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Midland to discontinue the GXT2000 series

gxt2000-package.jpgMidland Radio Corporation just announced that it has discontinued the GXT2000 series of FRS/GMRS two way radios only ten months after launch. According the company, the entire 2000 series was discontinued due to "poor performance".

The Midland GXT2000 was a much anticipated model considered by many to be the next generation of Midland's wildly popular GXT1000VP4 with a few improvements, such as a fast charging lithium polymer battery and a larger and enhanced display.

Midland initially introduced the GXT2000 in January 2012 as part of its current line-up of FRS/GMRS consumer two way radios. Nearly all of the other new radios it the market by that summer, however it was a full year before the GXT2000 was actually launched, making its official debut in January of this year. Buy Two Way Radios was one of the very first dealers to have them in stock and the first to produce a Midland GXT2000 unboxing video and an in-depth written review. It was also reviewed in detail in episode 52 of The Two Way Radio Show in a direct, feature-for feature comparison with the GXT1000.

Although the initial reviews were generally favorable, these were based on the first shipment of radios received. Subsequent shipments of the GXT2000 experienced delays, presumably due to production issues, and later were found to have other issues as well.

These issues escalated, and on October 15, 2013, Midland decided to cease production of the GXT2000 and immediately discontinue the entire GXT2000 series: The GXT2000VP4, GXT2050VP4 and GXT2091VP4 will no longer be manufactured. However, Midland stated that the company will honor the warranty on these models.

Midland is currently planning to introduce a new model to replace the GXT2000 sometime in the future, however no details have been released and no launch date has been set.

In light of Midland's decision to discontinue the series, we will extend our return policy for customers who purchased the GXT2000 or GXT2050 from Buy Two Way Radios. If you purchased one of these models from us and are having problems with it, please contact us as soon as possible. We want to make sure that our customers are happy with products that were purchased from us, and will work with you to be sure that you have a product that meets your satisfaction.

One thought on “Midland to discontinue the GXT2000 series”

  • Travis Clark

    Hello, I purchased two sets of the gxt2050 rechargable radios about 7 months ago, and experience loss of signal very easily . If this is why wthey were discontinued, is there a way I can have them upgraded to properly working radios? Is midland willing to work with the customers who already purchased this product? Thanks for your time, Travis Clark


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