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TWRS-01 - An Introduction to Consumer Radios

In our first episode we cover some of the basics of two way radio communications. We discuss terminology, introduce you to the different types of two way radios, review the Midland GXT 1000-VP4 and take some questions from folks in the Two Way Radio Forums.

Intro :00
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Topic Discussion 1:36
An introduction to the different types of two way radios for consumers and the similarities and differences between them. For more information about the basics of two way radios, subscribe to our Two Way Radio blog.

Commercial Break 22:34
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Product Review 23:33
Today we will review a popular consumer radio, the Midland GXT1000-VP4.

Questions and Answers 36:45
Questions from folks in the forums at TwoWayRadioForum.com.

Wrap up and Close 48:24
Send in your comments and questions for Danny, Anthony and Rick to show(at)buytwowayradios.com. Feedback on this and other topics will be read by the hosts and included in future episodes of the show. Visit us at www.twowayradioshow.com!

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4 thoughts on “TWRS-01 - An Introduction to Consumer Radios”

  • Rick

    Ron, the Motorola FR50 is an FRS radio. The Talkabout MR350R is an FRS/GMRS radio. The channel assignments may be different between the two models, but they use the same FRS frequencies, so yes, they should be compatible. What you need to do is to check the Owner's Manual for each model and match the assigned frequency for each channel on the FR50 with the corresponding assigned frequency for each FRS channel on the MR350R, set each radio to the channel with the same frequency, and the radios should be able to talk.

  • Ron Dail

    Are the new Motorola Talkabouts like the MR350R compatible with the older FR50's?
    I have FR50's.
    Ron Dail
    Attleboro, Massachusetts

  • Agustín N

    Hello there,
    We have plentty of Motorola radios HT 1250 vhf portable, we are using these radios in talkaround, and would like to introduce a repeater to swicth to duplex mode. The repeater that we have available for this operaction is a Kenwood vhf fm tkr 750, the frequency range is the same as portable radios. However, I´m wandering with we could possibly face a compatibility combining the two models.

  • Ray Cratty

    I own a ba pub we have live bands on the weekends we need to stay in contact with the bouncers and bar staff whats the best product for the job im looking into wireless head sets Ray The Pump House


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