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Real two way radios for kids

MG160A.jpgTwo way radios come and go, but one thing hasn't changed. The walkie talkie is still great fun for kids of all ages. Yet in this age of cell phones and apps, kids today are accustomed to using higher end devices, and at very young ages. The Sponge Bob and Spiderman themed toy radios don't always cut it for the 6 plus crowd anymore. By the time they get to first or second grade, they've long since outgrown the cheap little toy radios branded with cartoon characters. They want something more grown-up and sophisticated. They want real two way radios.

Asthetics aside, consider this. If you give a child a toy stove or a toy phone, It doesn't have to really work. In fact, it's generally not supposed to work at all. It's all about imagination.

When your child receives an electronic toy, or any toy powered by batteries, the game completely changes and a new set of rules kick in. If it is a new pair of toy walkie talkies, he or she expects to do more than play pretend. It's not just a toy anymore. It's supposed to really work. What happens if it doesn't work very well, or doesn't work at all? Of course, I think we all know the answer to that one.

It isn't just about the kids, however. It's also about your wallet. Many of the toy FRS walkie talkies cost almost as much as the real thing. Yet the quality is not the same. For instance, a set of Marvel Ultimate Spiderman Walkie Talkies model SM-210 retails for $24.99. The Midland LXT118 is the same price with a display and greater range than the toy. It's more durable, it comes with a one year warranty from the manufacturer, and it's water resistant.

So, when you buy a set of cute Thomas The Tank Engine or Barbie branded radios, if not for the minimal quality, or even minimal functionality, what are you really paying for? Simply put, you are paying for the character licensing or merchandising of the product. You aren't buying a walkie talkie. You are buying a movie, TV or comic book character themed piece of promotional paraphernalia.

Now, if you're into character themed collectibles and the walkie talkies are just another set of curios from your favorite TV or movie franchise, perhaps a $50 pair of Transformer transceivers would be a worthwhile investment in the long term, provided you never open the package. However, if you simply want to give your kids a working set of radios that won't disappoint them when they turn the units on and try to communicate across the yard, chances are you will get a lot more bang for your buck if it looks more like a practical radio than a Power Ranger.

The question is, if you are going to spend even $25 on a set of walkie talkies, why waste it on a wannabe that's all eye candy and nothing more? Get something your kids can really use, something that will give them hours of real fun, something that really works, something that will last longer than a holiday, and something they may even learn from. Get them the real thing. Go for the genuine article.

Get some real two way radios for the kids.

The chart below lists FRS walkie talkies suitable for kids of all ages and some commonly searched features. There are too many features to list them all on this chart, but you can click on the name or image of each radio for details. We also have a Two Way Radio Product Comparison tool so you can choose between any two specific models of these or any other two way radios on our site for a full, comprehensive feature-for-feature comparison between them.

Low Power FRS Two Way Radios For Kids

Brand Model Display Privacy
Batteries Batteries
AAA No 0.78 Low
AAA No 0.132 Low
AAA 0.132 Low
38 AAA No 0.221 Low
38 AAA 0.221 Low
AA 0.62 Low
AAA No 0.207 Low
AAA No 0.2 Low
AAA No 0.2 Low
121 AA 0.861 Low
AAA 0.6 Low
AAA 0.6 Low

*Manufacturers typically advertise FRS/GMRS radio range in miles, however your actual range may vary as it depends on a number of variables. In this chart, we to refer to range as Low, Mid or High. For more information watch our short video Radio 101 - The Truth About FRS/GMRS Two Way Radio Range.

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