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Vertex Standard Radios Are Being Re-branded As Motorola

Big changes are coming soon to the Vertex Standard line of two way radios. It's common knowledge that Vertex Standard is owned by Motorola, but has always been operated as a stand-alone brand. Early in 2018, this will no longer be the case. Motorola is creating a new line of radios, informally known as their "Commercial Tier" products, which will include a combination of several existing Motorola radios as well as several Vertex Standard models that will be re-branded as Motorola.

What's Changing With Vertex Standard
A few small exceptions aside, it looks like Vertex Standard will cease to exist as a brand. Most popular Vertex Standard models will join the Motorola Solutions Commercial tier, and some radios will be discontinued.

The following Vertex Standard products will be rebranded as Motorola Solutions:

The following models will be discontinued:

What's NOT Changing With Vertex Standard
It's important to point out that customers are not being left out in the cold with this change. Of course, if you are a user of Vertex Standard radios, the warranty is still valid and will continue to be honored. Vertex Standard has been a Motorola Solutions brand for years now, so we don't expect much to change regarding warranties and support.

It's also important to point out that the physical radios that are being rebranded will not be changing either. For example, a Motorola VX-261 will be exactly the same product as the current Vertex Standard VX-261.

Motorola Commercial Tier Radios
In addition to the Vertex Standard models listed above, the following current Motorola Solutions models will also be a part of the Commerical tier:

  • Portable Radios: CP200d, SL300, CP185, BPR40, DTR650, VL50
  • Mobiles: CM200d, CM300d
  • Repeaters: SLR5000

Dealers selling the new Commercial tier products will be known as "Commercial Radio Value-Added Resellers". It is expected that most Vertex Standard dealers will become dealers for the new Commercial products.

Stay Tuned
There are still some details that are being worked out, so stay tuned for updates. At the moment, we expect to start seeing the new Motorola Commercial Tier radios sometime in January, 2018. However, the Vertex Standard branded models won't disappear overnight. I expect most Vertex Standard radios will still be readily available for at least the first half of 2018. Check back here for updates!

3 thoughts on “Vertex Standard Radios Are Being Re-branded As Motorola”

  • Brian Goins

    What about manufacturer support for the discontinued radios such as the vx-4500? Motorola says they generally provide support for up to 5 years for discontinued products.

  • Rick

    Hi Tim, the Vertex Standard programming software should work just fine with the rebranded Motorola models for now.

  • Tim

    Hi - Has there been any news about the programming software moving forward? With Vertex disappearing, will the remaining models that now carry the Motorola brand still work with Vertex Software? Or, will dealers / service techs have to get Motorola software?


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