequencies, as it broadens the hardware that can be used. Right now only part 95 equipment may be used on the GMRS frequencies.

  • You do need license to talk on GMRS channels and more if you talk on a repeater.

  • Ray Austin

    Hello: you guys seem to know your stuff about radios. My friends and I ride Motorcycles off road in the back country, and are looking for radios to stay in touch in case we get split up. We ride everywhere from Moab in Utah to the mountain trails in Washington state. I am trying to figure out what radios would be best for us without spending a fortune. Looking for of course best range-sometimes we would be several miles apart. Sometimes the terrain can be very hilly/mountainous. Not sure if for example the repeater function would even work where we ride, or if it would help. I was planning on using an earbud under my helmet in case someone wanted to reach me while I am riding, if we get split up.
    Please provide your advice on the best radio given the description I have provided. I am sure if you spend more you get more. Let me know what we get in each price range. Thanks.

  • I also bough these radios and i can agree they work great. I found the cell phone signal for repeater was really good in all areas except nex to the cell phone tower in my city. I was able to talk to Ashley's husband 22 miles away.

  • Ashley

    I bought these Radios and they work great.
    The cell phone signal for repeater isn't to great in all areas but worked good next to the cell phone Tower. I was able to talk to my husband 20 miles away. Great for outdoor activity's, no licencee required on these pair!


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