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New Vertex Standard EVX-S24 Digital Portable Radios

EVX-S24.jpgVertex Standard just added a new DMR digital business radio to its eVerge line, The EVX-S24. Like the other models in the EVX series, this new radio includes many of the features now considered a standard on DMR transcievers. It is also capable of operation in both digital and analog modes. But this isn't just another run-of-the-mill eVerge. The S24 is quite unique.

The EVX-S24 is a tiny transceiver. At roughly three and a half by two inches, it's about the size of a credit card, and it's only one and quarter inches thick. It can easily fit in a shirt pocket, and at only 7.6 ounces is so light weight it can be worn on the vest of a uniform or on a jacket without much effort. that may not sound impressive to anyone who uses a Motorola CLS1410, CLP1040, or even a Kenwood PKT-23 on the job, but those are all analog radios, and the S24 is a digital/analog hybrid. Sure, there is the Motorola DLR1060 and the Icom IP100H, but we aren't talking about 900MHz or WiFi radios here. This is about a DMR capable radio on business band UHF.

However, digital capability alone isn't what really makes this little radio unique among its competitors. It's also the performance. The EVX-S24 is amazingly powerful for its size. The Motorola CLS, CLP and DLR radios all operate on one watt of analog power. The Vertex Standard EVX-S24 operates on 2 watts in analog mode. That's twice the power of the Motorola models and a half-watt higher than the Kenwood. And it gets better. Put it in digital mode and the S24 operates at 3 watts!

You can also hear the power. The S24 has a built-in 500mW speaker at 40 ohm output, which on its own is rather impressive for a radio of its size and weight, but when you factor in the unfiltered clarity of digital audio, the S24 sounds powerfully amazing.

Speaking of power, the EVX-S24 uses a 2300mAh Lithium-ion battery similar to the size and type of battery used in small cell phones. Vertex Standard rates their battery with an estimated 12 hours in digital mode and 10 hours in analog mode.

The performance of this little radio is enhanced by its capabilities. The S24 has the same powerful set of features found on other models in the EVX series, but stuffed into a smaller package. The S24 has multiple scanning options, Busy Channel Lockout, Whisper Mode, escalating alerts, Lone Worker Alert and Voice Inversion Encrypton. It also includes ARTS™ (Auto Range Transponder System), a standard feature found on many Vertex Standard business radios. And that's operating in analog mode.

In digital mode, the S24 has Call History, Site Search, Remote Monitor Decode, all call, group call and private call functionality and can send and receive pre-programmed text messages.

It has a Transmit Interrupt, too. This digital feature is handy for emergencies or urgent communications. If other users are tying up a channel, you can break in to interrupt or halt them to get the message through, even if someone else is still tranmitting or holding down their push to talk button.

It's not just unique on the inside. The EVX-S24 is built for powerful capability on the outside, as well. It has a programmable multi-color LED, four programmable keys, and a backlit LCD display in Vertex Standard branded orange, a color that is surprisingly easy on the eyes.

As for durability, who says tiny can't be tough? It's definitely not the case here. The EVX S24 is IP67 dust and waterproof and is submersible. It also meets Mil-STD D, E, F, and G specifications.

If that's not enough, The S24 comes with an industry leading three year warranty from Vertex Standard. Such a warranty is hard to beat by any radio manufacturer.

Designed for education, hospitality, medical offices, retail and any other occupation with a need for light but powerful portable handheld radios, the EVX-24 sounds like a product well worth considering for serious communications.

The EVX-S24 is available now at Buy Two Way Radios.com. It comes in your choice of black or yellow at MSRP $259.99.

For a comprehensive list of features and specifications, download the Vertex Standard EVX-S24 Product Sheet.

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