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Best Two Way Radios for a Retail Business

We get a lot of phone calls (1-800-584-1445) from owners and managers of retail businesses looking for two way radios. While there is not a single radio that meets the needs for every business, the Motorola CLP series comes close.

Most retail shops are not very large, so they do not need bulky high powered radios. Employee training is also a constant concern. The Motorola CLP 1040 and CLP 1010 are compact and very easy to use. Almost as important to some businesses, they are also very stylish. They have a high tech look that really makes your employees look as sharp and sophisticated as the business they work for. It does not matter if you are a small retail shop, a salon, health club or even a night club. The CLP radios help to promote the image you have worked so hard to create.

The CLP series is easy to scale up as you add employees. There is even a radio repeater for increasing range as your store grows in size! With plenty of great accessories and the reliability you expect from Motorola, the CLP series may be the best radios you will ever find.

One thought on “Best Two Way Radios for a Retail Business”

  • Angie Brown

    I have used Motorola XTS radios in my business for a couple of years now. I am looking for good, durable radios that are compatible to these. I need to purchase 4 immediately. Can you help guide me to the best one??? thank you...Angie


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