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  • All About ARTS

    Let's talk about ARTS. No, we're not talking about music, movies, impressionist paintings or the theatre; we're talking about Vertex Standard ARTS. Vertex radios and ARTS?, you ask. What's that all about?

    ARTS™, also known as Auto-Range Transpond System, is a type of technology used in two way radios - more specifically, Vertex two way radios. In fact, Vertex Standard built ARTS as a standard feature in all of its portable radios, such as the VX-231, VX 351 and VX 354. That's great, you say. But what is ARTS? What does it do?

    The Auto-Range Transpond System (ARTS) is a feature used to detect and alert you when you and another ARTS-equipped radio station are within range of each other. When ARTS is in use, your radio will transmit for one second every 55 seconds in an attempt to handshake with the other radio. If no signal is received or your radio is out of range of the other for more than two minutes, it will emit a beep alert or tone. Once you and the other radio station are within range of each other again, your radio will receive a transmission from the other radio and beep to acknowledge the reconnection.

    From an operator's perspective, ARTS is a simple concept and a feature easily explained and understood. But that's only the beginning.

    Then there is ARTS II.

    ARTS II takes ARTS to a whole new level. It uses MDC 1200 encode/decode for selective signaling. MDC (Motorola Data Communications) transmits data on a radio's voice channel in bursts at a rate of 1200 baud (hence the term MDC 1200). This data includes information about the radio doing the sending, such as its Unit ID, status and pre-defined messages. By utilizing MDC1200 signaling, ARTS II allows each radio user to know exactly which specific radio or radios are in or out of range. ARTS II is a standard feature in the Vertex VX-450 Series portable radios (including the VX-451 and VX-459) and VX 4500 and 4600 Series mobile radios.

    Although the technology used to bring ARTS to the world of two way radios is a bit complicated, the concept itself is rather simple and the feature is easy to set up and use. Such a feature can also be a very important tool when you need to stay in touch or monitor employees, team members or other radio operators in your group. The video below demonstrates ARTS and ARTS II in action to help you visualize the potential uses for and value of this feature.

    And that's basically all there is to it. Congratulations! You are now a Master of ARTS.

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