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What to do if the radio is damaged

The two way radio is considered one of the most stable and reliable modes of communication available to modern man. This is why industry, commerce, emergency responders and consumers around the world rely heavily on radio technology to communicate every day. As stable and reliable as it is, the two way radio itself is still a man-made device, and like all devices, stuff happens. It's inevitable. So if it does happen, and your two way radio becomes damaged, what do you do?

Troubleshooting radio damage
Follow these steps to troubleshoot possible radio damage before contacting the manufacturer or dealer for warranty support.

Step 1. Check for exterior damage.
Inspect the exterior of the radio for any sign of external damage or trauma. Check for the following:

  • Excessive wear or stress
  • Missing knobs or other parts
  • Broken or missing antenna
  • Broken, cracked, scratched or discolored display
  • Chips, gashes scrapes or other signs of trauma to the chassis
  • Traces of contamination from bodily fluids, i.e vomit, urine, blood, etc.
  • Burn marks
  • Outward signs of moisture

If your radio shows signs of exterior damage, skip to step 4.
If no exterior damage or trauma is visible, proceed to step 2.

Step 2. Check for internal damage.
Inspect the radio for any sign of internal damage. Check for:

  • Moisture or condensation inside the display, particularly around the edges.
  • Slight or heavy burnt smell when battery compartment opened or back of radio exposed
  • Slight dank or moldy smell when battery compartment opened or back of radio exposed
  • Water or moisture
  • Excessive dirt or dust
  • Traces of contamination from bodily fluids, i.e vomit, urine, blood, etc.
  • Signs of corrosion on battery terminals
  • Signs of leakage in battery compartment

If your radio has signs of internal damage skip to step 4.
If your radio does not have signs of internal damage, proceed to step 3.

Step 3. Check to determine if the radio is operable.

  • If the radio shows no signs of physical damage and is still operable, no warranty support is needed*.
  • If your radio shows signs of external or internal damage, go to step 4.

*Important: If an intrinsically safe radio is subjected to possible damage, never turn it on or attempt to use it in a potentially hazardous environment until it has been thoroughly inspected offsite. Just because the radio looks undamaged, doesn't necessarily mean it is safe to use in such an environment.

Step 4. Review the terms of the manufacturer warranty.
In most situations, the manufacturer warranty does NOT cover damage to the radio, including damage caused by intentional or unintentional misuse, contamination from foreign substances, electrical damage, battery leakage, improper storage or failure to follow proper usage or care as instructed in the owner's manual. The damage from improper use may even void the manufacturer warranty, depending upon the situation. when in doubt, contact the manufacturer of the radio.

In such situations, an extended warranty or service plan could be the answer. These service plans can not only extend the life of the existing warranty on your radios, they may also provide some coverage or provision for the repair or replacement of your radio when the damage is not covered under the warranty provided by the manufacturer.

A selection of service plans is available from Buy Two Way Radios through CPS. These service plans are flexible and provide coverage for a wide variety of electronic devices, including consumer and business two way radios.

Icom also offers a 3 year extended warranty for its line of business two way radios.

For more information on these extended warranty and service plans, contact us.

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  • colt

    I need help with this Baofeng UV-5R because everytime i try to talk in the radio, it either it dose not transmit or it makes a DUE sound over the other radio and nothing comes over


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