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Looking for a MURS Compatible Radio?

We have a new radio that some of you might be interested in. Our Motorola RDX RDV2020 (MURS Edition) two way radio operates on VHF MURS frequencies used by many VHF radios, including MURS, Kenwood TK-2200, and Motorola XTN XV1100, XTN XV2100, and XTN VX2600 series radios. This means it does not require a license as long as you use MURS frequencies! The RDV-2020 MURS edition radio comes with 27 (including all five MURS) of the most common VHF frequencies already programmed.

The Motorola RDV2020 MURS edition has 2 watts of power, 2 channels, and comes with a lithium-ion battery. The RDV2020 is a though, and reliable commercial grade radio. The fact that it also uses MURS frequencies makes this the perfect choice for those looking for a VHF radio that does not require a license to operate. We have it set to the two most common MURS frequencies (154.570, and 154.600), but they are very easy to change.

MURS compatible radios are getting rather hard to find, so we are very excited about this model. It is ready to go, right out of the box. If you have any questions, then send us an email or call us!

4 thoughts on “Looking for a MURS Compatible Radio?”

  • Rick

    The short answer is no. The GMRS and MURS are two different radios services on two different bands. GMRS uses UHF freqencies and MURS uses VHF frequencies. Midland does not currently manufacture a MURS radio. However, Midland does make the MXT100 MicroMobile GMRS radio. When powered with a DC converter it can be used as a fully functional base station.

  • chris

    I purchased 2 Midland walkie talkie for my kids on farm ($35 for both, I assume GMRS). I would like to get a base unit so my wife can chat with them while they are outside. I have looked at a Dakota unit but states "5 MURS frequencies" will this go with my cheaper walkie talkies?

  • Rick

    Hi Chris, there are only 5 MURS frequencies, so if you are using another MURS device, as long as both devices are using the same frequency and interference eliminator code (what Dakota calls a sub-channel), you should be able to use any MURS radio to communicate.
    The RDV2020 MURS Edition radio referred to in this article was replaced several years ago by the Motorola RDM2020. A new model, the RMM2050, was just introduced and will eventually replace the RDM2020.

  • Chris Denning
    Chris Denning July 19, 2013 at 4:00 am

    Can I use this radio to monitor my Dakota Alert Driveway Monitor?


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