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  • Enter the Two Way Radio T-Shirt Slogan Contest and win!

    t-shirt_3.jpgWe're well known for our selection of walkie-talkies and two way radio accessories. But did you know that we carry apparel as well? More specifically, our Buy Two Way Radios T-shirt. It's not an item we've promoted much in the past, but our customers still manage to find it.

    Lately, we've been thinking about re-designing our classic t-shirt to making it a lot more creative and personal. We came up with some new ideas for designs and snappy slogans so you can tell the world how you really feel about your radios.

    Then, Danny had a really great idea. Let's make it really personal and give you the final say. Thus, the Two Way Radio T-Shirt Slogan Contest has now begun!

    Since we are all about two way communications, we're going Two Way all the way. The contest is currently underway in our Two Way Radio Forum, complete with two prizes and two ways to win!

    1. You can vote on one of the slogans we created. We came up with a list of ten snappy sayings for our new T-shirts. Simply vote on your favorite and you will be entered in a drawing to win a FREE T-shirt with a winning slogan printed on it. One vote is permitted per forum member.

    2. You can create your own clever caption and post it in the forum. If we choose your saying for a T-Shirt, you win a pair of two way radios and a T-shirt with your winning slogan printed on it. There is no limit to the number of entries, so the more pithy phrases you post, the more chances you have to win.

    The first way is quick. The second way is creative. You can also enter both ways. Either way, you can still win!

    Note: The deadline for all votes and entries is Midnight Sunday, February 24, 2013. Winners will be announced in the Two Way Radio Forum, on our Facebook page in our blog and on Twitter.

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