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Monthly Archives: April 2010

  • The Motorola RPU2160 Repeater has a lot of Accessories!

    The new Motorola RPU2160 Repeater is fast becoming a favorite around here at our walkie talkie test lab. We really like all the accessories that are available. People truly like an affordable, easy to setup and use repeater with plenty of options.

    There are two battery kits, great for powering the repeater for a short term as a remote unit, or as backup during power failures:

    Motorola HKHN4004A Lithium Ion Battery Frame Kit: The kit allows you to run the RPU2160 repeater off of lithium-ion battery packs.
    Motorola HKHN4003A Battery Frame Kit: The kit allows you to run the RPU2160 repeater off of alkaline batteries.

    There are two antennas to further boost range and improve transmission quality:

    Motorola HKKN4022A Magnetic Mount Antenna: The long, heavy duty cord allows you to place the antenna away from the RPU2160 repeater. This provides more options on where you can locate the repeater, such as in a desk or cabinet. The antenna can then be placed in a separate location, or even at a higher position, potentially boosting range and providing a clearer signal.
    Motorola HKAE4000A Dipole Antenna: The 15" antenna has an adjustable joint at the base allowing it to be repositioned at different angles, potentially boosting range and providing a clearer signal.

    There is also a vehicle power adapter:

    Motorola HKPN4003A Vehicle Adapter: Turn your RPU2160 repeater into a mobile repeater! Just plug in the power adapter and you will be able to add the convenience and additional range of a repeater anywhere you go. This is perfect for remote job sites, camping, hunting trips, and any other activity where you might need additional communication range.

  • The Cobra microTALK CXT125 Two Way Radio is in Stock!

    Cobra has a new model that is very easy to use, and very compact. The Cobra microTALK CXT125 two way radio has the features you would expect in an entry-level GMRS radio including 22 FRS/GMRS channels, LCD screen, call alert tones, and battery saver. One thing we especially like, The CXT125 is a lead free product and has eco-friendly packaging.

    We have the Cobra microTALK CXT125 here and ready to ship out for $29.99. As always gives us a call or send an email if you have any questions.

  • The Replacement for the Motorola FV300R, the Motorola MB140R is Here!

    The new Motorola TALKABOUT MB140R has shown up. It is a very compact radio that is designed to be easy to use. The MB140R is replacing the Motorola FV300R and FV300. It is a 22 channel FRS/GMRS walkie talkie and it features channel scan, low battery alert, backlit display, and a battery meter. The Motorola MB140R is a great entry-level radio, and it has a small rugged design making it great for an emergency kit, for your next camping trip, summer vacations, or to give as a gift.

  • The Motorola CLP1010 and Motorola CLP1040 Arriving in June

    We just got some bad news, the Motorola CLP1010 and Motorola CLP1040 two way radios are being delayed until June. I know a lot of you were expecting them in May, but Motorola has pushed back the date until June.

  • A New Radio Just Arrived, the Cobra microTALK CXT425

    We had a brand new radio show up here at our two way radio lab today. The Cobra microTALK CXT425 is a mid-level model from Cobra that features 22 GMRS/FRS channels, 142 privacy codes, VOX hands free operation, 10 channel memory, and 10 call alerts.

    One of the features we like a lot are NOAA weather alerts. So we were pleased that the CXT425 also has them, making them great to use as an emergency radio or even for your next camping trip!

    We have the Cobra microTALK CXT425 here and ready to ship out for $44.99.

  • Motorola Wants a 4 Watt Repeater!

    Many of you know about the new RPU2160 Portable Repeater from Motorola. Many of us have been looking for a long time for an easy to use repeater, and the RPU2160 is just that. Well, Motorola is trying to get approval from the FCC for a more powerful version and they are asking for a bit of help from those that might be interested.

    From our friends over at Motorola:

    The FCC is asking the public to comment on request for waiver filed by Motorola to allow for the routine licensing of low power repeaters designed to operate on non-standard frequencies in the 450 MHz Low Power Power Pool channels authorized under Section 90.267 of the FCC's rules. If you wish to participate in this proceeding and urge the FCC to allow these devices on a routine basis, you will need to file comments. This should not be a complicated process and these instructions will help ensure that your comments are submitted properly and given the consideration that they deserve.

    The FCC has issued the attached Public Notice ("PN") soliciting comments on Motorola's request. COMMENTS ARE DUE APRIL 17TH. Comments are typically styled as a formal pleading or a business letter. Examples of both are attached. Importantly, please make sure that the Commission's docket file number for this issue is prominently displayed on your document. In this case, the docket number is WT Docket No. 10-74.

    The body of the comments should be clear and to the point. Simply tell the agency who you are, what business you are in, and how the proposed change will help or hurt your business or your customers' operations. At the end of the document, include the date and your signature with appropriate contact information (address and phone number). You don't need to actually sign the comments - just type in your name.

    Once your document is finished are completed and saved on your computer, you need to forward them electronically to the FCC. This is done on the FCC's Electronic Comment Filing System ("ECFS") in the following manner:

    You can get to the ECFS web page from the FCC's home page (www.fcc.gov) and clicking on the "E-Filing" link at the top of the page. Or, go directly to the ECFS home page at (http://fjallfoss.fcc.gov/ecfs/).

    On the ECFS home page, click on "Submit a Filing". The Form that appears asks for your contact information, details of the filing and your address. Most of the answers should be clear except for:

    Proceeding Number: For responding to Motorola's waiver request, enter 10-74.
    Type of Filing: Use the default answer - "Comments".

    File Number: This refers to the File Number for specific applications. For this issue, it should be left blank.

    Once the form is completed, click the "Browse" tab in the Documents section. Search your computer for the document that you drafted and attach it to the form electronically by double-clicking.

    Click "Continue". You will be given a chance to review your contact information and the file that you attached. When satisfied, hit the "submit" button and you're done.

    Ok, that is a lot to take in. Here is a simple summary. Motorola would like to make a more powerful repeater (4 watts instead of 2), but they need to convince the FCC that people want one. Oh, and they need this done by Saturday!

    So here is a chance for those interested in such a device to let the FCC know.

  • An Entry Level GMRS Radio from Motorola

    The new Motorola TALKABOUT MC220R is a great entry level GMRS radio. It is very easy to use but still has many of the features you would expect such as 22 channels, 38 privacy codes, channel scan, low battery alert, backlit display, and Motorola's Quiet Talk function. If you have been looking for a simple GMRS radio to use on vacations this summer, or to give as a gifts, then the MC220R may be what you have been searching for.

    For a limited time, we will also include a free XLT EB100-MT earbud! We have the Motorola TALKABOUT MC220R in stock, ready to ship for $39.99.

  • A Uniden GMRS Radio that Floats

    Looking for an FRS/GMRS radio that is more water resistant than most? Then give the Uniden GMR2872-2CK a look. While you cannot go snorkeling with it, it can handle a dunk in shallow water and will even float. This is a good radio for weekend boaters, or those that will not get out of the rain.

    It has all the main features you expect: 22 FRS/GMRS channels with 285 privacy settings (142 Privacy Tones + 143 Group Codes), NOAA weather channels, caller ID, a backlit display, missed call indicator, channel scan feature, and silent mode. We have them in stock for $74.99

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