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What We Told the FCC

Danny has posted our comments to the FCC about the proposed changes to GMRS and other services. You can read our comments over on the FCC website. Time is also running out, so we encourage all of you to enter your comments today if you have not yet done so.

One thought on “What We Told the FCC”

  • Mark Eldridge

    To the FCC,
    I am a licensed amateur radio operator as well as a licensed GMRS user. I own a repeater system in the Akron, Ohio area on the GMRS frequencies. I cannot let the proposed changes go without voicing my opinion on this issue. Like many others have stated, the GMRS problems that have accumulated of the years is obviously due to creation and large sales of the "bubble pack" radios which were approved by your organization knowing that this was most likely going to be the results when there is no enforcement from any entity. Those of us who lawfully use the frequencies should not be the ones to take the brunt of the punishment / changes due to lack of future planning on the part of the FCC. There are families in my area that use my repeater system daily. I do not offer the use because I have to or I am gaining anything from this other than the love for radio. The system is a great tool for those in need of alternate comunications. The kids on the bubble packers are "non-issue" to my system. Manily because they are not smart enough to know how to use the PL tone or just havent been lucky enough to figure it out yet. Anyway, although the frequencies can be a little irritating with the beeps and so forth.....it is far from being a damaged band on my end. I would hate to see any changes that would cause me to have to turn things off on this end or cause me to have to make changes that I most likely wont be able to afford. Please reconsider your proposed changes.
    Thank You!
    Mark Eldridge
    WQLY268 - GMRS
    AB8SX - Amateur Radio


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