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Announcing the new Wouxun KG-UV9D!

9d_02.jpgIn early 2014 Wouxun announced the launch of a dual band handheld amateur radio with a large color display and cross-band repeat capability, the KG-UV8D. This radio quickly became one of the most anticipated new ham radios of the year and was very well received. Buy Two Way Radios was one of the first radio dealers to tell you about it, and the first to bring it to the US market. It has remained one of our most popular amateur radios since.

One year later, the company has just announced a new model that aims to deliver even more excitement to the ham community. It's the Wouxun KG-UV9D, and it takes the 8D to a whole new level!

Billed by Wouxun as a multi-band, multi-RX, multi-display, multi-modulation and multi-functional two-way radio, the KG-UV9D offers dual band transmit and 7 (that's right, you read seven) bands reception. The list includes 76-108MHz (FM radio), 108-136MHz (AM RX), 136-174MHz FM RX/TX), 400-512MHz (FM RX/TX), 230-250MHz (FM RX), 350-400MHz (FM RX) and 700-985MHz (FM RX).

While the full color display is similar in design to the KG-UV8D, the new radio looks and feels different. The KG-UV9D also has some new or improved features. According to Wouxun, some of the features of the KG-UV9D include Twin Band Simultaneous Scan, Multi-Keypad Lock Modes and the ability to adjust the brightness of the backlight with five level settings.

One interesting and unique feature is Lock Mode. You can lock the keyboard, lock the keyboard and the encoders, lock the keyboard and the PTT, or lock it all.

The most exciting part of this announcement? We just received two samples of the KG-UV9D today and are checking them out now. The KG-UV9D unboxing video is now available so you can get a first look at this new multi-band radio from Wouxun. Stay tuned for more!

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For more details, read the Wouxun KG-UV9D spec sheet.

UPDATE (5/13/2015): The Wouxun KG-UV9D is now available!

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