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How to program Motorola DLR1020 and DLR1060 Advanced Configuration options

The new Motorola DLR Series digital radios are compact, durable and easy to use, but are they easy to configure as well?

The answer is yes! These radios are amazingly simple to configure. In this video, Danny Feemster from Buy Two Way Radios shows you how to set the Advanced Configuration options for the DLR1020 and DLR1060 with the push of a few buttons.

Here are selected jump points to specific features and options:

  • Entering Programming Mode 1:12
  • Change Profile ID 1:41
  • Change Maximum Number of Channels 2:29
  • Configure Programmable Button 2:53
  • Direct Call 3:29
  • Call All Available 3:45
  • Page All Available 4:10
  • Mute 4:23
  • Disable Programmable Button 4:37
  • Mic Gain 4:44
  • Change Home Channel 4:52

For more in-depth discussion about the Motorola DLR Series, listen to The Two Way Radio Show Podcast episode TWRS-94 - New Motorola DLR Digital Radios.

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