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Radio 101 - The difference between UHF and VHF radios

There is a fundamental difference between UHF and VHF two way radios and choosing the right one for your particular consumer or business radio application is very important. In this episode of Radio 101, Anthony at Buy Two Way Radios explains the difference between UHF and VHF so you can determine which is best for you.

7 thoughts on “Radio 101 - The difference between UHF and VHF radios”

  • David Teague

    Can you suggest radios to use at hunting camp, outdoor use while hunting? Potentially hilly area. Do not need over great distance, maybe 5-7 miles max. Hilly terrain is main concern

  • Joel Robertson

    I'm looking for radios that will work good in the pacific north west, specifically in deep canyons and Mt terrain, have 5 mile talk radious, uhf or vhf ? Thanks

  • Frank Cicchetti
    Frank Cicchetti April 21, 2016 at 8:04 am

    I work for a good sized Electrical Company in Chicago, IL and we are looking at upgrading our radio situation. What are the best 2 way radios to use on construction sites in Chicago? Some work is outdoors, some is indoors, and some is a mixture of the 2. I know VHF is horrible when having obstructions as they do not work through walls but if I am going to replace around 100 radios I definitely want to have the best information.

  • Rick

    Hi Walt, there are a number of radios you can use on a cruise ship. We did an episode of The Two Way Radio Show on the subject of choosing two way radios for a cruise.
    TWRS-19 - Cruising With Radios may provide some guidance on which radios will be best for use on a cruise ship.
    Cruise lines also offer radios for rental on board the ships, however it isn't necessarily the best deal. We covered that topic in TWRS-77 - Renting vs. Buying Radios.
    You can also give us a call at 1-800-584-1445 and we will be happy to assist you.

  • Walt Macie

    Looking for best 2 way radio for cruise ship and Bermuda area

  • Rick

    Hi Jose, marine radios do use VHF frequencies, however, a typical VHF business radio isn't intended or type accepted for maritime use. You would need a dedicated marine radio.
    The Two Way Radio Show Podcast Episode #16 - An Introduction To Marine Radios explains it well. It answers your questions about the number of marine channels available as well as where they can and cannot be used. You may want to give it a listen before investing in or using a marine radio for the first time.

  • Jose Pineiro

    The watch the video "deference between VHF and UHF" which is great but need additional info. Based on the video I need a VHF radio for marine use, but i need to know more about the number of channel I would need.
    How many channels do I need on VHF radio for marine use in Florida?


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