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  • Our Ham Radio Labor Day Weekend Sale starts now!

    Labor Day Weekend Sale 2020

    NOTE: This promotion expired September 8, 2020 and is no longer available.

    Make the most of your Labor Day weekend with these specials on Amateur two way radios and accessories from Buy Two Way Radios! Our ham radio Labor Day Weekend Sale starts now!

    This sale runs from September 3-8, 2020 while supplies last. Here's a list of all our special offers:

    • 10% OFF the TYT MD-9600 Dual Band DMR Digital Mobile Radio plus free programming cable and free shipping!
      TYT-MD-9600 Dual Band DMR Digital Mobile Radio (UHF/VHF)The TYT MD-9600 is one of the most popular digital radios around, and it's no wonder. It's one of the first digital mobile radios to market, and one of best dual band mobile DMR radios produced to date! It provides crystal clear audio for noise-free, over-the-air digital communications in your vehicle. Plus it includes full analog transceiver capabilities, and all of it at a very reasonable analog mobile radio price! The TYT MD-9600 is regularly $269.99, but during our Labor Day Weekend sale, you can get it at $10 off for a special price of only $242.00!
    • Wouxun KG-UVN1 Dual Band DMR Digital Two Way Radio10% OFF a Wouxun KG-UVN1 Dual Band DMR Digital Two Way Radio plus FREE Programming Cable!
      The KG-UVN1 gives you more dual band DMR excitement with 3072 channels, 250 zones, and up to 160,000 contacts! It features Private Call, Group Call, All Call ARTS function and digital encryption. It has a full color display, a DTMF keypad and programmable multi-function keys. The KG-UVN1 is also quite rugged. The free programming cable is a nice extra. Reg. $159.99. Labor Day Sale Price: $143.99!
    • 10% Off Nagoya HT antennas!
      As an authorized Nagoya dealer, we are excited to offer this special on our line of genuine Nagoya antennas for your portable handheld two way radio!

      Model Reg. Price Discount Sale Price
      NA-24J $16.99 10% $15.29
      NA-666 $9.99 10% $8.99
      NA-701 $11.99 10% $10.79
      NA-701G $16.99 10% $15.29
      NA-702 (1.25m/2m) $9.99 10% $8.99
      NA-702 (2m/70cm) $9.99 10% $8.99
      NA-771 $11.99 10% $10.79
      NA-771G $17.99 10% $16.19
      NA-772 $10.99 10% $9.89
      NA-775 (SMA Male) $9.99 10% $8.99
      NA-775 (SMA Female) $9.99 10% $8.99
      NA-805 $8.99 10% $8.09
      NA-805-3 $8.99 10% $8.09
      NA-810 $8.99 10% $8.09
    • Wouxun KG-UV8EFREE KG-UV8E Quick Reference Card with KG-UV8E or KG-UV8E Limited Edition Radios!
      The KG-UV8E is an amazing amazing Tri-band two way radio that operates on 144MHz, 222MHz and 420Mhz amateur radio frequencies with up to 5 watts of power on VHF and full cross-band repeat capability. The Wouxun KG-UV LE is special Limited Edition version of the 8E with a full complement of 16 accessories and add-ons, and puts it all into one big package at a super special price. When you purchase either model on Labor Day Weekend, you get a FREE KG-UV8E Quick Reference Card! No limit!
    • FREE speaker mic and free shipping with the purchase of a Wouxun KG-UV7D!
      Wouxun KG-UV7D High Power Dual Band Amateur RadioAvailable in 2M/70cm (UHF 420-450 MHz), 2M/1.25M (220 MHz) and 2M/6M (50-54 MHz) versions, the Wouxun KG-UV7D is a high power dual band radio with 7 watts VHF on 2 meters and 5 watts on the alternative bands. It features 199 programmable memory channels, a full featured keypad, a lighted LCD display and a customizable Power-On display message. It's also rated IP55 water resistant for use outdoors. When you buy it during our Labor Day Weekend Sale, you get a Wouxun SMO-001 Speaker Microphone ($17 value) FREE! Plus, you get FREE SHIPPING!
    • FREE speaker mic plus free shipping with the purchase of a KG-UV8D Plus!
      Wouxun KG-UV8D Plus Dual Band Amateur Radio w/ 2600 mAh BatteryBuy a Wouxun KG-UV8D Plus Dual Band Two Way Radio and get a FREE Wouxun SMO-001 Speaker Microphone! This radio has all the classic features of the original KG-UV8D. It features 999 programmable memory channels, dual band UHF/VHF operation, duplex cross-band repeat functionality, built-in flashlight, and a stopwatch. Plus, it adds an adjustable LCD backlight, storage for up to 20 sets of frequencies in the FM radio, a voice compander, and non-standard CTCSS/DCS. Your free speaker mic will automatically be added to your order at time of purchase. Limited quantity. No rain checks.
    • Amateur Radio Quick Reference CardFREE Amateur Radio Quick Reference Card when you buy any amateur license study guide!
      Buy any ARRL or Gordon West amateur radio license study guide and get a FREE Amateur Radio Quick Reference Card! This laminated card is a handy guide for ham operators. It includes charts on amateur radio bands, frequency ranges, wavelength/frequency conversion formulas, the phonetic alphabet and more! No promo code is needed. Valid on any ARRL or Gordon West ham radio license study guide currently in stock.

    This Labor Day Weekend Sale ends Midnight, September 8, 2020. No rain checks.If you want to get in on these deals, act now!

  • New Motorola Rebate Promotion for Fall 2020!

    Motorola Get Back To Work Safely PromotionMotorola is kicking off the fall season with one of their biggest rebate promotions ever on their business radios. Beginning September 1, when you buy 6 Motorola on-site business radios, you get your choice of one free audio accessory per radio! Plus, when you buy 12 radios, you get a free multi-unit charger (MUC) to boot! This offer is valid for up to 60 radios, potentially saving you thousands!

    Exactly how much you save depends on the models purchased and how many you buy, but the money your company or organization can potentially save on these quality Motorola products can be quite substantial. Not to mention, having a speaker mic or earpiece for each unit allows all of your employees or team members who are assigned with these radios to also have their own audio accessory for better radio hygiene, and at no extra cost!

    This promotion runs through December 31, 2020 and is valid only in the U.S. and Puerto Rico. Other restrictions may apply. For details, download the official Motorola Get Back to Work Safely flyer. To qualify for the rebate, purchase the Motorola radios of your choice from Buy Two Way Radios, then visit MotorolaSolutionsRadioRewards.com to redeem your rebate directly from Motorola.

    Take advantage of this promo now and Get Back To Work Safely!

    Series Eligible
    Option 1   Option 2   MUC* Savings
    CLP CLP1010
    Speaker Mic
    OR HKLN4529
    PLUS HKPN4007 $3,225
    CLPe CLP1010e
    Swivel Earpiece
    OR HKLN8125
    Short Earpiece
    PLUS HKPN4007 $3,225
    CLS CLS1110
    Speaker Mic
    OR HKLN4604
    PLUS 56531 $4,476.75
    DLR DLR1020
    Speaker Mic
    OR HKLN4604
    PLUS PLMN7136 $5,827
    DTR DTR600 HKLN4601
    OR HKLN4604
    PLUS PMPN4465 $4,050
    RM RMM2050
    Speaker Mic
    OR HKLN4604
    PLUS PMLN6384 $5,272
    RD RMU2040
    Speaker Mic
    OR HKLN4604
    PLUS RLN6379 $5,152

    *Multi-Unit Charger. Type and model of charger varies depending on the model series of the radios.

  • New Kenwood Protalk radios for 2020

    Kenwood NX-P11200-P1300 Two Way RadiosKenwood ProTalk TK series business radios are a popular choice for their high performance and lasting durability. Now Kenwood is updating their ProTalk TK Series radios with new six models in the NX line. Known as the NX-P1000 Series, these new radios will replace the old analog-only TK series with more intuitive operation and greater performance, plus the ability support both analog and NXDN or DMR digital modes! Here's a rundown of the new Kenwood ProTalk radios for 2020.

    The new NX-P1000 Series radios are available in models with either 2 Watts or 5 Watts of power and your choice of UHF or VHF. They are compatible with the legacy radios in the TK-2000/TK-3000 series, essentially replacing them.

    Kenwood NX-P1202AV-P1302AU Two Way RadiosNX-P1202AV/P1302AU
    This is the 2 watt version with a total of 64 channels and replaces the TK-2400 and TK-3400, respectively. The NX-P1202AV operates on 151-159 MHz VHF frequencies in the business band. NX-P1302AU transmits on 451-470 MHz UHF frequencies. Both models feature a 7 color LED indicator light, multiple scan modes, lone worker mode and emergency function. They also support radio-to-radio cloning with an optional cloning cable and are fully PC programmable with an optional programming cable and software.

    One other new feature of the NX-P1202 and NX-P1302 is the PTT button. There are two of them! Yes, these radios have a second PTT so you can contact staff on another channel without switching channels to do it. This type of "dual transmit" feature can be extremely useful in work environments where separate communications can be relayed to different groups on different channels at the push of a button, greatly increasing efficiency and productivity.

    Also, the NX-P1202AV and NX-P1302AU allow you to migrate to digital. These units are sold as analog only, but can be upgraded to digital for mixed mode operation at any time with the purchase of optional an software and license key package. You're not locked into one type of digital mode, either. You can choose whether to go FDMA with Kenwood's NXDN® digital format or TDMA using the DMR digital format. It's your choice. This ability to choose between two different digital with the same radio is uncommon at the time this article is written, which makes the NX-P1202AV and NX-P1302AU somewhat unique. Price: NX-P1202AV (VHF) $209.00 / NX-P1302AU (UHF) $209.00

    Kenwood NX-P1300AU Two Way RadioNX-P1200AV/P1300AU
    These are the 5 watt models and replace the TK-2402 and TK-3402. The NX-P1200AV works on 151-159 MHz VHF and the NX-P1300AU operates on 451-470 MHz UHF. They have the same core feature of the NX-1202 and NX-1302. except they are only upgradeable to NXDN. All the other features are the same, including the 7 color LED, second PTT button and cloning capability.

    In fact, they use the same FCC IDs as their 1202/1302 counterparts, which means they are essentially the same radios with the same general capabilities. As with the 1202/1302, these radios are sold with analog enabled, with the option to digital. Price: NX-P1200AV (VHF) $269.00 / NX-P1300AU (UHF) $269.00

    Kenwood NX-P1300NU Analog and Digital Two Way RadioNX-P1200NV/P1300NU
    These are the high end models in the NX-P1000 line and replace the NX-240V16P and NX-340U16P digital radios. As with the P1200/1300 radios, The NX-P1200NV is VHF and the NX-P1300NU is UHF. They share the same look, feel, basic features and ruggedness of the other new models, but with one important difference. There is no upgrade to digital. They support analog and NXDN digital modes right out of the box!

    The P1200NV and P1300NU feature mixed-mode analog and digital operation, allowing you to integrate them into your legacy analog fleet seamlessly for a smooth migration to digital as your time and budget allows. They support switchable digital and analog dual modes., allowing you to combine analog channels and digital channels in the same zone. Add in the second PTT, and you have a powerful digital radio that's compatible with your existing Kenwoods, and with maximum versatility. Price: NX-P1200NV (VHF) $309.00 / NX-P1300NU (UHF) $309.00

    There's more to this new Kenwood series than just the radios, and it's all good news. All six models are designed for compatibility with the same antennas, battery packs and chargers used with the legacy TK-2400 and TK3400 series radios. Plus, they use the standard Kenwood 2-pin (K1) style connector, which means you can use the earpieces, speaker microphones and other audio accessories intended for your existing Kenwood ProTalk radios with these.

    Kenwood intended this to be as easy as possible to upgrade from their legacy products to their new radios. Based on their ruggedness, backwards compatibility, in-radio analog to digital conversion, and versatility, The new NX-P1000 Series radios should fit in quite well. All six models are now available from Buy Two Way Radios.

  • How Radios and Callboxes can Enable Social Distancing in Schools

    Two Way Radios for SchoolsIt's the year 2020. Schools are opening soon, but this year things will be different. Every school that is planning to offer classes on campus has adopted considerable changes. Some are restricting students to classrooms only and some are prohibiting visitors from entering their buildings. Others are alternating students between at-home and on-campus classes to reduce class size. No matter the scenario, an instant, reliable and simple means of communication between everyone on school property is vital, and radios are the perfect solution for ensuring safe interaction. Here's how radios and callboxes can enable safe, productive social distancing in schools.

    Social distancing guidelines require a minimum of six feet between individuals. Since most classrooms are not built for this sort of distancing, many schools are forced to re-arrange classrooms to space out desks and limit the number of students allowed within a specific area. When each staff member is equipped with a walkie talkie, such partitioning is easier to organize and manage.

    One strategy that schools are taking to limit the spread of coronavirus is by restricting movement between classrooms, within the facility and across the campus. Some schools are not allowing students to leave the classroom. Some schools are not allowing parents or visitors to enter the building. In some situations, even the teachers, staff and administrators may all be confined within their designated work areas to minimize the possible spread of a contagion. These are all scenarios in which it may be essential for each staff member to have a radio.

    As an educator, you're probably already aware that every school is different, so there's not a one-size-fits-all solution for handling the current coronavirus crisis. Simply put, there are as many solutions for dealing with this pandemic as there are schools. Yet, if there is one thing that we keep hearing from our customers, it's that radios fit into the plan, and we're here to help with that. Here are a few products that are already popular with schools, and can help you meet your goals of providing a quality education in a safe, healthy environment.

    Motorola CP200d Two Way RadioMotorola CP200d
    The Motorola CP200d is one of Motorola's most popular models and is commonly used by educators. Currently there is an opportunity to save $40 per radio on the CP200d when you buy at least 10. Contact us for a quote, or for more details.

    The CP200d is a powerful 16 channel radio with superior audio quality and long battery life for extended periods on campus. The Motorola CP200d is available in either 4 watt UHF or 5 watt VHF models with 16 channels, superior audio and long battery life. Available in analog or analog/digital versions, both with repeater capability, the CP200d provides the coverage needed for reliable communications throughout your school.

    The CP200d features Dual Capacity Direct Mode, All Call/Group Call/Selective Call (Digital Mode), Auto-Range Transpond System (ARTS™) Alert, Basic Privacy, Monitor Channel, and Voice Announcement. It is rated IP54 dust and water resistant, with the ruggedness and durability needed in an educational facility or on-campus environment.

    Motorola VX-261 Two Way RadioMotorola VX-261
    The VX-261 is a 16 channel radio with enhanced audio and a battery system that is universally compatible with other models in the VX-Series. It has 2 programmable keys for a custom configuration and a loud 700mW internal speaker so you can hear and be heard in and around the classroom. Features include MDC1200® FleetSync® 2-Tone and 5-Tone encode/decode and DTMF signaling options, multiple scan options, Dual Watch, Emergency Alert, hands-free VOX capability (w/VOX accessory), lone work feature, and Auto-Range Transpond System (ARTS™) Alert.

    This is also a rugged radio. The VX-261 is IP55 water/dust resistant and meets MIL-STD 810 C, D, E, F and G for durability. It comes with a 3 year manufacturer warranty to boot.

    Icom IC-F4001 Two Way RadioIcom F4001
    If you need a tough walkie talkie that's built for day-to-day use in the classroom or outside around school grounds, the Icom IC-F4001 is one to consider. This radio is a good choice for educational facilities that need rugged, reliable Mil Spec and IP54 radios which are also easy on school budgets.

    The IC-F4001 a 4 watt UHF radio with 16 channels, CTCSS/DCS tones filtering, and powerful 800mW audio output for noisy classrooms and physical education activities in schoolyards. It features channel scan, 2-step power save, time-out timer, talk around function, lone worker function and hands-free VOX capability. The F4001 is also repeater capable and PC programmable. It comes with a battery pack that can power the Icom IC-F4001 for up to 20 hours on a single charge.

    Icom IC-F2000 Two Way RadioIcom F1000/F2000 Two Way Radio
    If you need a walkie talkie with the power, features and durability of a big radio but in slim, compact shell for easier handling and greater portability in the classroom, you need the Icom F1000/F2000 two way radio. This little transceiver can take the long hours and heavy workloads of the average school day, but is considerably lighter, smaller and easier to carry around the campus. This heavy duty radio is IP67 waterproof, which means it can even take a dunking in up to 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes.

    The F1000 is the 5 watt VHF model and the F2000 is the 4 watt UHF version. Both have 16 channels.

    The F1000 / F2000 may be compact, but don't let its small size fool you. It's loaded with powerful features, such as built-in 2-Tone and 5-Tone, CTCSS and DCS signaling for group communications, selective calling, quiet stand-by, channel announcement and a built-in inversion voice scrambler for safe, secure conversations. It's also MDC 1200 compatible, allowing for additional programmable features such as PTT ID, RX radio check and Stun/Revive.

    The Icom F1000 and F2000 are especially designed with workplace safety in mind, so it's equipped with emergency features, such as programmable Lone Worker and Man Down features, an escalating alarm, a surveillance function, a built-in motion sensor to detect its position and state of motion, and an emergency signal that can be sent when there are extreme changes. These can be quite useful in an on-campus environment for both pandemic control and security reasons.

    Ritron XT Series Heavy Duty 2-Way Radio CallboxRitron XT Series Heavy Duty 2-Way Radio Callbox
    Ritron is a US manufacturer of solid, dependable callboxes for indoor and outdoor use, and their XT Series Callbox is top of the line. Managing visitor entry is crucial in this pandemic, and the Ritron XT is an excellent choice for any educational institution that needs to safely and securely control, limit or monitor access to school buildings or campus grounds from anyone on the outside.

    The Ritron XT Series 2-Way Radio Callbox extends access control and instant, PTT communications to even the most remote locations on campus! It installs virtually anywhere on school property without trenching or expensive installation of wiring. It works seamlessly with your existing two way radio system and is both field and PC programmable with user adjustable settings. It features a built-in relay control for remote control of gates and doors, and remote activation. You can also program custom, pre-recorded voice messages for playback on demand. An optional lighted entry keypad is available for programming features into the callbox, as well as relay control.

    The Ritron XT Series Callbox is available in analog models for UHF, VHF or license-free MURS radio systems. It is also available in digital models for NXDN® or DMR systems! Each callbox supports one channel, with a high-gain mic and a built-in speaker with loud audio output for noisy school environments. The XT can be powered by 6 alkaline "D" Cell batteries or an optional external 12VDC adapter, which is sold separately.

    The Ritron XT Series Callbox is built for outdoor operation in all-weather environments, with a fiberglass housing and stainless steel faceplate. It comes with tamper-resistant fasteners to discourage vandals. This callbox is built for safety and security, which is a high priority for schools.

    Ritron LM-600Analog LoudMouth Wireless Stand-Alone PA System (UHF/VHF/MURS/FRS/GMRS)Ritron LM-600Analog LoudMouth Wireless Stand-Alone PA System
    The LoudMouth is a public address system that allows you to broadcast announcements to a loudspeaker in and around the school property directly from your walkie talkie! it's an extremely flexible, yet cost-effective solution for campus alerts, announcements and notifications without the costly installation of a wired Public Address system.

    The Ritron LoudMouth PA is an easy add-on that integrates seamlessly with your existing two-way radio communication system. It can be installed almost anywhere, which means it is perfect for locations where a wired PA is not feasible to install. the LM-600Analog can receive and play emergency weather warnings from the National Weather Service that are broadcast on one of the seven NOAA weather frequencies in the US! It works with your existing two-way radios on UHF, VHF, or VHF MURS. The LoudMouth also supports Canada UHF, VHF and Part 95 GMRS/FRS frequencies. It is also available in a DMR digital version for schools that use digital radios.

    The Loudmouth PA consists of an industrial grade, dual band radio receiver connected to a powerful PA horn type speaker capable of —95dB [email protected] 50 ft. The unit is PC and field programmable for one channal with 156 digital and analog Privacy Codes and one of 10 selectable 2-Tone Codes. It also supports DTMF and Selcall Codes. It operates on 110VAC or an optional rechargeable back-up battery that can be purchased separately.

    The Loudmouth PA may not be necessary for schools with fancy intercoms and PAs, but may be extremely useful for schools that need to make announcements specific to certain locations if their main intercom isn't capable of that type of flexibility.

    Regardless of how your school is handling the pandemic this year, it's clear that radios are more necessary to its operation than ever before. Two-way radios and callboxes enable instant, safe and reliable communication at a distance, which is going to be an essential requirement for administrators, faculty, staff, and especially students this school year. Our staff is standing by if you need any further assistance. Contact us and we will be happy to help.

  • Programming the Wouxun KG-805 from a computer

    What makes the Wouxun KG-805G and KG-805M professional grade? They are powerful, rugged and easy to program from a PC!

    In this video tutorial, Rick from Buy Two Way Radios shows you how easy it is to program the Wouxun KG-805 from a computer using the Wouxun KG-805 programming software. These instructions work for the KG-805G GMRS and KG-805M MURS radios.

    Want to learn how to program the KG-805 directly from the keypad of the radio? Watch here! Browse our video blog and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more great videos!

  • New GMRS antennas from Nagoya are now available!

    Nagoya NA-701G GMRS AntennaSince the FCC Part 95 reform of 2017, we've seen quite a surge in demand for GMRS radios, of both portable handheld walkie talkies and mobile/base station units. This isn't surprising to us at all. It was inevitable, and for several reasons. In response to this demand, high quality, commercial grade GMRS radios such as the Wouxun KG-805G are entering the market, and are quickly becoming quite popular. This new generation of transcievers also brings a demand for professional grade radio accessories such as high capacity batteries, earpieces, speaker mics, and antennas.

    However, while audio accessories are plentiful and power options are not much of a problem, it's the availability of detachable antennas that is at issue. More specially, antennas made and tuned for the GMRS.

    Before the Great Reform, the antennas on FRS/GMRS radios were not swappable. While the FCC did allow GMRS radios to have detachable aerials, it wasn't legal on FRS walkie talkies, so the combo units simply didn't have them. With few exceptions, serious GMRS operators had to settle for using antennas tuned to a wider range of UHF business frequencies in the 420-480Mhz range. While these antennas also worked on the GMRS, they weren't specifically tuned for it, limiting the overall performance of the radio to which it was connected.

    Not anymore.

    Buy Two Way Radios and Nagoya have teamed up to introduce a new series of antennas designed and built specifically for GMRS two way radios. These new GMRS antennas from Nagoya are now available for purchase, and exclusively at Buy Two Way Radios!

    There are currently three antennas in this series, two for the portable handeld walkie talkies, and one for mobiles. All three are made for the GMRS.

    Nagoya NA-701G
    Based on one of Nagoya's most popular antenna series for dual band portable radios, the NA-701G takes the venerable NA-701 directly to the General Mobile Radio Service, supporting 462MHz GMRS channels, plus 467MHz for fine tuning to GMRS repeaters.

    Nagoya NA-771G
    The NA-771G is based on another very popular, high performance antenna for handheld dual band amateur radios, the NA-771. It's also, at the time this article is written, probably the longest, at over 15 inches in length! This is a 1/2λ wave antenna with a maximum power rating of 10 Watts and is tuned to 462 MHz and 467 MHz GMRS frequencies.

    Nagoya NL-770G
    The NL-770G is a high gain linear mobile antenna tuned to 462MHz and 467MHz frequencies for GMRS. It has a PL-259 (UHF male) connector that fits any number of vehicle mounting kits that is equipped with an SO-239 (UHF female) connector or feed line, including the Nagoya RB-MJPL Mobile Mag Mount Base. At approximately 38 inches (97 cm) in length, the LN-770G has 6 dBi gain and V.S.W.R. 1.5:1.

    All three antennas are now available exclusively from Buy Two Way Radios.

    We have a long relationship with Nagoya and only buy direct from this manufacturer. When you purchase a Nagoya antenna from us, be assured that you are getting an authentic, genuine Nagoya product from an authorized Nagoya dealer - Buy Two Way Radios! Questions? Concerns? Contact us!

    Here is the Official List of Nagoya Authorized Dealers and Distributors Worldwide.

  • How to program the Wouxun KG-805 directly from the keypad

    The Wouxun KG-805G and KG-805M are very powerful, professional grade radios for personal use. Both are also user programmable and most of their features can be easily configured on the fly.

    In this video tutorial, Rick from Buy Two Way Radios gives you an overview of the controls and shows you how to program the Wouxun KG-805 directly from the keypad of the radio. These instructions work for the KG-805G GMRS and KG-805M MURS radios.

    Overview of the Controls

    Menu Options

    Want more videos about 2-way radios? Browse our video blog and subscribe to our YouTube channel!

  • Motorola DTR600 and DTR700 firmware and software update for July 2020

    Motorola DTR600 Change Profile IDMotorola just released new firmware and software for their DTR600 and DTR700 900MHz digital two way radios. The update includes a bug fix and a tweak to an existing feature in the radio settings.

    The bug fix resolves an issue that causes the display to freeze. When this issue occurs, the display will freeze, but the radio is otherwise still operational. It can receive and transmit calls and will also power off, however the screen will be locked up.

    The feature tweak is a change to the programming software for Enable Profile ID under the Profile ID Number information. On the DTR600, the Enable Profile ID to Change Pin Code is set to Enabled by default from the factory. This change applies to the DTR600 only and does not apply to the DTR700.

    According to Motorola, the DTR600 and DTR700 can be updated from radios with the original factory settings or those with the phase 1/2 patch installed. The radio should update successfully no matter which version was previously installed.

    Important Note: This update should only be applied if you are already experiencing these issues. If you are using the DTR600 or DTR700 radios with default factory settings, the update should not be necessary.

    The firmware updates the DTR600 and DTR700 to version R01.02.02, Codeplug Version: R01.02.01 and Keypad Version: R01.02.00.

    The update files are now available as listed below.

  • TWRS-150 - Choosing a Power Supply for Your Radio

    Two Way Radio Show
    We give you an introduction to power supplies and tell you how to choose the right one for your mobile or base station two way radio. Plus, new Wouxun KG-805 videos and rebates on Kenwood and Motorola business radios. We also take some of your comments and questions from our blog and our forum.

    Intro :00
    Billboard 1:16

    Choosing a Power Supply for Your Radio 1:35
    We give you an introduction to power supplies and offer tips on how to choose the right one for your mobile or base station two way radio. Recommended power supplies include Pyramid and Samlex.

    New Wouxun KG-805 Videos 36:43
    We tell you about some new instructional videos for the Wouxun KG-805G GMRS radio and KG-805M MURS radio.

    Kenwood and Motorola Rebates 38:50
    We tell you about some really big summer rebates on Kenwood business radios and Motorola CP200d commercial radios.

    Questions and Answers 45:42
    Comments and questions from readers of our Two Way Radio Blog and members of the Two Way Radio Forum. Check out and join the new and improved forum! It's free!

    Wrap up and Close 52:46
    Send in your comments and questions for Danny, Anthony and Rick to show[at]buytwowayradios.com. Feedback on this and other topics will be read by the hosts and included in future episodes of the show. If we read your comment about this episode on a future episode, we may send you a free Two Way Radio Show t-shirt! Visit us at www.twowayradioshow.com!

    © 2020 Cricket Ventures, LLC. All rights reserved.

  • Wouxun KG-805G and KG-805M video

    Many of our customers have longed for a true GMRS radio with the power, versatility and ruggedness of a business transceiver. Others wanted more options for a license-free MURS radio at a more reasonable price point. Now, they're here. Take a look at the Wouxun KG-805 Series two way radios!

    In this video, Rick from Buy Two Way Radios introduces the new KG-805G and KG-805M radios, lists all of their exciting features and shows why this new radio series will change the game for users of the GMRS and MURS.

    Want more videos about 2-way radios? Browse our video blog and subscribe to our YouTube channel!

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