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Two new Wouxun mobile radios have lower prices

kg-uvr5.jpgWouxun mobile radios are known for delivering good performance at a fair price. Two models in particular stand out in this category, the popular UHF/VHF dual band KG-UV920P-A and its powerful quad band cousin, the KG-UV950P. A little while back, TYT responded with its own mobiles, the TH-7800 and TH-9800, and at very competitive prices. Now, Wouxun is firing back with the introduction of two new models with aggressively lower price points, the KG-UVR5 and KG-UV980H.

If these new models look and seem familiar, it's because they are. In fact, they are the same radios, but rebranded with the frequencies limited to only the amateur radio bands. Wouxun The KG-UVR5 is the lower priced dual band KG-UV920P and the KG-UV980H is the lower priced quad band KG-UV950P.

What Wouxun did was very simple. They took the dual band KG-UV920P, re-labeled it the KG-UVR5, limited the frequencies to the 2 meter (144-148MHz) VHF and 70cm (420-450MHz) UHF ham bands right out of the box, and dropped the price by thirty bucks.

kg-uv980h.jpgThen they did the very same thing with the quad band model. They re-labeled it the KG-UV980H and limited it to the ham bands. It's the same radio as the KG-UV950P, but out of the box it's limited to the 2 meter, 6 meter, 10 meter and 70cm ham frequencies. They reduced the price accordingly.

Yeah, it seems odd, but considering the features, that's a huge deal for a thirty dollar price reduction. Thirty dollars? That's a twenty percent discount. It's a significant drop in price for merely locking down the transceivers to stay only within those frequencies the hams should be using anyway.

The KG-UV920P-A and KG-UV950P are popular models used by both amateurs and businesses worldwide. If you're a company in a country that uses either of these models for business use, it's business as usual with these radios. However, if you're a ham who needs one of these models but needs to save a few dollars more, the KG-UVR5 and KG-UV980H are made just for you.

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