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Midland MXT100 Micro Mobile GMRS Radio Preview video

Midland is well known for its FRS and GMRS radios, such as the classic GXT1000, GXT2000 and the professional grade, rugged GXT5000. Now Midland is about to bring a new radio to the market that could add some serious excitement to users of the General Mobile Radio Service, The MXT100 Micro Mobile GMRS Radio!

Experience a special video preview of the MXT100 as Danny Feemster from Buy Two Way Radios turns on our sample unit, gives you a tour of this new, unique and not-yet-released GMRS mobile radio and shows off some of its exciting features.

The video is 17 minutes in length. Here are selected jump points to specific features:

  • Rear Connectors 4:41
  • Included Accessories 5:18
  • Supported Channels 9:49
  • Display 11:10
  • Tour of Menu Functions 12:14
  • Display Flip Feature 14:22

The Midland MXT100 is coming July 2015. For an in depth discussion of this new GMRS mobile two way radio, listen to Episode 86 of The Two Way Radio Show Podcast.

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