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Radio 101 - Resolving Midland and Motorola Privacy Codes

As a general rule, privacy codes on Midland GMRS radios and interference eliminator codes on Motorola Talkabout two way radios are about the same, with one important difference. In this episode of Radio 101, Anthony at Buy Two Way Radios tells you what that difference is and how to resolve one radio to the other with ease.

3 thoughts on “Radio 101 - Resolving Midland and Motorola Privacy Codes”

  • This page breaks down all of the privacy codes for most popular radio brands and tells you which code matches with which. https://www.k0tfu.org/reference/frs-gmrs-privacy-codes-demystified/

  • Brian

    I have a Motorola Talkabout MR350/351 and i set it to channel 12 and privacy code 12 to try and talk to a Midland GTX 1000/1050 on Channel 12 privacy code 12 but it will not communicate. what could the problem be? I made sure everything is fully charged, set correctly, but no transmitting between the 2 different radios. Any help would be appreciated.

  • Mike

    i am trying to set up my midland x talker (t75vp4) to use with our motorola mag one radio at work and was wondering if you would happen to know the privacy codes that in my radio will match the two. thanks for your time and assistance


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