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Midland GXT5000 Two Way Radio Product Announcement

GXT5000.jpgWe have just received some information from Midland regarding their new products for 2011, and I'm excited to share it with everyone. Later this year, Midland is going to introduce the GXT5000 two way radio. The GXT5000 will be a professional quality two way radio designed to communicate with standard consumer radios using FRS and GMRS frequencies.

With the GXT5000, Midland is answering the call of many who frequently use GMRS radios and need a product that is more durable than what you can typically find for $50 a two-pack. This radio meets military specifications, has an aluminum cast frame, is waterproof, shock and dust proof to IP67 standards, includes a long life lithium-ion battery, and features an impressive 5 year warranty! Midland also includes a zippered storage case, which helps keep the radio safe and adds to the professional look.

This radio is sure to be an instant hit with some GMRS enthusiasts as well as those who use radios for "tough" applications where the radio may be subject to some abuse. Really, anyone who plans to use their radio on a frequent basis, instead of just for the occasional camping trip or such, should at least consider this radio.

GXT5000-Pack.jpgAccording to the FCC report, the Midland GXT5000 has 4 watts of power. Because of the fixed antenna (a requirement for radios supporting the FRS frequencies), I do not expect the range of this radio to be quite as good as a similarly powered business grade radio, but I would expect that it will equal or surpass the range of current consumer models. Of course, we will have to wait until we get our hands on one of these to confirm this.

Along with the professional quality comes a professional price tag. The suggested retail price of the GXT5000 is $149 per radio. This is a significantly higher price than any other FRS/GMRS radio that we sell, as you would expect with such a quality upgrade. The GXT5000 is expected to be available in June, 2011.

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