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Two Way Radio Antenna Connector Types

Many handheld portable business two way radios have an antenna that is removable for replacement or an upgrade as needed. Damaged antennas can be easily replaced by the user at low cost. Swapping a large stock antenna for a shorter, stubby one can make the radio easier to handle. Adding a longer whip antenna may significantly increase range. In any event, there are several advantages for owning a business radio with a removable antenna and a few good reasons why you may want or need to do it.

Removable antennas are not universally compatible with all makes and models of radios - even those that use the same bands and frequencies to which the antennas are tuned. Whether or not an antenna can be physically attached to a particular radio will depend on the type of connector it has.

Manufacturers use several different types of connectors to attach the antennas to the transceivers, and may even use different connectors across different model series. A few, such as connectors found on some Motorola and Vertex Standard business radios, are even proprietary to their brands.

No doubt, shopping for an antenna with a connector that is compatible with your radio can be confusing. Fortunately, Buy Two Way Radios can help. Our chart of Two Way Radio Antenna Connector Types listed below will tell you what these connectors are and how to identify them. To find the right connector for your specific radio, use our Two Way Radio Antenna Connector Chart which lists dozens of popular business radios and the types of connectors they use.

This chart identifies common two way radio antenna connectors. It lists the name of each type of antenna connector with a photo of the connector from the antenna and the radio. Click on the photo for a larger image.

Handheld Portable Radios
Connector (Antenna) Connector (Radio)
SMA Male Antenna Connector (Standard)
SMA Male (Standard)
SMA Female Radio Connector (Standard)
SMA Female (Standard)
SMA Female Antenna Connector (Standard)
SMA Female (Standard)
SMA Male Radio Connector (Standard)
SMA Male (Standard)
SMA Male Antenna Connector (Motorola/Vertex)
SMA Male (Motorola/Vertex Standard)
SMA Female Radio Connector (Motorola/Vertex)
SMA Female (Motorola/Vertex Standard)
SMA Female Antenna Connector (Motorola/Vertex)
SMA Female (Motorola/Vertex Standard)
SMA Male Radio Connector (Motorola/Vertex)
SMA Male (Motorola/Vertex Standard)
J Male Antenna Connector
J Male
J Female Radio Connector
J Female
Base/Mobile Radios
Connector (Antenna) Connector (Radio)
UHF Male Antenna Connector (PL-259)
UHF Male (PL-259)
UHF Female Radio Connector (SO-239)
UHF Female (SO-239)
Mini UHF Male Antenna Connector
Mini UHF Male
Mini UHF Female Radio Connector
Mini UHF Female
N Male Antenna Connector
N Male
N Radio Connector
N Female

7 thoughts on “Two Way Radio Antenna Connector Types”

  • Rick

    Hi Mike, unless I misunderstand, did you say you wanted to connect the two antennas together? If so, that isn't practical. If what you are attempting to do is connect the fixed mount antenna to the antenna connector on the radio, that is quite doable, providing each is using a standard connector. Based on the assumption the cable for the fixed mount antenna is a PL-259 (UHF male), if the radio is using an SMA male, you would need an SMA female to SO-239 (UHF female) adapter. If the radio is using an SMA female, you would need an SMA male to SO-239 adapter.
    If you need something else, you can choose from a list of antenna adapters to find the one specific for your need.

  • Mike Clark

    Hello Everyone!
    I've a problem I'm seeking advice on...please. I just purchased a Standard Horizon HX 870 marine VHF radio for my 20 ft boat. Then after purchase I realized that the handheld does not have the range for off shore fishing (5-15 miles) as I desire.
    Therefore I am going to purchase a fixed mount Shakespeare Quick Connect VHF marine antenna (8 ft) and install on my boat to connect with handheld. However I am unsure as to get the antennas to connect together--- from a small 6 inch (SMA male rubber) to an 8 ft fiberglass fix mount. I am so confused with what adopters to buy to connect the two so that the HX870 can achive grater range. Thanks in advance for any thoughts or help.

  • Anthony Tango

    I plan on purchasing the Cobra HH450 dual VHF Marine/GMRS UHF handie talkie. I am licensed by the FCC for GMRS operation, as well as Amateur . I use Two Way radios Professionally and for Recreation.
    I know that the antenna comes off, and uses an SMA male connector, but the connection on the Cobra 450 is recessed.
    I'd like to know if either the standard SMA male, or the Vertex/Motorola adapters would work in the Cobra 450. Cobra would have to have such an adapter themselves for testing/benchwork repair...
    I hesitate to ask Cobra directly, as a very recent inquiry to them about the Pin Dimensions for the External Speaker Mic (by email) was not addressed to my satisfaction.
    The poor response from Cobra does give me pause about buying the HH450, as it will be used in a professional capacity, at anytime, 24 /7 in the Mississippi River, Gulf of Mexico ...
    My attention to the radio is that 1) it covers both the VHF Marine, and a Land Licensed band - eliminating the need to carry 2 radios, and 2) the Removable Antenna which ( if there IS an adapter for) allows me to attach a base or mobile antenna for increased range.

  • Rick

    Hi Chris, depending on the type of connector, what you probably need is a gender changer. We carry an SMA female to SMA female adapter. This may or may not work for your radio, depending on the spacing for the antenna on the radio.
    As a side note, if you are using a dual band Nagoya antenna on a single band Vertex VX-150, you may not get the performance you expect. The dual band Nagoya antenna is designed to work across a broad spectrum of frequencies on both UHF and VHF bands, so it won't be as finely tuned to a specific range of VHF frequencies as a single band VHF antenna for the Vertex.

  • Chris Alexander
    Chris Alexander March 7, 2016 at 4:49 am

    I have a vertex 150 handheld radio which accepts a female antenna. I would like to adapt my extended range male Nagoya antenna from my Baofeng UV-82HP handheld. Do you have an adapter for this purpose?

  • david benson

    I have two Motorola JT1000 radios that need adapters. The both the whip antenna and the Motorola are threaded on the interior (requiring external threads on the double female adapter) and both are male. I can forward a picture to you if you have an email to give out.

  • Thank you for the post.


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