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Midland announces GXT2000 Series and upgrades its two way radios in 2012

gxt2000-package.jpgMidland announced exciting changes earlier this month to its line of FRS/GMRS two way radios for 2012. These changes both packaging upgrades across its entire product line and technical improvements for specific models, most notably the GXT2000 and GXT2050.

According to Midland, the new GXT2000 series will sport a larger LCD display that is easier to read. This radios will also include a fast charging, higher capacity lithium polymer battery for longer periods of operation. The GXT2000 is designed primarily for outdoor enthusiasts who need longer battery life and the ability to recharge their radios quickly.

Other features offered in the GXT1000 and GXT2000 series for 2012 include JIS4 waterproofing, backlit displays, an SOS Siren Alert, and weather alerts. All Midland two way radios include a 3 year warranty, reinforcing Midland's commitment to stand behind the quality of their products.

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